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The Napa Murders

On November 1, 2004, Adriane Insogna and Leslie Mazzara, both 26, were brutally stabbed at their home on Dorset Street. It was a horrific crime, causing chills because the perpetrator had time to have a few leisurely smokes at the crime scene.

Also, the murderer of these two young women turned out to be married to a friend of one of the women!

Another room mate of the victims managed to escape. She has recently been interviewed by ABC news.


Among Insogna's co-workers and friends at the sanitation district was Lily Prudhomme, who at the time of the killings told The Chronicle that she and Insogna had planned to go to Australia together on Nov. 25 of 2004 and climb Sydney's Harbour Bridge.

"She was so excited about it," Prudhomme said during that interview. "She told me several times that once she had done that, she could die a happy woman. I do intend to climb it for her."

The Lily Prudhomme quoted above turns out to have married the murderer of her friend. She is now known as Lily Copple.

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A third roommate was left alive. She saw the slayings' aftermath, and for months afterward, lived in a state of terror. She spoke publicly about that night for the first time with "Primetime" co-anchor John QuiƱones.

"Still I can't sleep," said Lauren, who asked that her last name be withheld. "Basically — it was a horror movie. That's what I thought — exactly what I thought when I was up there."

For nearly a year, police had no idea who the killer was — until last week, when the smallest of clues turned them on to the most unexpected of suspects.

Lauren, who won’t reveal her last name, was interviewed by ABC. She describes her ordeal. One can only imagine her surprise and horror when it was discovered that her roommates’ murderer was married to Insogna’s co-worker.

Indeed, Copple’s DNA left on his leisurely cigarette butts matched DNA taken from Copple.

May they throw the switch quickly on this creep.

Though, hey, it’s California. Who knows.


Those Chicago Murders

What would possess a man to brutally murder his parents, his sister and his brother-in-law?

It’s possible we’ll never know the motive.

The four people were found dead in their home. Surely a relative would not have done such a thing?

Later in the week, indeed, a suspect was arrested. A Eric Hanson is suspected for the murder of his mother, father, sister and his sister’s husband.

How could someone do such a thing?


From Chicagonews:

AURORA - The bodies of four people were found inside a home on the city's far southeast side Thursday, according to police, who are
looking for "persons of interest" on the West Coast.

The gruesome scene unfolded shortly after 2 p.m. inside a stately two-story brick house at 3540 Jeremy Ranch Court, a quiet cul-de-sac in the tony White Eagle subdivision.

Police were called to the home by a relative who had stopped by and peered through a window to see a woman lying dead on the floor, police said.

Once officers arrived, they found three more adults dead in a separate part of the house.

Aurora police Lt. Rusty Sullivan would say only that the victims - two men and two women - had suffered "severe trauma."

From CBS2:

CBS 2's Jay Levine learned exclusively Friday night that 28-year-old Eric Hanson had been booked and fingerprinted in Wisconsin. He is being held at the request of authorities in Illinois. CBS 2 has learned he is a suspect, perhaps the sole suspect, in connection with the murder of his parents, his sister, and her husband. And, he was questioned for hours.


The Groene Lawsuit

I would not normally cheer on a lawsuit in that so many of them have no basis save making money for some shark attorney.

In the Groene case, however, I must hope fervently that they win their case.

Joseph Duncan, a fine sexual predator, should have been locked up forever. Indeed he had already been in jail for raping a teenager. But when charged with another sexual crime, the Judge let Duncan go with but a slap on the wrist.

Such poor judicial judgement.

Duncan then brutally murdered an entire family in their Idaho home, then absconded with Shasta and Dylan Groene. Duncan later killed and buried Dylan. A sharp-eyed Denny’s waitress phoned in Duncan’s appearance when he showed up at the restaurant with Shasta in tow.

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Claim blames judge for deaths
Posted: Wednesday, Oct 05, 2005 - 09:18:00 pm PDT
Coeur d'Alene Press

Two victims' families file tort against county for setting Duncan free

COEUR d'ALENE -- The families of Brenda Groene and Mark McKenzie want to hold a judge and attorneys in Minnesota accountable for allowing a sexual predator to go free.

