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North Korea

At first the North Koreans agreed to dismantle all their nuclear programs.

The next day they changed their minds.

The following day they retracted again.

Who knows where that outlaw regime that systematically starves its citizens stands on the issue today?

First Blog Post on NK HERE

Second Blog Post on NK HERE

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Broussard Continues to Lie About His Boo Hoo

Aaron Broussard, President of Jefferson Parish in Louisiana told a big lie on Meet the Press, details and info in the link below.

He boo-hooed all over the TV about a colleague who was unable to save his aging mother because, well because the local Louisiana authorities didn’t do their job but that’s the truth of the matter. Broussard’s lie was about the date of his colleague’s mother’s death and other details that basically laid the fault of the death on the federal authorities.

Tim Russert had this lying Democrat dog on Meet the Press yesterday and I witnessed more boo-hooing and lying AGAIN!

If ever a man can float a verbal cloud over everything, having nothing he says making any sense, it would be this seasoned Louisiana political veteran.


Right into my lying ears Broussard asserted that his colleague’s mother died on Friday when she did not. All residents of St. Rita’s nursing home died from drowning the Monday following hurricane Katrina when those bogus levees failed to protect the citizens of New Orleans.

The Blogosphere will be all over this guy again.

The Lamestream media doesn’t recognize liars the way us Bloggers do.

Consider this Grandmother Blogger on the job.

First sarcastic Broussard Blog post HERE

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Jet Blue, a Marvelous Landing and French Engineering
Yon ladies and gems, myself once owned, laughably, a Renault LeCar.

The French, it would seem, should stick to cooking and wine.

Last week a Jet Blue airbus made a magnificent landing with landing gear stuck down and at a 90 degree angle than that which is should be.

As it would turn out, these airbuses have had numerous problems with their landing gear in the past.

Also, don’t forget that Toronto thing a few months ago. That too was an airbus.

So far they’ve been lucky.

Soon enough, like my Renault LeCar, one of these poorly engineered sky coffins is going to stop running completely.

Unlike my Renault LeCar, a whole bunch of people will be killed.

From the LA Times:

"The problems with JetBlue Flight 292 marked the seventh time that the front landing gear of an Airbus jet has locked at a 90-degree angle, forcing pilots to land commercial airliners under emergency conditions, according to FAA records. . . . The locking of the nose gear on Airbus jets is one of several recurring problems with the planes' nose landing gear."

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Michael Steele
What with hurricanes, those coming and those being recovered from, there was scant attention paid to political matters.

But ah, this Blogger did document a little scandal over at Chuck Schumer’s Senate Democratic campaign headquarters.

Seems a few of his staff dug up, illegally and in violation of stolen identity act Schumer voted for, Lt. Governor of Maryland Michael Steele’s credit record.

Steele BLOG post HERE
Pre-Rita Landfall Preparation

There was a lot of activity with the evacuation and preparation for Hurricane Katrina this Week Just Passed.

Including the tragic death of 24 elderly evacuees in a fiery bus during the mass evacuation.

Pre-Landfall Rita Blog post 1 HERE

Pre-Landfall Rita Blog post 2 HERE

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Political Cartoons of the Week
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Prior Weeks Just Passed HERE

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NY’s Schumer So Easily Offended

Looking for all the world like a New York shark lawyer, Schumer asked John Roberts at his confirmation hearing, very seriously…
So my question is not the substance, but do you regret the tone of these memos, do you regret some of the inartful phrases you used in some of those memos, for instance, a reference to "illegal amigos" in one memo?

Who knew Schumer was so sensitive?
More Classy Arab Sons of Camels

For all the suffering of the Gaza settlers as they pulled out from their homes, the so-called Palestinians and various other sons of camels speak their piece.

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Hairplugs Biden Speaks About Baseball

Except, like everything else the man speaks, it’s wrong, it’s a lie or it’s plagiarized.

Biden Roberts' hearing.
I'd like to explore that philosophy a little bit, because you got asked that question by Senator Hatch about what is your philosophy, and the baseball metaphor was used again. As you know, in Major League Baseball, they have a rule. Rule 2 defines the strike zone. It basically says from the shoulders to the knees. And the only question about judges is, do they have good eyesight or not. They don't get to change the strike zone.

EXCEPT, ahem, the strike zone in baseball is a bit more nuanced than Cheshire-cat Biden allows in his rather silly question. For, mine fine Senator, the strike zone DOES change depending on the batter.

From the official baseball rule book:
The STRIKE ZONEis that area over home plate the upper limit of which is a horizontal line at the midpoint between the top of the shoulders and the top of the uniform pants, and the lower level is a line at the hollow beneath the knee cap. The Strike Zone shall be determined from the batter's stance as the batter is prepared to swing at a pitched ball. (For diagram of STRIKE ZONE see page 23.)

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Carnival of Recipes

Came across this site during a web search. Some really good recipes on this site and links to many others as well.

Carnival of Recipes HERE

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More Web Notables HERE


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