Pop Culture Update 7/14/06

Rush Limbaugh, Viagra and Manly Men; a Zit Story, Yes indeed.

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When co-workers go on vacation

Quote of the Day

"Barbra Streisand will tour the U.S. for the first time in a decade this fall to, in part, raise money for her campaign against global warming. How she'll sing and keep her mouth closed is a mystery to us."

- Pittsburgh Tribune-Review editorial, 6/11/06

Web Site Worth the Visit
What Parents Wish from Their Children During Their Golden Years

Don't treat them as if they were fragile. So much more.


We all know those cute little computer symbols called "emoticons," where:

:) means a smile and :( is a frown.

Well, how about some "ASSICONS?"

(_!_) a regular ass

(__!__) a fat ass

(!) a tight ass

(_*_) a sore ass

{_!_} a swishy ass

(_o_) an ass that's been around

(_x_) kiss my ass

(_X_) leave my ass alone

(_zzz_) a tired ass

(_E=mc2_) a smart ass

(_$_) Money coming out of his ass

(_?_) Dumb Ass

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Connie Chung's Swan Song More Like An Ugly Duck

It's been a while since Connie Chung made a fool of herself on national TV. Still we must save that joke of a graceless exit for posterity.

First, the woman cannot sing. Second, her swan song was graceless and just plain ugly.

I cannot say enough about how foolish she looked.

Connie chung cartoon
The graceless exit Chung made last June 17th, during the final broadcast of the clumsy chat show she co-anchored with her husband Maury Povich, king of the paternity tests, is indicative of deeper problems than just an embarrassing performance. There she was, in white cocktail tutu dress and gloves, seated atop an unnecessary piano. She warbled acapella a painfully off-key rendition of "Thanks for the Memories," with lyrics re-written to reflect the six month run of the program. This was the end of the news anchor warhorses, and not a moment too soon.

Connie Chung on YOUTUBE

Killing Harry Potter

She simply CANNOT kill Harry Potter. I won’t have it.

Although I’ve never read a single Harry Potter book, I smile whenever the hype of a newly released book hits the stores.

For all my complaints about the culture and the sad, sex-filled shape of it, I feel there’s hope when a Harry Potter book is released and the precious pre-adolescents of the country go crazy.

They’re not going nuts over an exposed Superbowl boob. They’re not going nuts over dangerous Internet chat rooms. They are going nuts over, get this and don’t tell anybody, a BOOK! Imagine this.

Even with all the temptations of a pop culture that thinks sex to be the stellar selling point of most everything, by choice these children choose a book of wizards and a brave little boy.

They don’t necessarily WANT to have a sex-infused culture is what I’m saying here, and given a mesmerizing choice, they don’t choose one.

From Reuters
LONDON (Reuters) - Children's author J.K. Rowling has revealed that at least two characters will die in the seventh and final installment of her bestselling Harry Potter series, but was careful not to say who.

Children and adults are expected to rush and buy the final Harry Potter novel in their tens of millions when it is complete, and if the publication of the sixth book is anything to go by, secrecy surrounding the plot will be tight.

Rowling has already said that the final chapter of the seventh book was written long ago.

Media Nuggets

Thanks to Freeper Anita at FreeRepublic.

  • Matt Cooper WAS THE STAR WITNESS in Libby & Rove case. His lies failed to pass muster in Rove case. In Libby case, Judge Walton detected inconsistencies in Cooper's notes & wrote that Cooper's testimony may be impeachable. Coming to senses, Time Magazine fired Matt Cooper.
  • MSNBC fires it's only male daytime anchor, Randy Meier. Fox is talking to Laura Ingraham (new show?). Fox to Launch Sports Channel With No Gambling, Alcohol Ads .
  • Tim Russert and Wolf Blitzer got heckled at a recent Nats game.
  • After her FAILED adventures at Vanity Fair, New Yorker and CNBC, Tina Brown fled to London. She now claims that NewYork lost it's crown to London because of President Bush's re-election.
  • Former dem.prosecutor & current FNC legal analyst Lis Wiehl married Mickey Sherman.
  • Media/2008 notables - Andrea Jones becomes Executive Director of Media Relations for ABC News. Relevance? - She was press secretary of Sen. John McCain until now. LATimes Ron Brownstein's wife works as McCain's director of communications.

    Britney Spears Fooled No One

    Ah, Britney. I wrote about Britney’s famous interview with Matt Lauer HERE. At which point I chuckled at the hapless Matt Lauer, all ready to explode across the TODAY scene what with beloved Katie moving on an everything. So what does Matt get to do to cash in on his chance? He sits down and has a lengthy chat with that pop culture icon of nothingness, Britney Spears.

