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Dishing on Amber
Scott Peterson’s trial is over and for sure the man murdered his pregnant wife.

His chief witness, one Amber Frey, testified, wrote a book and was subject of a movie.

Turns out she also had the wrong man paying child support for a child that was not his.

Further, Amber has another baby without benefit of marriage does she not?

Amber’s creed must be get the baby first, pin the “father” later.

Only she almost got herself a murderer as surrogate parent for her little girl. A man who killed his unborn child.

Nothing is ever as simple as it seems, eh?

From the NY Daily News:
- Scott Peterson mistress Amber Frey has more man trouble. Well, actually, this time it's the men who have Amber trouble.

More than four years after Frey swore that a 29-year-old Fresno, Calif., man fathered her first child, and she nailed him for child support, a DNA test says it isn't so.

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Hairstylist Anthony Flores is off the hook for $175-a-month in kiddie maintenance after a genetic test showed a local nightclub owner is actually the 4-year-old girl's daddy.

Moonbat Kills Pedestrians on Las Vegas Sidewalk

Could be booze, could be drugs.

We’ll hear on this nut case soon.

From MSNBC.com:
LAS VEGAS - The driver of a stolen car who authorities say deliberately plowed into pedestrians on the Las Vegas Strip, killing two and injuring a dozen others, will face charges of murder and attempted murder.

Witnesses said the driver, Stephen M. Ressa, 27, of Rialto, Calif., accelerated as he drove along the crowded casino sidewalk, Deputy Police Chief Greg McCurdy said.

One witness described it as “humans being mowed down like a lawnmower,” McCurdy said. “It appears he did this intentionally.”

Taylor Behl, Still Missing Under Mysterious Circumstances

She’s young, pretty and the latest missing woman to capture the public’s attention.

For Taylor Behl was a student at the Virginia Commonwealth University.

Her mother, as my personal aside, is an attractive but hardly articulate woman who I’ve seen interviewed on Greta and other shows since her daughter disappeared.

The woman appears to be drugged but that’s just me.

Anyway, there’s a serious suspect in Behl’s disappearance I don’t care what the police are calling him.

Ben Fawley is alleged to be a “friend” of Taylor Behl’s.

He is 38 years old, suspectfully employed, and, as it would turn out, is a child pornographer.

From NBC4.com:
Police searched the apartment of 38-year-old photographer Ben Fawley as part of a child pornography investigation, according to court documents. According to the search warrant, investigators went to Fawley's apartment looking for images and documents related to child pornography and the distribution of child pornography. Investigators said they took away at least five computers and an assortment of computer equipment.

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Fawley is a friend of 17-year-old Taylor Behl, who has been missing for 16 days. His lawyer, Chris Collins, said that there are indications that Fawley and Behl had an intimate relationship. Collins said that Fawley saw Behl on the day she disappeared but had nothing to do with the disappearance. He also said the pornography investigation has nothing to do with Taylor Behl.

Taylor’s car was found not far from the university with stolen tags on it. This Fawley creep also is alleged to be a license plate collector.

This guy’s creepy lawyer was on TV and defending his client with what I thought to be lies. “It’s no secret my client was having a love relationship with Miss Behl,” this oily shark said.

Attorneys don’t mention this sort of thing for public consumption. UNLESS…ah, he wanted to provide his client with some sort of cover for why Fawley might have been out with Taylor.

My hunch is that Taylor Behl had no romantic relationship with Fawley. Although I do very much believe he is somehow responsible for her disappearance.

He either tricked her or was stalking her already. Interestingly, this Fawley guy filed a report with the police claiming he had been abducted and robbed just hours after Behl was last seen on the night of Sept. 5.

Making an alibi is what I’d call it.

With his lawyer coming up the rear affirming a romantic relationship to cover for any sightings of his client and Behl, or fingerprints where they ought not to be.

Could be wrong about this.

My prediction is the Fawley creep will confess as part of a plea bargain.

More True Crime Updates HERE

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This series should now, technically, be referred to as the Katrina/Rita for Kaitlyn Blog series but hey, we’re getting to the point where all this alliteration is tongue tying.

Let the record show that on this day of our Lord, Monday, 9/26/05, follows a weekend where another killer storm roiled up the Gulf of Mexico and smacked BOTH Texas and Louisiana right in the mouth.

This time it was southern Louisiana that took the big hit. Although New Orleans, for reasons still unclear, become flooded yet again in the 9th ward.

They’ve called it seepage, Kaitlyn, and Grandmother saw flooding.

The moonbats are all out and about, proclaiming that the Army Corps of Engineers only fixed the 17th street levee and left the levee guarding the former ghettos to a state of weakness.