A Spokane attorney filed a tort claim on their behalf Wednesday against Becker County, Minn., and seeks $500,000 in damages.

The tort claim charges the judicial officials were negligent, giving convicted sex offender Joseph Duncan III the opportunity to allegedly commit one of the most heinous crimes in Coeur d'Alene history.


Taylor Behl’s Body Found

It wasn’t a surprise, or course. Suspicion settled quickly on a fellow in his mid-20’s, Ben Fawley, who subsequently concocted some bizarre story of kidnapping coincidentally the same morning Taylor disappeared.

There’s two other fellows that might be involved in this crime. One is a skateboarder known only as Ian. The other is also a skateboarder, Jesse Schultz. According to Taylor’s mother, Taylor had spoken of Jesse. Who, as it turned out, failed a lie detector test over his whereabouts the night Taylor disappeared.

While Ben Fawley, a known kook also arrested for child pornography, managed to cast blame on his every action, he may not be the only one involved in the murder or pretty Taylor Behl.

From Postchronicle.com:

Although, Richmond Police officials have been tight lipped about the found body, numerous local media outlets were reporting that the decomposed body that was found matched the clothes that Behl was wearing the night she disappeared.

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More True Crime Updates HERE

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Update 10/12/05

It’s now over 6 weeks beyond Hurricane Katrina and her sister, Hurricane Rita.

New Orleans is still under water. The city of New Orleans had to lay off a lot of their municipal work force.

Again demonstrating a dysfunctional city with dysfunctional leaders.

One thing noticeably lacking in this year of our Lord, Kaitlyn, is demands by former residents of New Orleans to get back in. At least from those in the city’s infamous 9th Ward.

Businesses and whatnot want back in to inspect the damage. The poor people left to suffer in the Superdome and Convention Center by the city’s leaders are killing us with their silence and lack of demand for return.

It’s no wonder. By now those evacuees are likely living a much better life than they ever had in that corrupt cesspool. Money is flying all across the fruited plains, kind Americans are building houses for them, more kind Americans are offering them places to live, rent free.

Those pathetic losers that ran New Orleans into the ground still want their power. Mayor Nagin, God Bless Him because nobody else will, stands, alone and defiant, in the bully pulpit of public opinion, moaning the layoffs of municipal workers and demanding rescue by the American taxpayers.

For what would Nagin be without New Orleans? Just another corrupt Democratic politician.

Those laid off municipal workers could be used to clean up the city, clear the mold and stagnant water. Only, who knows, maybe those workers too are all payroll ghosts, just like the New Orleans’ cops. Plus the city of New Orleans cannot get loans from any decent bank save those in the Nigerian emails.

There’s no leadership here. Mayor Nagin is ignored and disdained.

As it should be.

This past week, Kaitlyn, the House of Representatives passed a new energy bill opening the way for more refineries. It was a close vote, with every Democrat voting against it. There have been no new refineries in twenty years, mostly because the eco-terrorists who donate to Democrats effectively stopped any more refineries.

They are afraid of air pollution.

One, sweet Granddaughter, when did air pollution by refineries become such a big deal? In all of my 55 years of life I’ve never breathed one whiff of polluted air from an oil refinery. Which is not to say there is no effect on air quality but in twenty years, Kaitlyn, sophisticated scrubbers have been developed to do a much better job of cleaning factory air pollution.

They don’t care about the quality of air, Kaitlyn. The eco-terrorists are remnants of the Communist party and now financed by George Soros. They want to keep America down.

It’s what they want, don’t be fooled. Take away America’s gasoline is to take away America’s mobility thus to take away our economic superiority.

Something else, Americans are not stuck on stupid. It’s a political death to vote against more gasoline production.

They’re not going to win and indeed, Kaitlyn, the Energy bill was passed in the House. But not without wide-eyed Nancy Pelosi, who represents the moonbats in San Francisco, making a fool of herself and all the House Democrats shouting like a moonbat chorus as the vote was taken.

They’re going to pay for this, Kaitlyn.

