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Picture of Saddam's Weapons of Mass Destruction HERE

One might question how one humble Grandmother Blogger managed to get actual pictures of Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction when the entire planet has been unable to do so.

Caution suggested here. Scroll down to see the weapons of mass destruction. Warning, it's a shocking sight.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Yes yon readers. Saddam Hussein had plenty of the above weapons of mass destruction, or perhaps I should refer to them as "precursors" to weapons of mass destruction. Because with all the oil money from Iraqi oil wells, Saddam could bribe and/or purchase anything he needed so long as it existed on the planet earth.

He could outright buy dishonest thieves and despots to sell him yellowcake uranium. He could pay the best of attorneys knowledgeable about Swiss banking laws and Canary Island businesses to hide his activities behind the veil of several hundred corporate layers. He could, say, give families of Palestinian suicide bombers a $50,000 bonus per successful suicide attack. Something he publicly acknowledged he did on a regular basis.

With enough of these weapons of mass destruction, he could buy the loyalty of entire countries, such as France or Russia. More money and organs of mass media can be influenced, former UN weapons inspectors, such as Scott Ritter, could be given $100,000 to "make a movie", business persons can be encouraged to give kickbacks to add to the stockpile of these weapons of mass destruction pictured above.

I'll go out on a limb here and suggest that with enough advance warning of an American military attack, these weapons of mass destruction could be used to hide yet other weapons of mass destruction such as Sarin gas or burgeoning nuclear programs. Give Syria a couple of million bucks and boom, all evidence is hidden safely. It's entirely possible that via more careful kickbacks the United Nations' weapons inspectors could be discouraged from too much poking around during scheduled inspections.

Money can buy anything, folks. Anything, anywhere, anyhow. The world is filled with people only too happy to take on some extra handy money and help out Saddam a little.

All the brouhaha about alleged missing "weapons of mass destruction" suggest a naiveté only the United States of America, in its youthful wishful thinking, could possess.

Americans expected, I deduce, to find a grand and gleaming dome located slightly above the desert floor. Push the magic button and boom, the dome opens to reveal miles of gleaming nuclear warheads, all built and ready to send towards the chosen target.

There should be, by the American psyche that the left-wing politicians strongly suggest, huge laboratories, test tubes and beakers blowing white smoke as poisons and gasses are created by evil Iraqis under the guidance of Saddam.

Of course Saddam had plenty of warning, do not argue here, that the Americans were coming. With a handful of those weapons of mass destruction pictured above, Saddam could easily dismantle any evidence he had on hand, maybe rent a U-haul, perhaps obtain a storage shed or two, and send any damning evidence on its way.

I'm not saying that's what happened. I don't know what happened. I do know that absent that magical dome covering miles of shiny nuclear warheads does not mean, to this silly American, that Saddam didn't have designs on conquering the world and to that end sought weapons that would achieve this mission.

So, the reader would argue, why didn't the United States just take away those weapons of mass destruction pictured above?

Well, we DID. Via the United Nations, we slapped sanctions on Saddam that would have denied him access to the world market to purchase his brand of evil as well as a market for Iraqi oil, which Saddam had no more right to than any citizen of Iraq.

Had these sanctions held Saddam would not have such vast quantities of those weapons pictured above. Folks will not likely sell Saddam yellowcake, guns, or military weapons based on how much they admire the man. Saddam was admired only when he had a fist full of the weapons of mass destruction pictured above.

Then the UN comes up with this noble idea that it's not fair to deny the Iraqi people access to food and medicine purchased by proceeds from their country's natural resource. They called it the "oil-for-food" program and on this premise, it was a fine idea.

Except Saddam, who is a lot of things but not stupid, managed to create a world wide cabal of people very interested in selling to Saddam even with a kickback or two, so long as Saddam had a fistful of those weapons of mass destruction pictured above.

Yes, the United Nations was supposed to manage the oil-for-food program but what happens when responsibility is assigned to a person, entity, even an international organization with an aim toward world peace, that is itself corrupt?

Every day more individuals are being hauled before courts across the planet for participating in Saddam's oil-for-palaces scam. Even France has prosecuted a few Frenchmen who got wealthy from the program.

There's plenty of proof that the oil-for-palaces program was one of the biggest scams perpetrated on this planet and I don't for a minute believe NO ONE in the American administration knew a thing about it.

Be that as it may, that attempt to deny Saddam endless weapons of mass destruction as pictured above, obviously did not work.

Sure, it cost him a bit more now that he had to be so secretive with his purchase of goods ostensibly not allowed per the oil-for-palaces program. The oil-for-food UN joke did not, in any way, prevent Saddam from gathering even larger amounts of those weapons of mass destruction pictured above. Money will buy anything. And Saddam continued through the mid to late nineties accumulating plenty of those handy paper weapons of mass destruction.

Then Al Queda decides to attack the United States of America, killing its innocent citizens and destroying our lawfully built building.

But Saddam had no connection to Al Queda you shout!

So why did Bill Clinton's indictment of Osama Bin Laden in 1998 specifically state Saddam's relationship with Al Queda as one of the reasons for the indictment ?
Later that spring, the Clinton Justice Department prepared an indictment of Osama bin Laden. The relevant passage, prominently placed in the fourth paragraph, reads:

Al Qaeda reached an understanding with the government of Iraq that al Qaeda would not work against that government and that on particular projects, specifically including weapons development, al Qaeda would work cooperatively with the government of Iraq.