Which might well be, Kaitlyn, in that the former ghettos are all empty in the 9th ward. The other levee breached by Katrina was in an area of the city containing office buildings and viable businesses. When working within a limited period of time, a decision to concentrate on the savable while giving shorter shrift to the ruined, well it would make sense.

Of course the moonbats have to make it all into some grand conspiracy to kill and destroy even more black and poor people who weren’t even there!

The bigger point, what with New Orleans AGAIN under water and now southern Louisiana, well I ask you again, Kaitlyn, IS THERE A NEW ORLEANS SOMEWHERE IN YOUR FUTURE WORLD?

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Louisiana Inept

A few more examples of state ineptness, Kaitlyn. Then on to outright thievery.

From Breitbard.com:
Gov. Kathleen Blanco lashed out at the federal government, accusing it of moving too slowly in recovering the bodies. The dead "deserve more respect than they have received," she said.

However, Federal Emergency Management Agency spokesman David Passey said the state asked to take over body recovery last week. "The collection of bodies is not normally a FEMA responsibility," he said.

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Congress Critter Tries to Get National Guard to Haul Out His Cash Booty

The lovely Congressman Jefferson, already under indictment for passing huge packages of pure cash on to a foreign country, tried every trick in the book to get the National Guard to fly out a box the size of a washing machine.

Even to the detriment of his own life, Jefferson would not allow himself to be airlifted to safety without that big box so important to him.

First he snookered the National Guard to taking him to his house. Then he has them back up their truck to his door and proceeds to unload some laptop computers and this big, strange box.

The National Guard truck then gets stuck so they hail down a rescue helicopter.

But Jefferson doesn’t go because, well there was that big box you see.

Maybe he had his wife in that box?

Perhaps a few cherished pets?

This all while the man constituents awaited rescue on rooftops while that chopper fooled around with this “servant of the people”.

Anybody taking bets on what was in that precious box?

Lt. Col. Pete Schneider of the Louisiana National Guard tells ABC News that during the tour, Jefferson asked that the truck take him to his home on Marengo Street, in the affluent uptown neighborhood in his congressional district. According to Schneider, this was not part of Jefferson's initial request.

Jefferson defended the expedition, saying he set out to see how residents were coping at the Superdome and in his neighborhood. He also insisted that he did not ask the National Guard to transport him.

"I did not seek the use of military assets to help me get around my city," Jefferson told ABC News. "There was shooting going on. There was sniping going on. They thought I should be escorted by some military guards, both to the convention center, the Superdome and uptown."

The water reached to the third step of Jefferson's house, a military source familiar with the incident told ABC News, and the vehicle pulled up onto Jefferson's front lawn so he wouldn't have to walk in the water. Jefferson went into the house alone, the source says, while the soldiers waited on the porch for about an hour.

And How About That Levee Board?

Well hey, a new fountain for two and a half million dollars because why waste money fixing the levees with money appropriated for same from taxpayers?

From PUNDITA.blogspot:

"The unveiling of the Mardi Gras Fountain was celebrated this year in typical New Orleans style.

The cost of $2.4 million was paid by the Orleans Levee Board, the state agency whose main job is to protect the levees surrounding New Orleans -- the same levees that failed after Katrina hit. "They misspent the money," says Billy Nungesser, a former top Republican official who was briefly president of the Levee Board.

"Any dollar they wasted was a dollar that could have went in the levees." Nungesser says he lost his job because he targeted wasteful spending. "A cesspool of politics, that’s all it was," says Nungesser. "[Its purpose was to] provide jobs for people."


This Fine Fellow Steals Donated Supplies!

At least Jefferson’s big box was not donated by kind Americans who want to help victims of the New Orleans’ flood.

Yeah the fellow’s got some lame explanation why truckloads and truckloads of donated supplies were in his living room but nah, we don’t believe it.

From AP.org
KENNER, La. (AP) -- The city official accused of diverting food and other supplies meant for hurricane victims says he was keeping them for a church, and only the minister's evacuation and the need to get his own sons to school in Natchitoches kept them at his house more than a day.

Cedric Floyd said Friday that he planned to go to the police station for booking on a felony malfeasance charge following a planned noon news conference with the Rev. Mark Mitchell.

Cops as Looters

This is still being spun by the New Orleans police department, Kaitlyn. When the final truth comes out we’ll be documenting right here for you.

from the Nationalreview.com:
On CNN's "Paula Zahn Now," a deeply troubling story about how gangs of New Orleans cops are going around looting apartments in the city -- and how a group of 8 cops harrassed and robbed people at an Amerihost Hotel during the storm. The spokesman for the police department told CNN there are two sides to every story. Which is true. Can't be fun being a spokesman for the New Orleans police department these days.
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A Katrina Political Cartoon

There’s lots of them, Kaitlyn. We’ll keep you updated with the best.
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First Katrina/Kaitlyn post-the Beginning-9/6/05

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Stop Blaming FEMA-a pictorial explanation

What Will Become of New Orleans?

