TV Tidbits-John Ramsey Pees On Our Collective Feet AGAIN!

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Time for a few TV Tidbits.

First, an old-age rant about those American Music Awards. If this is the best in music America has to offer I must thank the Lord I was born in the 50's.

Next, a summary of that "48 Hours" Tribute to John and Patsy Ramsey.

Indeed, the stupidity to defend these killing parents continues and I am amazed at those who continue to carry John Ramsey's water.

Some startling revelations on that pervert Geek John Mark Karr and the silly reason they thought he killed Jonbenet. Some serious lies were spread about this guy.

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Some of the amazing and famous hoaxes around Darwin's time:

Barnum's Fiji Mermaid (he spelled it Fejee Mermaid). This was an ugly, dried-up, black object about three-feet (one-meter) long that was promoted as being half-monkey and half- fish. It was eventually found to be a hoax.

Poet Edgar Allan Poe ran a long-running hoax promotion of a manned balloon flight across the Atlantic.

The city of Palisade, Nevada, enticed tourists to visit the city because of its regular gunfights and street brawls. Tourists flocked into town to witness the gunfights, not knowing at the time that they were all staged.

A report in The Illustrated London News of February 9, 1856 claimed that a living pterodactyl (an extinct flying reptile) had been discovered in France.

A hotel operator hoaxed tourists to visit his city by creating a "Silver Lake Serpent" that lured many people to the area.

A cigar manufacturer named George Hull hired stonecutters to carve a 10-foot giant, which he buried on his property.

In the wake of evolutionists' desire to find fossils of creatures that lived in the ancient past, this Cardiff giant was "accidentally" unearthed in 1869, and wagon-loads of tourists came to see Hull's find. He charged them 25 cents each for the privilege.

"48 Hours"-11/25/06-John Ramsey on John Mark Karr

Let us begin with my never ending rant about Jonbenet Ramsey and the mother who accidentally struck her child a little too hard and bashed in her skull.

Through expensive PR machines and elite attorneys, the Ramseys avoided prosecution for the death of their daughter. Anyone who wants to continue believing that an intruder marched into that house in the mid of night and did that marathon session of writing ransom tomes, climbing spiral and straight staircases in the middle of the night, feeding Jonbenet pineapple before bashing in her head, removing all her bed clothing then washing and drying the stuff...well move on. Common sense, the stuff that juries use to convict the guilty as there are few confessions to crime and far fewer videotapes of the same crime, dictates that Jonbenet died a tragic death at the hands of her mother.

Weary of going through it all again, please reference this link, -ALL ABOUT JONBENET , where I've documented what likely happened as concerns pretty little Jonbenet plus some book reviews on the case.

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For now, let's talk about this past week's "48 Hours" and some rather shocking revelations that were revealed about that perverted Geek, John Mark Karr.

Karr is one of many child molesting perverts who have become obsessed with the Jonbenet Ramsey case. There are plenty of them out there and they become obsessed with these sorts of crimes as, sadly and totally baffling to normal folks, these sorts tend to imagine their own selves as the criminals. In fact, Karr was also obsessed with the death of Polly Klass and, indeed, even managed to obtained a copy of that child's death certificate!

Karr became a media sensation late last summer as the stupid Colorado prosecutor, who really should be a Sunday School teacher, actually brought this pervert home from Thailand to undergo DNA tests for the murder of Jonbenet Ramsey. This was all at the urging of one equally stupid Colorado professor and, of course, John Ramsey.

For the Ramseys, you understand, not only are NOT satisfied with having accidentally killed Jonbenet and having gotten away with it, they also aren't content to just go away and let it rest. But oh no. They are determined, DETERMINED I tell ya, to pin that murder on someone else. Way I figure it, God knows. And Patsy Ramsey might have gotten a pass for the death of her child in that it was an accident and I'm quite sure she grieved mightily. Her (and John's) bigger crime is their constant attempt to pin the blame on someone else. This includes nagging the investigators to death to bring home a child pervert to test for DNA so that he may now molest AMERICAN children because hey, all for the Ramseys. The Ramseys, throughout the years, have pointed their fingers at everyone, including their best friends who stuck by them through thick and thin.

