She was a child beauty. She had a bright and vibrant future in front of her. Who robbed this child of her happy life? Could a stranger really have negotiated the twisting stairs in dead of night, all the while writing ransom novels and carrying Jonbenet’s body three stories down? All this while never waking either Jonbenet’s sleeping parents or her brother?

Or did someone nearer and dearer to Jonbenet accidentally kill the child?

Posted soon after Patsy Ramsey’s death, this post speculates on the woman and her culpability in the death of her child.

Here’s a rant on the “48 Hours” interview with John Ramsey re the fraud known as Mark Karr. The post illustrates how deftly Ramsey pees upon our feet whilst telling us that it’s raining.

This post was composed as an email to a true crime group before Blogs were all the rage. It was composed about a year after Jonbenet’s death and it includes my theory of how the crime came down. Since these many almost ten years, I stand by my theory.

This post includes book reviews of two Jonbenet theme true crime books. One is “Perfect Murder, Perfect Town” by Lawrence Shiller and the other is “Jonbenet” by Detective Steve Thomas.

So the stupid Colorado prosecutor imports pervert John Mark Karr, spending taxpayer money as we need more child molesters in this country. All based on the nonsense lies foisted upon us by John and Patsy Ramsey.

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The_Editrix said...

"She was a child beauty. She had a bright and vibrant future in front of her."

She wasn't a "child beauty", she was the victim of child abuse. She was forced to expose herself to the public in provocative clothes and poses, made-up like a whore. What future had a little girl who looked at six like a seasoned hooker who'd seen it all?

Even if Ramsey mère did not physically kill her child, she had killed the little girl's soul long ago.

And only an American pervert (which is, in this particular context, a pleonasm) will be able to muster up the gall to predict "a bright and vibrant future" to such a poor, abused, exploited child.

Jonbenet is just the tip of the iceberg. You are destroying your girls and young woman by that appaling, disgusting prom and beauty pageant "culture" and the fact that nobody ever blamed Patsy Ramsey for THAT is proof of the fact that I am right.