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On New Orleans Mayor Naginhead
Blog post HERE:
Pointing out the obvious isn't productive in the case of some. Witness Sen. Landrex (sp?) performance with Chris Wallace on Sunday. paraphrase: "Buses, what buses... they're under water because Bush doesn't care about mass transit!"

And BTW it is appropriate at this time to mention that the "good" mayor (lower case intentional) of NO spent the last week in Houston relocating his family. He only returned to NO to partake in the photo-op with Bush on Tuesday.

Lots of Comments on Moonbat Judge's Ruling on Pledge

We'll just list them all below for reader digestion and thought.

On Roberts and the Pledge of Allegiance HERE

A new comment has been posted on your blog entry: The Roberts Confirmation Hearings and the Pledge of Allegiance
Well isn't atheism/secularism itself kind of a religion? It's the religion of anti-religion.

It's the flip side of the coin. The government can't and shouldn't endorse any particular religion, including atheism/secularism. This is what the ACLU is trying to do with the courts.

The fact is under god has been in the pledge for a long time and no one has had a problem with it until recently with the arrival of the anti-traditional, morally relevant, leftist, radical agenda in this nation.

Also, god, as it used today in America has come to be sort of a generic term that can be used to represent the supreme being or beings in any religion. Ergo, the word itself while implying belief in a supreme being, does not endorse a specific religion.

I say leave it in the pledge and if anyone has a problem with it they don't have to recite it.

When are the American people going to wake up and tell the ACLU and thier far left cronies that thier assault on traditional, decent American values and morals will not be tolerated.

Nothing is being taken away from the "majority" who like to say the pledge. Just now schools do not have the right to force a child to affirm the existance of a "God."

Anthony Grande says "why should something I say with my hand over my heart hurt the feeliings of someone else?"

So, if I loudly say "Under No God" standing next to you during the Pledge you won't be offended?

billy billy, you poor, pathetic, ignorant, fool

IT is a FACT that the vast majority of our founding fathers were Christians.

It is a FACT that they relied heavily on the bible and christian values when writing the Declaration of Independence and Constitution.

It is a FACT that throughout the history of this nation Christianity has represented more people in our population than any other religion or atheism.

I know you don't like facts taht don't support your far far left view of the world Billy you ignorant dolt, but that's your problem, not mine.

If you and your left wing ACLU buddies have a problem with the reality of this country's history that's too fucking bad.

This is something would expect in the Soviet Union not the United States of America.

Thank you liberals for trying to ruin my country.

One Word; We Like.
Notable/Quotable Post HERE

I Say Hang Him

A comment from a very teeny tiny small liberal who, well aren't they all teeny and tiny?

Bush Accepts Blame for Feds, State Strangely Silent
What does Bush mean when he says, "I'll take responsibilty?" The words are hollow with no action behind them. Where's the nobility in that?

I think there's blame all around, but I don't see what's gained by state officials making similar empty statements that change nothing, but if it will help, I've been to New Orleans twice, so let me proclaim on behalf of the state that I'll take responsibilty for the failure.

You should proofread. You have the Mayor's name spelled two different ways.

On My Katrina Assertion.

BlogCritic Gets It Right!
Well, you are quoting the New York Times...

Katrina was a storm of such intensity and destructiveness there was NOTHING anyone could do to stop her or the destruction. New Orleans was a sitting fish bowl...The suffering of the children and people held hostage in the HellDome with the B.Y.O.B. or B.S.Y.O.A. (Better Save Your Own Ass) situation as provided by their local and state government, which had the first responsibility for its citizens, did not have to be so horrific...

On Pop Culture

Pop Culture Update 9/15/05
Hey, I like Patfish's gossip round-up because I'm a big yenta myself.

Hunter S. Thompson was way overrated.

On Fox's "So You Think You Can Dance"

So You Think You Can Dance - Final Eight

Also this time i was really pissed off that Blake dances the Lyrical, again and again. It's probably the 8th time that he chose the lyrical, quite unfair and annoying. Why not give him a foxtrot or paso doble to see how he sucks. Blake has to leave. I think that nothing is randomly chosen.
I could see that this time Artem didn't like what he was doing. Why ? The choreographer of the ChaCha really sucks, they would better let Artem create the chacha himself, the international style chacha looks much better than the American clubstyle.
The mambo has 2 many tricks (blame on Alex de Silva) although they danced technically very well.
All the dancers were ok this time but most of the instructors suck !


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