    As it turns out, the public did not cry along with Britney over the wretched paparazzi who would pursue her and capture her driving child neglect. It would turn out that the public has LESS respect for Spears after that interview. Not to mention ole Matt and his PR image problems as a result.

    And just to show you how stupid Britney thinks we are, she goes out and tries to sell that tearful interview for $200,000!

    They keep peeing on our feet and telling us it’s raining, folks.

    BRITNEY Spears was shocked - shocked! - by the reaction to her wretched
    NBC interview with Matt Lauer (87 percent of people polled in Us Weekly
    had less respect for Spears after the chat). So she attempted damage
    control. Spears had a photographer take pretty pictures of her - this
    time with professional hair, makeup and wardrobe. And despite tearfully
    begging for privacy, saying she hates media attention, and calling the
    celebrity weeklies "trash" in the interview, Spears then tried to sell
    the photos and an "exclusive" interview to those same trashy weeklies
    for $200,000.
    There were no takers. OK! finally bought the shots and
    the interview for a measly $5,000. A rep for the magazine declined
    comment but did say, "Who doesn't love a discount?" Spears' rep didn't
    return calls. Meanwhile, Spears' hubby, Kevin Federline, seems to be on
    a budget. Federline was shopping at Lounge in SoHo on Friday but balked
    at paying $150 for a T-shirt.

    Now We Must Hype the Dead

    Speaking of getting one’s name out there. Aaron Spelling recently passed on and here was a man successful because of his creativity and personal drive. Hey, he didn’t write serious literature and such as thought-provoking movies were not his province. But he had a serious finger in the air and produced many successful TV shows. Goes to capitalism and all that.

    Of course his daughter, Tori Spelling, needed some PR over her famous father’s death. Turns out that Aaron and his daughter had some differences. Which were resolved before his death, according to Tori, and this is always the case with these celebrity types. The story is always the same. “We had our pains and arguments,” the pretty ones lament. “In time,” they continue, “I realized what a great person…yada, yada.”

    Hey, it’s not that I don’t believe it.

    But the story is ALWAYS the same.
    From the NY
    Aaron and Tori Spelling Actress Tori Spelling was able to make peace with her father, TV titan Aaron, before his death Friday from complications from a stroke.

    "I'm grateful I recently had the opportunity to reconcile with my father and most grateful we had the chance to tell each other we loved one another before he passed away," she told People magazine.

    "It's a true blessing to have had a parent that loved me unconditionally," she said. "He had a heart as big as his talent and today, along with many others, I mourn his loss. He was a great man and even better father."

    Tori Spelling rose to fame as Donna in "Beverly Hills, 90210," one of
    her dad's many smash hits.

    Time for “60 Minutes” to Clean House

    There’s a show that lied for yea many years, the most recent being the pathetic Dan Rather story on Dubya. Now we hear Ed Bradley is very discontent with his recompense for the series.


    Hey Ed. Stick a fork in it. You’re done.

    And if “60 Minutes” think they’re going to infuse new life into their old media behemoth with the likes of the younger perky Katie and Anderson Cooper, heh again.

    From Google Celebrity newsgroup:
    Bradley's contract dilemma comes as CBS chief Les Moonves and news head Sean McManus have been tranfusing younger blood into the 37-year-old show. Among next season's contributors will be Katie Couric, 49, and CNN's Anderson
    Cooper, who turned 39 Saturday (and who's rumored to be getting around
    $500,000 for up to five stories). Also being groomed for "60 Minutes"
    stardom are Scott Pelley and Lara Logan, though some of the show's veteran
    producers are suspicious of Logan's sex appeal. "She wore low-cut shirts to
    interview soldiers in Iraq," says a source.


    From: **NY Daily News BLIND ITEM 6/25**

    Which latest wife to a thrice-married famous man interfered with the seating plan at a tony Hamptons lunch party because there's no way she's letting any other gal do what she did to his second marriage?

  • Melania Trump

    Cooking Eggs on the Cell Phone

    As to why on earth anyone would cook eggs on a cell phone, you tell me.

    Came across this tidbit on an email list and was intrigued. Hey, it takes over an hour to cook an egg on your cell phone.

    There are, however, very logical conclusions to be drawn from this experiment, read to the end.
    Vladimir Lagovski and Andrei Moiseynko from Komsomolskaya Pravda Newspaper in Moscow decided to learn first-hand how harmful cell phones are. There is no magic in cooking with your cell phone. The secret is in the radio waves that the cell phone radiates.

