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Day-Monday Date-10/10/05

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Daily Update:

Pakistan suffered a horrible earthquake this weekend.
Supreme Court nominee on Gay Marriage
Texas' Roy Earle's own corporate corruption.
It was a busy Week Just Passed.

The President gave a smashing speech, tour boats toppled, subways were threatened, spies were found in the White House and Bali was bombed.
In this week's Quotable/Notables we have Phil Donohue on Saddam.
Also, hurricanes and sin, the "Clinton Tax".
And the quote this week that says it all....on
failure of character.
Some might say this web site of the week is just for writers. I say pshaw!

Consider divorce papers, tax returns, anything printed that brings bad vibes.

Than have it printed on TOILET PAPER!

Check it out.


Delay's Prosecutor Takes a Few Unlawful Contributions of His Own

A review of Mr. Earle's campaign-finance filings in Texas shows that he has received contributions from the AFL-CIO, including a $250 donation on Aug. 29, 2000. He also has received contributions listed on the disclosure forms only as coming from the name of an incorporated entity, often a law firm.

Mr. Earle has said repeatedly that state law bars corporate and union contributions. Attempts to reach Mr. Earle yesterday for comment, including a phone message left on his assistant's voice mail detailing Mr. DeLay's charge, were unsuccessful.


Horrific Earthquake in Pakistan

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The U.S. Geological Survey said on its Web site the quake hit at 8:50 a.m. local time and had a magnitude of 7.6. It was centered 58 miles north-northeast of Islamabad at a depth of about six miles.

Arif Mahmood, a seismological official in the northwestern city of Peshawar, said the earthquake was felt in much of Pakistan.

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Miers Stand on "Gay Rights"

Came upon this info in an email and decided to put it out there.
Gay Rights

An indication of her stance on gay rights comes from this questionaire from the Lesbian/Gay Political Coalition of Dallas Miers filled out while running for the Dallas City Council in 1989. In it, she supported full civil rights for gays and lesbians and backed AIDS education programs for the city of Dallas.


Tomorrow's Blog Post

It's a True Crime update.

Under old crimes, there's some new info on those Idaho Groene murders.

Also, Taylor Behl's body found and intriguing info on the Napa Murders.

And a recent horrific multiple murder even more horrific than the Groene crime.
It's a Katrina for Kaitlyn update.

For Granddaughter's proper recall of history, there's a discussion of New Orleans' Nagiin, a loser if ever there was one.

And a Katrina political cartoon, a copy of the failure of character

And a recounting of this past week's joke on the House's vote for additional refineries.

Kaitlyn must know just who voted DOWN additional refineries and how ill-behaved they were in the process.
In Comments this week there's more on the Pledge. LOTS more.

And plenty of commentary on those New Orleans' cops. Some real flames here.

TV Events of Note

MLB Baseball (New)
FOX: Monday, October 10 8:00 PM
Sports event, Baseball

National League Division Series, Game 5: Teams TBA
(If necessary; alternate prime-time lineup two episodes of ``Prison Break,'' and local programming.)
Original Air Date: Oct 10, 2005
NFL Football
ABC: Monday, October 10 9:00 PM
Sports event, Football
Pittsburgh Steelers at San Diego Chargers


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