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Because You Can’t Make Enough Fun of Sean Penn

Talentless. Most known for being married to Madonna. Publicity Hound.

Will betray his country for camera time.

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Even Hanoi Jane Won’t Associate With This Nut

George Galloway, Mayor of London and financed by sons of camels for his propaganda value, is too far out even for Hanoi Jane.

Who never met a traitorous idiot she didn’t adore.

CHICAGO — Jane Fonda couldn’t make it. But about 300 antiwar activists did show up Monday night at Thorne Auditorium on Northwestern University’s downtown Law School campus to attend the Chicago stop of British Member of Parliament George Galloway’s 12-day “Stand Up and Be Counted: No to War and Occupation” tour.

Fonda, the Oscar-winning actress and longtime critic of U.S. foreign policy, was expected to speak Monday. But in a statement read to the crowd before the rally, she apologized for being unable to attend because doctors advised against travel while she recovers from hip surgery.

”Flight Plan”-Movie Stuck on Stupid

Somewhere on my Blog is a history lesson. It’s a twenty question montage covering such acts as the murder of Robert Kennedy, through to the Munich Olympic murders, the bombing of the USS Cole on through to September 11, 2001 itself. The questions are posed in this tongue-in-cheek-history “test” to determine who was responsible for all of these atrocities in our history.

The correct answer to all questions was “Angry Muslim Males, ages 17-28”.

Even Peter Sellers would figure out this profile.

But Hollywood, ever stuck on stupid, comes out with a movie called “Flight Plan”. Which has the movie audience convinced that the perpetrators of a hijacking are, duh, four angry Muslim males, ages 17-28.

Only tada, Hollywood changes history. The terrorists turn out NOT to be anywhere near that profile only solid fact throughout our history.

To reveal the perps would be a spoiler.

So many REAL terrorists and Hollywood has to ignore the truth.

Starring Jodie Foster.
Whatever Happened to Cat Stevens?
Turns out he’s a well known son of a camel now. Once causing a jet full of people to be returned to their source as the man has been identified as a terrorist by the United States.

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Yusuf Islam, who had a string of pop hits in the 1960s and ‘70s, said an al-Qaida video claiming responsibility for the attacks and linking them to Britain’s role in the Middle East showed foreign policy “was not the only factor but it was a major contributory.”

“At the same time we have to look at how the teaching of Islam has been distorted,” he added.

Seems Yusuf, formerly “Cat”, blames England’s foreign policy for the London attacks.

Always somebody else, some other reason, some hidden factor, that causes these terrorists to behave like they do.

Hey, we have eyeballs out here in la-la land.

We know cold-blooded murder when we see it.
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A Delaware Public Service

Anyone affected in this call for information, contact information below.

Because the Delaware bureaucracies need something to do.

The Healthcare Associated Infections Task Force, created by the Delaware House of Representatives, is seeking public comment from those who have contracted an infection as the result of being in a healthcare facility. For example, public comment from someone who may have contracted an infection during a hospital stay would be helpful.

The Task Force, established by Representative Deborah Hudson, comes after a national report was released determining that there is insufficient evidence on how healthcare associated infections are publicly reported. The Task Force will study the best approaches for addressing this issue and submit recommendations to the Speaker of the House by March 31, 2006.

Any information supplied to the Task Force will be treated as confidential and will only be shared with members of the Task Force. Please forward your comments to Rodney Brittingham, Task Force Administrator, by e-mail to or by U.S. mail to 820 N. French St., 11th Floor, Wilmington, DE 19801.

None of It Mattered;Biden Still Shamed Delaware

I don’t know if it was his Cheshire cat smile that suddenly appeared when the cameras were upon him. I don’t know if he was following the mandate of the great Wilmington dead vote. I don’t know what the hell Senator Joe Biden, Democrat, Delaware, was doing, but he DID NOT REPRESENT ME!

Biden, Carper Urged to Support Judge John Roberts

Petition with thousands of Delaware signatures delivered following rallies

GEORGETOWN, DE --- Delaware GOP Chairman Terry A. Strine, Judge Bill Lee, and numerous Delawareans gathered for two rallies to demonstrate support for Judge John Roberts and deliver more than two thousand signed petitions to Senators Joe Biden and Tom Carper urging them to conduct fair hearings and confirm Judge Roberts as the next Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Even with all the above petitions from his citizens, Biden still treated the hearings on John Roberts, Supreme Court Chief Justice, as his own personal presidential campaign forum.

We’ll that the mocking pictures state their piece.

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Hillary goes to heaven

Hillary Clinton died and, Lord knows why, went to heaven. St. Peter approached her and says "Hillary, I know you're 'somebody' down on Earth, but up here, you're just another person. And, I'm swamped right now, so have a seat and I'll get back with you as soon as I can."

So Hillary sits down and begins looking at her surroundings. She notices a huge wall that extends as far as the eye can see. And on that wall there are millions and millions of clocks. She can't help notice that on occasion some of the clocks jump ahead fifteen minutes.

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When St. Peter returns she asks "What's the deal with the clocks?"

St. Peter replies "There is a clock on the wall for every married man on Earth."

Hillary asks, "Well what does it mean when the clock jumps ahead 15 minutes?"

St. Peter replies, "That means that the man that belongs to that clock has just committed adultery."

Hillary asks, "Well, is my husband's clock on the wall?"

St. Peter replies, "Of course not. God has it in his office and is using it for an electric fan."


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