Soon, yes it will take time, but soon, the moonbats will be gone.

May you have a happy life Kaitlyn, with no moonbats financed by Soros, sons of camels and stuck on stupid politicians holding you down.

What to Do With Mayor Nagin?

One of the better Bloggers to keep the Blogosphere supplied with news about Louisiana has been the BayouBuzz

Below is an excerpt from one of his columns. He provides an excellent analysis of Mayor Nagin and why he’s such a loser. All with an insider’s Cajun touch.

Since the storm, people throughout the country have seen another side of Nagin that is not too flattering, one that tends to exaggerate about the horrible impact of the hurricane. The hurricane was bad enough so it is perplexing why Nagin has to embellish anything. In many media interviews, Nagin initially claimed that there would be 10,000 dead bodies as a result of the storm

a) First of all, why would Nagin meet with someone as notorious as Farrakhan? The Nation of Islam has been a controversial organization to say the least. Farrakhan is legendary for his anti-women, anti-gay, anti-Catholic and anti-Jewish comments. For Nagin to meet with someone as insensitive and racist as Farrakhan is a slap in the face to his many constituents who have been on the receiving end of Farrakhan’s hate-filled rhetoric.

b) Why are the City of New Orleans and its leaders obsessed with the Nation of Islam? Earlier in the year, Police Chief Eddie Compass hired a Nation of Islam official to conduct sensitivity training for his police officers. Of course having the Nation of Islam conduct sensitivity training is akin to hiring David Duke to teach classes on race relations. It was a ludicrous idea that was strenuously opposed by religious leaders in the community, forcing Compass to eventually withdraw the contract. After that experience, why would Nagin fraternize with the Nation of Islam again, especially when the City of New Orleans needs as much goodwill as possible to recover from this storm?


Katrina Political Cartoon of Week
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My Own Photo Montage

For you, Kaitlyn, the montage below was created by Grandmother with a quote that sums it up. I used this montage for a weekly Notable/Quotable Blog post but wanted to be sure to include this shining truth for sweet Granddaughter.

Character, Kaitlyn, it does matter.

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On The Pledge

The Roberts Confirmation Hearings and the Pledge of Allegiance

The amount of intolerance and hypocrisy on this issue is overwhelming. I should be used to it by now but I am still always appalled.

Anthony Grande has shown he knows little on the law and theology. He says, "Bhuddists and Hindus do believe in God." What the...? Where did you study Buddhism and Hinduism? They DO NOT believe in God. Anthony assumes that the word "God" is applicable to all religions when it is really only applicable to the Judeo-Christian religions. Anthony, you need to go back to elementary school where they taught you about capitalization. Words that start with a lowercase letter are common nouns, and words that start with a capital letter are proper nouns. Say you have a dog. Well, that is A dog. When you call it "Dog" you are referring to a SPECIFIC dog. Thus, when you say Hindus and Biddhists believe in God with a capital "g" you are wrong. They may believe in A god or gods, but not God Himself.

Also, Anthony, unless you graduated early or have a nice paying part-time job, the taxes you pay aren't nearly as high as say someone with a full-time job living on their own. In fact, if you work say 30 hours a week and get paid $8 an hour, I doubt the government even keeps any of the taxes you pay; you probably get totally reimbursed on your return.

This Red State guy is like Anthony in many ways, but he seems to display a little more knowledge on the subject. His biggest flaw I must say is his labeling. By calling everyone who feels the Supreme Court made the right decision are a bunch of left-wing radical cohorts he is giving them a negative label and villifying them. However, this doesn't help his point at all. He is merely trying to make someone the bad guy rather than concentrating on the legal aspects, much like Anthony.

Another thing Red State has in common with Anthony is his understanding on the word "God". No, the word "God" does not stand for any concept of a deity or divine force or concept. It means GOD, the same guy who created the universe in 7 days, with Adam and Eve, sits in Heaven, (in Christianity) conceived Christ, is at odds with the Devil, etc. The term "God" is very specific. This is actually a new tactic I've seen in trying to keep the Pledge the way it is.

