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Tom Delay Indicted!

Dem Dirty Tricks or Genuine Fraud?
It's time for a Kaitlyn post. For Baby Girl teaches Grandmother the Blogging Scribe some lessons about the English language.
Here's a Restaurant Review and if ever down Delaware way and desirous of smashing fish and other seafood, check out the Big Fish Grill.
It's a Pic of the Week and can't make fun of terrorists enough, can we?

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The New Orleans' Police Story Goes On

Did the cops who committed suicide REALLY commit suicide? Or were they murdered?

Is this Tom Delay stuff an attempt to do ANYTHING to keep this cop story out of the headlines?

Who knows how deep this goes? We do know that Mayor Nagin sent a whole bunch of cops to Las Vegas for R&R. Heh.

This is now covered on CNN.

It's a story that won't go away.

Mayor Ray Nagin was also questioned about allowing a large number of unnamed police officers to go to Las Vegas for rest and relaxation once the military arrived to take over the city. But a problem for the mayor rose when questioned who those officers were and how they could be contacted. Nagin did not have specific names to give.

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Several middle ranking police officers committed suicide after the Katrina debacle, Nagin and Compass believe it was due to trauma and exhaustion from the storm but officials are looking into whether or not it might have been related to fear of being caught in a payroll scandal where at least forty-three-percent of the payroll is unaccounted for.

Audio of Tony Snow's Scoop
Tom Delay Indicted

It's complicated, folks.

Although glimmers of sunlight do filter through my brain in comprehension.

I understand "hard" money and "soft" money. I understand the local Texas Republican party as opposed to the National Republican party. I understand that two fellows on Delay's campaign staff moved some money from hard to soft back to hard via Texas onto the National Republican party.

Nah. It's all political speak to me.

Here's what I can tell yon two or three intelligent readers who read this Blog every day. Us Americans who carry this country on our backs ain't gonna pay this story no mind. It will flit through the ears of yon soccer mom and right on out of the other.

I don't believe Delay is guilty or if he is then every Democrat who ever had a mother is just as guilty. Those politicos know their way around those stupid campaign finance laws like a termite knows a piece of wood. Delay is not so dumb and besides, the indictment has Delay doing NOTHING but alleges he conspired with his campaign workers to, dear Lord it's so horrific I can barely type it, move money from here to there to here to over here and back again.

No one stole any money you understand. And this Texas prosecutor also indicted Kay Hutchinson, another Texas Republican, and the charges were dropped.

But the Dems, hey, they HATE Tom Delay. They've been after him for ages. Roy Blount will be taking over Delay's House Whip duties.


Those Americans who carry this country on their backs WILL listen to those stories of ghost police in New Orleans. See, the soccer moms understand this.

If the Dems think this Delay story is going to over-shadow that New Orleans' story, well I have just one word to say.


A Texas grand jury on Wednesday charged Rep. Tom DeLay and two political associates with conspiracy in a campaign finance scheme, forcing the House majority leader to temporarily relinquish his post.

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DeLay, 58, was accused of a criminal conspiracy along with two associates, John Colyandro, former executive director of a Texas political action committee formed by DeLay, and Jim Ellis, who heads DeLay's national political committee.

Delay's Indictment HERE

Whatever happened to Cat Stevens anyway?

In this Pop Culture Update we get a glimpse.

Plus more making fun of Sean Penn and interesting info on a new movie and Hanoi Jane.
Time for a Delaware post. For Joe Biden's, Delaware's shame and humiliating Senator, spent his time during the Roberts' nomination hearings running for President.
It's an old joke in this Fishgiggles post.

But it's fresher somehow with the happening Hillary Clinton graphic as illustration of the joke...Hillary Goes to Heaven.

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