Also, how does Saddam's payment of that $50,000 bounty to Palestinian suicide bombers fit into that oil-for-palaces program as legitimate? Why was Saddam encouraging Palestinians to murder Israelis as Saddam allegedly had nothing to do with such things?

With all those weapons of mass destruction pictured above, Saddam could hide any relationship he had with terrorists of the world, including Al-Queda.

Money can buy anything, given a willingness and someone to carry it out.

This "no weapons of mass destruction" argument gets old. IT's disingenuous. We know that Saddam gassed his own Kurdish citizens with saran gas. Saran gas is, ahem, a weapon of mass destruction. One beer can full of the stuff and half a big city could be killed.

Saddam also had already attacked his neighbor Kuwait. Read the history books. If the Democrats haven't changed them yet, the U.S. and its coalition partners went to war to drive Saddam out of Kuwait sometime in 1991.

For over ten years American airplanes flew over northern and southern parts of Iraq just to insure the man did not continue to brutally murder his own citizens. It wasn't the best system in the world, witness the many mass graves our military has discovered.

Saddam was a bad actor with a known history. Had he been an American criminal, even a California jury would have found him guilty.

Since the UN so successfully, with a little help from its third-word friends, managed to keep Saddam flush with plenty of those weapons of mass destruction pictured above, there was only one way to get this guy the hell out of power.

There's a whole future ahead to debate and discuss the length of Saddam's ties to Al Queda, his intent for ruling the world, how many people he was willing to kill, and how.

The decision to get rid of this one man maniac who did nothing but disrupt world peace not to mention the harm inflicted on Iraqi citizens, was a good one. Had the United Nations been serious about world peace and sincere about its human rights mission, perhaps America would not have had to go it alone with but a few precious allies.

Every time yon reader pulls a dollar or two out of the wallet, think about all that billions and billions of these items could purchase.

Then complain to me about those missing weapons of mass destruction.

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How I became a Starch Conservative
Stephanie’s Blog HERE.

By Stephanie Staib

Some may say I'm wrong and jaded
One-sided and opinionated

What started me upon my raving?
It was an urgent starchy craving

When old Slick Willy he did finagle
With cream cheese I topped my bagel

Hearing judgments from Scalia
Yummy, yummy corn tortilla

Janet Reno and all her flubs
Of cookie dough, I ate many tubs

In Vietnam Kerry seemed quite sober
Yet, I still enjoyed my waffle and peach turnover

Wacko Wako, Sandra Day O
God, I need some mashed potato

On the senate floor sits Ted,
A big round loaf of sour dough bread

Illegal Haitians, The United Nations
I need some Krispy Kreme sensations

Turn on the radio listen to Limbaugh
Take huge bites of a chocolate bear claw

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Whitewater and the many scams
I got my fill of candied yams

What a Middle Eastern treaty?
I do believe that I smell ziti?

Good job appointing Condi Rice
Gee, some teriyaki would be quite nice.

When the Govinator utters "Hasta"
I cook up a pot of whole-wheat pasta

Dan rather and the liberal news
Doesn't make me turn to booze

In stead I grab my pita chips
And thank the bloggers for their tips.

When word got out of Clinton's fluffing
I boiled up some Stovetop stuffing

The nomination of Judge Sam Alito
These mini quiches sure are neato!

Wide egg noodles and shepards pie
My dinner after President Bill's big lie

Results of 2004 exit polls
Made me fill up on cinnamon rolls.

Blathering, blathering Thomas Daschle
Extra sauce upon my stuffed shells

Caesar salad, croutons galore
Did someone, somewhere mention Gore?

Hillary in 2008?
Heap those dumplings on my plate

Illegal contributions from the Chinese
One extra helping of wontons, please?

You say Germany won't go to war?
Strudel yes, I'll take some more.

Howard Dean and his famous yell
Crunch, crunch, crunch goes my taco shell

Terrorism from the Middle East
Makes one yearn for hops and yeast


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On Notable/Quotables 11/7/05

"from the first hour we step into the office, we will restore dignity and integrity back into the White House" from both the Shrub and Cheney prior to election 2000

don't know about "Scooter"....

"we will raise the bar, not just being in line with what is legal, but doing what is right" the Shrub again...

Libby and DeLay indicted, Frist and Rove under investigation...

so yah..ya missed some serious hypocrites...



Some good stuff here. Very much to the point. Keep exposing the hypocrites.


Huh? In spite of all the accusations of Wilsons being a liar I still haven't seen anything to support it. Is this another one of those Rove-things?


Enjoyable post! :)


On Martha Stewart’s Apprentice

Did anyone over room temperature IQ notice that they only rewarded team selling on QVC based only on gross??? I can sell anything worth $1000 for $99 and get thousands, let alone tens of thousands sales!!!! WHAT A STUPID SHOW!!! How the hell did she ever make any money, what the hell happened to net profits!!!!???!!!


From Pat Fish

And she evidently doesn’t like what I have to say.

I find it embarrassing to share a name with you.

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Commenter Provides Funny Bush Quote

If I had a proper source for it I’d use it.

Here's one of my favorites...

"We have to be better conservers," George Bush


On the President’s Speech 11/11/05

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