But perhaps the biggest line I take offense to from Red State is, "When are the American people going to wake up and tell the ACLU and thier far left cronies that thier assault on traditional, decent American values and morals will not be tolerated." This is a common strategy from the Christian fascists that have too much power in this country. By making it appear as those who want to honor the First Ammendment they are somehow demoralizing this country. When was anything mentioned on American values? WHEN? This is simply a matter of full separating church and state. By taking this part of the Pledge out people aren't going to go out committing crimes, despite what you say in your filthy propaganda.

Anthony and Red State should know that the Pledge originally did not contain this phrase, and it was only added during the Cold Wars era to try to separate the U.S. from the communists. This was a stupid idea that unfortunately was allowed by our not-so-smart government.

But the thing that makes these two and others like them look so foolish is they never get into the legal aspect. It's all, "Most of us believe in God. 'God' can apply to anything. You don't have to say it if you don't want to. By removing this phrase you are demoralizing our country and attacking our values. Etc." However, if a group of people wanted to change "under God" to "under Buddha" these guys would be in an uproar! That is hypocrisy.

This is not a complicated issue. There must be separation of church and state and by having the words "under God" in a pledge of allegiance to this country you are mixing church and state by including as part of your pledge your acknowledgement of an existence of God. No, please don't bring up statistics on how many people believe in God or any god. It is irrelevant as it doesn't change the Constitution.

So, Anthony and Red State, perhaps you should concentrate on the legal aspects of this instead of trying to throw people off as well as villify them with your rhetoric and contemptuous labels, not to mention outright B.S.

I finally read the full main article by Patfish. Let me tell you, I cannot stand these sort of partisan rants. "That side is totally wrong, blah, blah, blah." It's hard to believe people can be so brainwashed and guillible to totally dismiss an entire political party, while at the same time thinking their own is where the good guys are on.

We've had good Democratic politicans and we've had good Republican politicians. We've had bad Democratic politicans and bad Republican politicians. It is so stupid to make it sound like every person on one side shares all the same views. I never vote just because someone is in one party. I've voted for Democrats and Republicans alike. Their party affiliatino doesn't matter; just their views and potential effectiveness as an elected official.

Anyway, this Patfish guy really is full of it. First off, like ALL the people out there who like the Pledge the way it is, he totally avoids the little part in the Constitution where it goes over the separation of church and state. That should be a red flag to you.

Second off, he labels anyone who is against this "left wing moonbats". So if everyone who disagrees with you, Patfish, is a "left wing moonbat" then you must be a religious Nazi/right wing Jesus freak. Furthermore, if all Republicans are that then I guess I should be a Democrat, huh? Yeah, it's stupid but that's what you sound like.

And you're wrong on the words "under God" establishing a religion. Maybe it doesn't specifically mention Christianity, but God is a Judeo-Christian concept, and putting it into a national recital such as this says the government wants you to pledge to a country under God. Is the United States under God? That's funny because I thought this was a country of no official religion. You only say that because you believe in God and having those words in there suits you.

Like I said, anyone who supports having the Pledge with the words "under God" included ignores the Constitution and doesn't talk about the legal aspects of it. Instead, they will try to distract you with how most people believe in God, "God" could mean this or that, it's not hurting anyone, etc., a lot of which is not true. The same was said about school prayer and now just about no one supports that.

On Those Missing New Orleans’ Ghost Cops

Those New Orleans’ Ghost Cops HERE

Just when I thought that Rhode Island was the most corrupt State in America, Louisana is, hard to believe, worse. Now our newly "LIBERAL" spending president want to give them over 100 billion dollars. The republicans and bush are nothing more than democrats thnat feel guilty and will use our money to make themselves feel better.
Time for a REAL consevative government that will safeguard this money, these guys are fools.

The 'ghost cops' stories may be pure theory at this point, based on the fact that 500 or so police remain unaccounted for. If they don't return for duty or at least show up to officially resign, then we're left wondering if they ever really existed. Padding the payroll of the police department is exactly the kind of thing that the city government has had problem with in the past.

Fantastic post Patfish, keep it up.


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