John Mark Karr's DNA did not match any DNA found at the Jonbenet crime scene, as we all know, and he got off for his possession of child porn in California as those authorities lost the evidence. Now, ladies and gems, this fine fellow walks the country and who knows whose child he will get next. All so the Ramseys can be exonerated for a crime they DID commit.

This recent episode of "48 Hours" was devoted to the Ramseys and John and Patsy's (now just John's) never ending quest to clear their name. Even at the expense of our own children because mark my words yon reader, this Karr is going to molest some other kid and then the shit will really hit the fan.

What a monument to the Ramsey cause this episode of "48 Hours" was. I watched closely so let us review some of the murkier details that were allegedly made clearer as concerns John Mark Karr and further, the so-called "innocence" of the Ramseys.

We begin by stating firmly that that joke of an investigation into John Mark Karr sure did make the Ramseys and their Colorado professor nut look very stupid. Thus John Ramsey needed a forum to make amends that he may continue to cast blame everywhere when he knows right where the blame belongs.

Michael Tracy is the Colorado professor all involved with finding the "real" murderer of Jonbenet and this fellow has been making videos and conducting extensive email investigations with perverts across the planet and I must wonder if he is doing this stuff on the taxpayer dime. It was Michael Tracy who became buddies with the Ramseys because of course the Ramseys like anyone who thinks someone else did the deed besides them. It was Tracy who kept up an email exchange with Karr when he was in Thailand and reported back everything he knew to ...who else? The Ramseys!

Let me also state right now that not one single investigator involved in that crime who believed the Ramseys killed Jonbenet was on this show. Why is this? Shouldn't both sides of the story be presented that the public may decide? Instead we had all the kooks who think the Ramseys innocent out and talking which would have been just fine had the other side been presented.

First, there were some very shocking revelations about John Mark Karr that even I didn't know. The main one being that it had been widely reported in the media frenzy surrounding Karr's deportation that Karr was being deported back home because the Thai authorities were unable to take a DNA sample from him suitable for American standards. Thanks to "48 Hours" we learn that Karr simply REFUSED to provide the Thai police with a DNA sample but that he did agree to return to America to give a DNA sample.

So you all thought Karr was stupid, did you? This guy knew he was innocent in the killing of Jonbenet. He courted that professor nut with tantalizing emails insinuating he knew something deep and dark about Jonbenet's murder. When Colorado professor Tracy reported this to the Ramseys, they pressured forces within the Colorado DA's office, which they certainly must have to have gotten away with this charade for so long. The Colorado's DA office pressured, get this, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security not that they shouldn't be dealing with protecting all Americans and not just the Ramseys.

It seems the Colorado authorities, or the Department of Homeland Security, did TRY to get the Thai police to get a DNA sample from Karr but Karr simply refused. Then Karr VOLUNTARILY agreed to return to the U.S. to give up a DNA sample. Karr was NOT extradited. Hey, the guy needed a free trip back to the states and look how cleverly he managed to get one!

The misreporting of how Karr came to be brought back to America boggles the mind. Frenzied reporters said it took months to get Thailand and the U.S. to bargain to get this creep home, that the Thai police couldn't, or wouldn't, get a DNA sample from Karr...on and on...the lies and deception.

So John Ramsey- who does look really stupid in that even that Sunday School teacher of a Colorado DA even said, in a press conference, that John Ramsey told her that this Karr fellow simply HAD to have had something to do with Jonbenet's death, that Karr knew entirely too much about the Ramsey family to be a coincidence- gives us one major tidbit on this "48 Hours" episode that was one of the items he said was odd that John Mark Karr knew.

Guess what it was?

Are you sitting down?

Here's the shocker...John Mark Karr included in an email to the nutty Colorado professor that he (Karr) knew that Jonbenet called her grandmother (Patsy's mother) "Neddie".


Hey, Grandmothers all across the country are called by wacky names. I simply can't swear to it, but somewhere, in all my reading, I even read that Jonbenet called her maternal Grandmother "Neddie".

Now John Ramsey did say they he checked his and Patsy's book on the case, yes they even wrote a damn book how many parents of murdered children do this, and he said that nowhere in their book did they reference this tidbit.

