Birds-Redtailed Hawks and Robins; Some Great Bird Photography

A redtailed hawk dares to threaten a robin’s family; an excellent nature photographer struts her stuff.

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    The Robin and the Redtailed Hawk

    Red Tailed Hawk I was very surprised, and pleased, when a juvenile redtailed Hawk landed in the black walnut tree adjacent to my porch. Hawks are beautiful birds and it isn’t often one gets to see one up so close.

    But I knew there was a nest of robins in that tree and I feared the hawk would go after the nestlings. Anxiously I watched the tree for any sign of the robins. Soon one robin flew out of the tree. I think, but am not at all sure, it was the female robin. I don’t know if she was feeding the babies or still sitting on the nest. Their nest was up so high that I was only able to monitor the nest-building activities and I had no idea whether the eggs had hatched.

    Which didn’t much matter because the eggs or hatchlings were in danger from the hawk and I wondered where on earth was Daddy robin.

    I saw the hawk fly up towards the nest and now I figured I myself must take some action. Sure I don’t like to mess with Mother Nature and it could have been, as nature demanded, that some pretty robins’ eggs would end up as a hawk’s lunch. Despite my best of intentions I could not sit still and watch that hawk kill those baby birds.

    Now what I intended to do about it I had no idea. I figured if I yelled and screamed I might scare the hawk out of the tree and save the robins. I left the porch, still wondering where the male robin was as it was HIS job, not mine, to protect the nest. I positioned myself beneath the tree and prepared to scare a hawk.

    From out of nowhere a bird flew in quicker and more determined than a jet plane.
    I had no idea robins could fly that fast! That male robin zoomed in from somewhere and I must say I was impressed. He was a mad parent bird and I could see it in his demeanor. His wings were spanned wide and he positively soared across the sky with quick speed.

    Within seconds one immature redtailed hawk was flying furiously out of that tree with one very mad robin giving it chase. I was so damn impressed with that male robin that I cheered him on as he chased that hawk across the skies, biting and pecking him as he flew. At one point I even gave a lusty cheer to this robin who protected his family with every instinct he had. At one point I considered that the male robin was maybe overdoing it but hey, he was mad as hell and wasn’t going to take it anymore.

    I saw the female robin come back to the nest so I assume she was still incubating the eggs. I also assume, but have no proof, that she went and found her mate after flying out of the tree at the assault by the hawk.

    That male robin finally got done with that hawk, poor thing might never get over it, and he was still mad. So he went after every bird in the surround, even those who weren’t doing a thing.

    Victory. The robin family was safe. One immature redtailed hawk will likely not come back to that black walnut tree.

    Bird Photographer Extraordinaire

    I belong to an email list that is blessed with an excellent nature photographer. Below is a montage of some of the pictures she has compiled.

    Below is all information to view more scenes captured by a photographer with a keen eye.

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    Sapsucker,heron,swallow bird montage


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