Birds and Gardens

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  • The Spring garden

  • Finally, finally it's spring. A visit to my early spring garden with more promise than flowers.


  • Tthe Fall 2006 Gardens Finale

  • And the Fall gardens. The frost came and went and the final pictures are in.

    Fall 2006 garden montage

  • Fall 2006 and the Mums

  • Got a Fall 2006 garden update here and yes, he have mums.


  • Pumpkins in the Flowers

  • Guest Writer Michelle continues her story of hybrid vehicles and the dangers of driving over rocks. With an adorable pic of her dog and new calico.

    Also, some garden musings, including the REAL reason I am growing pumpkins in my flower gardens.

    A mystery plant update.
  • The July 2006 Gardens

  • Garden Montage of New Plantings 2006

    Since summer rages across the fruited plains, time for a Garden update.

    Here in mid-July 2006 we have the success of the gladiolas and a mystery plant that appears to be a tree only it really is supposed to be a plant.

    Lots of pics.
  • June 2006 Garden Update

  • June 2006 Serendipity Shore Garden Montage

    Time for a Garden update. With some pics of the gardens growing and a new flower that promises glory of "funeral" proportions. Heh.


  • Weeds or Flowers?

  • It's Spring 2006 and the new plantings are growing!

    Except…well..maybe they're weeds?

    The azaleas bloom and garden plans are ablaze.

    Guest Writer Michelle teaches us about spiders. The Black Widow Kind.

    Oh, and what does the name of your state mean?
  • The New Container Garden

  • Container Garden Serendipity Shore

    Here's a Garden post with some pics of the new container garden and garden evolution.

    It's been a beautiful spring here in Delmarva. So why was I so worried?

  • Blooms in Winter

  • Image hosted by

    A Gradening post in the middle of winter?

    Well it has been a very warm January. The hedge roses want to bloom.

    Pictures of a beautiful and intriguing garden, plus, yes, it's a gardening cartoon.
  • Homage to Indoor Plants

  • They are there when we need them most.


  • The Garden Catalogues

  • Raise your hand yon gardeners who have never perused the mid-winter gardenings magazines and gone bezerk with the ordering?

    In this gardening missive, one gardening Grandmother, now choosing plantings for her new gardens, must choose the new perrenials that will solidify the garden structure.

    It's fun, there's gardening gossip, and pictures of the plants finally chosen.


  • The Cement Garden

  • To any gardener who thinks one cannot grow a garden successfully in the middle of a cement plot, I say pshaw!

    Indeed The Cement Garden did grow wonderfully except there was big changes from the original plan.

    With pictures of new garden plantings already in my gardens and waiting for spring.


  • Garden Book Excerpt

  • It's getting to be spring and in anticipation, this excerpt from my book will get gardeners in the mood.

    It's a tale about REAL gardeners, the ones with sloped lots and squirrel horticultural help.

    These gardeners are never featured in Better Home and Gardens.

    But there's waaaaay more of us than them.


  • Where are the Tomato Cages

  • Where are my tomato cages?

    It's a garden post as, hey, it's spring, a season that soothes a gardeners soul.

    Only the peonies need to be staked and hey, I can't find my tomato cages.

    Reward for any yon reader who can tell me where they are at.


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  • A Gardener’s Gotta Believe

  • It's spring and here's a gardening post.

    Now's the time to buy those annuals and yes I did. Petunias, Red AND White, gotta love it.

    With pics of all the gardens such as they are.


  • Flopping Peonies; Climbing Roses>

  • It's a short and simple gardening post with a pic that might cause a smile.

    For the peonies flop and the climbing rose begins its climb.


  • Where are the Hollyhocks.

  • This and other daunting questions on this gardening posts.

    Click in to check Grandmother's hedge roses. Which defy biology with their bloom.

    Still, no hollyhocks.


  • Reconfiguring the Gardens

  • Time to reconfigure the gardens.

    This Garden post has some pics and narrative on the travails of moving "landscaped" plants where they would be much happier.

  • Trees

  • Here's a Garden Entry.

    It's an homage to the trees.

    Image hosted by

    Including the one with a "face".

  • Bugs in the Gardens

  • In this Garden missive we take a look at some garden bugs.

    Including a spider that wants to catch himself a human!


