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Daily Update:

Update on Iraqi Constitutional referendum. The Sunni areas voted overwhelmingly in favor!

Breaking-the next OJ-type crime? Celebrated attorney's wife found murdered in their home.

Coming soon....a trial near you.

Auxiliary Blog Post
Here's a True Crime Update with some more unusual crimes.

How about a runaway groom who stabbed himself to avoid marriage?

Or a convicted Good Samaritan who didn't help?

And what happened to pretty little Evelyn Miller?
We keep up the Katrina for Kaitlyn updates.

Because New Orleans will have to be rebuilt.

And the liberals will keep trying to change history.

This week-Cadillacs and Cops.
More Comments on the missing New Orleans Cops, the new show "Commander in Chief" and the usual brickbats thrown at yon editress.



Preliminary-Iraqi Constitution Accepted by Voters

What's most interesting about this result, besides the joy of having yet another plank be placed in the platform of democracy, is the results in the Sunni provinces.

Saddam belonged to the Sunni sect and it was the Sunnis who held most of the power in pre-war Iraq.

And yet....well what do you know, two predominantly Sunny populated provinces supported the new constitution by a vast majority. Estimates of up to 80% approvals came in from two Sunni provinces.

Strange how the safety and sanctity of the voting booth allows the truth to come out. There's plenty of Iraqi Sunnis who got on the Saddam band wagon during his glory days. These Sunnis were gifted with cherished public jobs and were in general treated way better than the native Kurds.

Sure they resent losing their power.

Except for perhaps those Sunnis who really want peace and a slice of the oil pie.

I'm thinking maybe it was all of Saddam's Sunni buddies making all the fuss.

From Monstersandcritics.com:

The results we've seen so far, however, don't support that characterization. There were, indeed, two heavily Sunni provinces, Anbar and Salaheddin, where voters rejected the constitution; in Salaheddin, 78% voted against it.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

But in the other two Sunni-majority provinces, Diyala and Ninevah, it appears that most Sunnis supported the new constitution. In Diyala, 70% supported the referendum, with only 20% opposed. In Ninevah, with more than 80% of polling places reporting, 79% had voted in favor. There is no way to get those numbers unless most Sunnis voted "yes."

So it appears that there is a split among Iraqi Sunnis that is largely geographic, and that a great many Sunnis do support the constitution and Iraq's fledgling democracy, even though it will mean that they lose their historic dominance over the country.

The turnout, according to the New York Times today, appears to have topped 10 million -- adding 1.5 million voters to the total turnout of the successful January elections which created the National Assembly. That raised the turnout from 58% to 65%, an indication of the passion that the prospect of constitutional rule evinces among the once-oppressed Iraqis as well as the disagreement over the best way to implement it. Unlike the January elections, there seems to be little dispute about the methodology used to reach a conclusion for the disagreements. All sides have adopted the ballot over the bullet -- a major development regardless of how the vote itself turned out.


Seen With Mine Own Eyeballs

About six Texas Supreme Court Justices made a trek to DC to encourage Bush on the Harriet Miers nomination.

For which I have, ahem, an opinion.

Let the woman get voted up or down for God's sake. Yeah this political junkee was looking forward to a showdown with the Moonbats over the replacement nominee for retiring Justice Sandra Day O'Conner.

But things are moving in Iraq and there's the upcoming trial of Saddam. Why give the likes of Joe Biden a national forum for his run for President? Why allow him to smile that Cheshire cat smile and ask stupid long questions for the camera time?

Why allow Moonbat Pelosi and Swimmer Ted Kennedy a chance to rant and rail at a Janice Brown?

What the hell can they say about Harriet Miers? Nobody knows the woman and hey, she'll have to spend her time in the hot seat.

Sure, Conservatives will miss the fight they've been wanting for yea many years. But John Roberts was a great nominee and he's now the Chief Justice!

I hear you. Yon readers suggest that Miers might turn into another disappoint like Judge Souter. Well yeah.