    Pics of egg cooked with cell phone

    The journalists created a simple microwave structure as shown in the picture. They called from one cell phone to the other and left both phones on talking mode. They placed a tape recorder next to phones to imitate sounds of speaking so the phones would stay on.

    Conclusion ..1: Cooking eggs with mobile phones is possible but very expensive ($4.55 or 123 Rubles)

    Conclusion ..2: All this talk of danger is exaggerated; even if your brain gets cooked, it would take a couple hours of talking on a cell phone.

    Conclusion ..3: We don’t recommend carrying cell phone in your pants.
    On Zits

    Just a quickie here. Because someone somewhere in the fruited plains carefully nurtured a fabulous zit and once ripe and full, actually took a picture of the thing. Sure I could have put a picture here but while the thing is oddly fascinating, it was just too gross for me to put on this Blog named after my beloved granddaughter.

    Still, one has to marvel at the ingenuity of Americans and the things they do. Please click the link and check it out.

    Zit from hell HERE.

    Rush! I Am Heart-Broken

    Okay, continue on yon readers, if you don’t want to read this admittedly X-rated missive. For here is one Blogger that has no sympathy for men what can’t get it up.

    You read that right. And I launched into just such an invective in front of my bemused but confused husband but hey, he’s a guy. What does he know?

    Here’s the simple truth from one female who’s been around. A man that can’t get it up is NOT a manly-man. Period.

    Sure it’s unkind. Surely the Compassion Police will get on my case. But ask any woman willing to tell the truth, and she’ll tell you that a guy who can’t get an erection, hey, I’ll say it, is pretty useless. If this makes me a female chauvinist, than so be it. But we are talking an established fact of life here.

    Now I love Rush and understand that the customs people were picking on him. I heard Rush himself discuss the matter on his show and he handled it with class.

    Only it wasn’t any law-breaking the mean customs people wanted to get out there. They wanted the world to know he had Viagra. We know what Viagra is for out here in la-la land. I also know that Viagra is used not necessarily to cure so-called “erectile disfunction”, heh, but it’s likely used to enhance and prolong “erectile function”. Heh.

    Still, the popular concept is that Viagra is for men with a “problem” and may I never meet a man with such a problem. And I do say, with a meanness of spirit, that Rush Limbaugh launches into “manly man” rants on his show.

    My heart dimmed a bit when I learned, just as the nasty Rush-haters wanted me to, that my favorite radio manly man needs Viagra for God’s sake!

    God Bless America and thank God for Blogs, because it’s so nice to just say it. Hate me if you will. But hey, guys, you gotta get it up.

    And go to hell if a guy can’t get it up without a little help from the mighty pharmaceutical companies, than he is no manly-man.

    Miami, FL -- June 26, 2006 -- Roy Black, Rush Limbaugh's attorney, issued the following statement today in response to several inquiries by the media:

    While going through routine Customs inspection of luggage at Palm Beach
    International Airport upon his return from an international trip, Rush
    Limbaugh was detained by customs agents after they noticed a non-narcotic
    prescription drug, which had been prescribed by Mr. Limbaugh's treating
    physician but labeled as being issued to the physician rather than Mr.
    Limbaugh for privacy purposes. After a brief interview, Mr. Limbaugh was
    permitted to continue on his journey.

    American Idol 2006 Update: McPhee and Bulimia

    Sticking one’s finger down one’s throat and causing vomiting is weird. It is certainly not normal. And let the Compassion Police know right now that my own daughter once had this problem.

    I’d argue it’s about our sex-obsessed culture and its effect on vulnerable females who strive to be super thin. Still, it’s just a weird thing to do and I wonder if sometimes we wouldn’t slap these young girls silly and tell them how abnormal the behavior is that it wouldn’t help assuage the problem.

    The thing here is, almost all bulimics DO eventually recover. It’s almost always something they do at a point in time in their lives then reality sets in.

    Thus we are dismayed to hear that lovely Katharine McPhee once had a bulimia problem. Such a pretty girl and a beautiful voice! I must wonder what gets into the heads of these young things.

    From American Idol Blog:
    American Idol runner-up Katharine McPhee is dropping a bomb in the new People magazine, bravely revealing the torment she's kept hidden for years -- a dangerous battle with bulimia that nearly destroyed her brilliant voice

    Ending With a Pic That Says It All

    For Pamela Anderson is a female celebrity with a body crafted, molded and created by surgeons to an end of femininity unfettered.

    Only, dear Lord, look what this woman is turning into!
    Pamela Anderson looking crazy

    More Gossip/Speculation HERE
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