  • The Thanksgiving Cactus

  • Image hosted by

    Gardens in December?

    Well there is the promising garden catalogues. This year the choices have been ordered and planted.

    Check out the flowers that will, God willing, grace next year's gardens of The Wise I.

    And sexy pictures of the Thanksgiving cactus in full bloom.
  • The Great Indoor Plant Show

  • It happens on once a year.

    Yet the indoor plants have been moved inside.

    In this Garden post we have pics detailing their origins and progress.

    Oh, and there's the story of the mouse in the ivy.
  • Sweet Potatoes and Turnips?

  • Image hosted by

    It -was- called a sweet potato vine. We thought it was just an idle term.

    In this Garden post we have a pic of this fine vegetable harvest from mine "ornamental" plants.

    And a return visit to Critter Cove yields amazement at the plantings left behind.
    The Bird Fellows

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  • Amazing Bird Photography

  • And another Guest, this one a guest photographer, allows us to glimpse her amazing avian photography.


  • The Robin and the Redtailed Hawk

  • Sapsucker,heron,swallow bird montage

    Here's a short and simple Bird post.

    For a redtailed hawk decided to attack a robin's nest.

    What happened next is all about truth, justice and the American way.

    Also, some excellent bird pics from an amateur photographer that could rival the best.
  • Wrens and Snakes

  • It's deep in the heart of spring and the wren's nest in the pig planter is coming along fine. With a little help from a very protective robin.

    Baby wren montage

    Oh, a baby blue jay is saved and a snake story that will make your skin crawl.

  • Wrens, Mockers and Baby Grackles

  • It's been a busy bird spring and we catch up in this Bird post.

    A baby grackles refuses to leave the nest, house wrens eye up a pig planter and collect dog hair. A mockingbird takes on a crow.

    Oh, and don't forget the baby bunny.

  • A Heron in Delaware

  • There are still birds in the world.

    Sure, they're not the beautiful shore birds of Critter Cove but in this Bird post we discover a Great Blue Heron flying around our Delaware lot.

    Image hosted by

    And another old bird friend comes to Delaware.
  • Ten Minutes of Life

  • This story was a prize winner last year. It was, to my intrigue and delight, published in a British newspaper, taking up two full pages with the tale.

    But it's all true, this story of my vacation from life. Only to be confronted by life in the form of a snake, two nesting robins and two dogs determined to embark on their own snake hunt.


  • The Birds of Winter

  • Soon the holiday festivities will be a fait accompli. Then we will realize that which has eluded us.

    It's winter!

    Thus the Birds of Winter become all important for cold weather bird watchers.

    In this missive, written in the winter of 2002, yon bird appreciating reader will understand the antics and behaviors of those birds that visit us during the cold months only.


  • Book Excerpt on Cardinals

  • On Weds, Feb. 23, An Excerpt about baby cardinals from my book. For what becomes the most beautiful of birds looks a bit pitiful in its ascendency into full and glorious adult cardinal plumage.l


  • The Bird Singers

  • In this bird post I not it's spring and the birds are singing.

    As I cock an ear I ponder what bird would sing what sort of human tune in this blatent attempt at anthropomorphism.

    Both the cardinals and the whiporwills would be Broadway singers but with a distinct difference.


  • Raising a Baby Cardinal

  • A reader rescued an abandoned cardinal and shares the experience and pics.


  • Raising a Baby Cardinal

  • The young bird is growing but he’s getting uglier? Why? With pics.

  • Baby Bird Season

  • How does painting the deck give an insight into bird parenting skills?

    It's a Bird Watching post chock full of observations about this season of the baby birds.


  • Love is for the Birds

  • Here's a bird story about avian love.

    Yes the male starling really does LOVE his family. Yes that chickadee was a hero. Yes that Mama Duck was very angry at her errant ducklings.

  • The Hummingbird Wars

  • It happens every year and every year I must document the phenominum. In this Bird post we discuss those thumb-sized warriors, the hummingbirds, and their insane quest to dominate every feeder on the eco-system.

  • Baby Cardinal

  • Another reader raises a baby cardinal!

    Details in this Bird post and some beautiful pics.

  • The Robins and the Mountain Ash

  • Image hosted by

    A hoard of robins strip my Mountain Ash in this Birding post.

    And a new bird comes to Delaware's Serendipity Shore.


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