But Souter, at the time of nomination, was considered a Conservative of the highest order. It is suggested that the Justice's subsequent time spent in the liberal inside-the-beltway Georgetown DC crowd somehow changed him into the liberal Moonbat he is.

Why couldn't this happen to, say, a Janice Rogers Brown? Or a Harriet Miers for that matter?

Thing is we just don't know what's going to happen. Since Dubya swears Miers will never change (a doubtful statement), well at least we can hold Republicans and Bush's legacy accountable.

My sense is that Bush wanted to bypass all the hoopla had he nominated a Luttig or Brown. The trial of Saddam looms and this is a very important thing for, well the entire world. Radical Islamic sons of camels will have little defense for murderer thug Saddam. The entire world, particularly the Muslim world, will see what happens to a former thug once democracy takes hold of a country and the thug is brought to justice. Maybe the Saudi sons of camels will get concerned and ease into a democracy that they themselves do not find themselves in the hot seat.

Do we really need to see Biden's Cheshire cat face grin interspersed during all of this?

Breaking-a True Crime That Will Resonate

As of this writing, late Monday, 10/17/05, there's no reason to suspect Daniel Horowitz of the murder of his wife, Pam Vitale. Except for the nagging factoid known by so many true crime aficionados that it is almost ALWAYS the one closest to the victim who did the deed.

I've been reading unverified tidbits about this crime so take them for being just that.

First, Horowitz allegedly has an iron clad alibi for his whereabouts on the afternoon of the crime.

Second, Horowitz and his wife live in a strange situation, owning land with as many as four construction workers sharing the lot. Also, Horowitz purchased the lot next to the one on which he and his wife were building their dream home while living in a mobile home nearby. There's supposedly "issues" between that lot's former owner, allowed to live there for ten years per the terms of the sale, and Horowitz.

Third, Horowitz did have security cameras on the site but the home was not sealed tight. Allegedly instructions for overcoming the security alarm was attached right on the keypad.

The interesting thing about this murder, if nothing else, is that Horowitz is a renowned legal pundit, having appeared on CNN, Fox and other networks for his insight and wisdom. He is also considered to lean somewhat pro-defense and is well-remembered for his "defense" of Scott Peterson.

Finally, Horowitz is the lead attorney in defense of Susan Polk. Polk's case was just this past Friday, 10/14/05, covered on NBC's Dateline.

And what a weird case this one is. Susan is accused of murdering her husband. Her defense is that her husband was attacking her and she killed him in self-defense. Another amazing thing about the Polk case is the revelation that her husband, a Psychologist, was that he had been HER therapist when Susan was ONLY FIFTEEN!

This turn of events with Horowitz might well have some affect on this Polk case.

Stay tuned for more on this.
From CNN.com:

Pamela Vitale, 52, was found by her husband late Saturday afternoon in the entryway of a mobile home the couple occupied while building a dream house on the same Lafayette hilltop.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Horowitz -- who is defending Susan Polk in her closely watched trial on charges of killing of her therapist husband at their Orinda home -- declined to talk to reporters when he came to his property Sunday afternoon.

Police officials described Vitale's death as "violent."


Coming Soon-The Trial of the Century

Just SOME of the charges:
---destroyed the marsh lands that were the source of income for Iraq's so-called "Marsh Arabs" in retaliation for an assassination attempt.

----killed hundreds in that same village for the same reason

----attempted to deport all Iraqi Kurds to Iran

----gassed and entire Kurd village with saran gas

Oh yes, there's plenty more. The prosecution strategy to try the dictator, who had ten palaces by the way, who needs ten palaces?, for those crimes with the MOST documented victims in one action.

Sure there's those he dropped into an industrial shredder, ALIVE, and there's plenty of females to testify to the "rape rooms".

It's just simpler, eh, to get the guy on all those Kurds he killed with saran gas, this man who had no weapons of mass destruction. Not that a coke bottle full of saran gas couldn't take out New York city or anything and hey, he did actually USE this saran gas so what? He was no danger and had no weapons of mass destruction as the Moonbats would tell you while peeing upon your feet and telling you it's raining?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


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