THIS was a major reason that the Ramseys got the Colorado nuts to import John Mark Karr back home on the taxpayer dime to molest innocent American children! Because Karr knew that Jonbenet called Patsy's mother "Neddie"!

Another impartial guest on this "48 Hours" episode was one Lou Smit, a famed detective who gained money and glory by embracing the theory that the Ramseys were innocent, that an intruder killed Jonbenet. Smit wrote a book on the matter after he resigned (or was fired, who knows) from the Colorado police. Now there's no problem having Smit on, understand. But there were plenty of Colorado police, PLENTY, who still think the Ramseys did it yet not one of them were on this "48 Hours" episode. Some of then even wrote books about it also.

There was one other interesting character on this "48 Hours" episode, a fellow named DeMuth. I'd never heard of this DeMuth character but learned he had drafted what the CBS people called "an alternative theory into the death of Jonbenet". CBS had copies of documents drafted by DeMuth but know right up front that this guy was eventually REMOVED from this case because his superiors thought he was, well I think they thought he was nuts. I thought, just watching him talk, that he was totally smitten by Patsy Ramsey and I could see this out here in la-la land.

DeMuth's document revealed two things, neither of which mean crap. First, he said that Jonbenet struggled when the garrote was tightened around her throat. Which, DeMuth asserts, is proof that the garrote, crafted from one of Patsy Ramsey's paintbrushes imagine that, was more than just staging.

I ask you, what human being would not struggle when being choked to death? Of course DeMuth offered this as proof that a stranger killed Jonbenet because the popular assertion is that Jonbenet was already dead when that garrote was affixed around her neck so how could she struggle?

First, I have never read any proof that the child struggled but allow as it could have been something never made public about this case. Though I seriously doubt that there's anything not made public about this case. But even if true, by my scenario hey, one of those parents could have tightened that garrote to finish off Jonbenet, whose skull was already bashed in so bad that it was obvious to anyone that she'd never recover. In summary, IF there's proof somewhere that Jonbenet struggled from the force of the garrote, it doesn't prove to me that a stranger had to do it.

Another tidbit offered as proof that the Ramseys didn't do the deed was the discovery of some sort of rope in the Ramseys' house that night. This rope did NOT belong to the Ramseys but now I must ask the obvious. Just WHO says this rope did not belong to the Ramseys? Could the Ramseys have denied the rope did not belong to them? I mean, come on, I have rope and all kind of stuff around my house. If I was looking to get away with murder it would be small effort to point to something...I don't know...a cat toy or something, and declare wildly that this thing does not belong to me, it surely belongs to the intruder who killed my child.

CBS did report that almost 60 people were cleared of the murder of Jonbenet by DNA testing. 60 people! Does this sound like the Colorado authorities were not looking everywhere they could to find the murderer of Jonbenet? A fact asserted endlessly by the Ramseys who swear the police were only looking at them.

This CBS show was obviously set up by John Ramsey to attempt to clear the egg on his face for John Mark Karr petering out to nothing. A really fair show, and I watch plenty of True Crime shows, would have presented ALL sides of the case.

But if John Ramsey is to continue his and Patsy's crusade to throw someone else in jail for a crime an innocent person did not commit, well he had to do SOMETHING to make the public believe in him again. Who knows, might come a time they'll be some pervert in Africa or something who needs to come back for DNA testing for the murder of Jonbenet.

Finally, I'm not making this up. CBS showed a video clip of Patsy Ramsey playing the piano, playing one of Jonbenet's favorite songs it was asserted. Tears fell down Patsy's face as she played the ivory keys and I wonder just who the hell filmed this thing? It was so obviously put together for showing on a national TV show and so obviously meant to move us, the stupid public out here in la-la land, to know implicitly that this fine lady crying and playing her dead child's favorite tune on the piano, could NOT have killed her own daughter. This is the sort of stuff vaunted PR firms come up with and goodness knows the Ramseys hired plenty of those.

In summary, I kinda doubt the Ramseys will get a chance to import any other perverts across the planet to be tested for the death of their daughter as Karr's media frenzy and subsequent thud might have put an end to that. We're dumber than shit out here in la-la land but I doubt the American public will be all that keen on keeping up this nonsense. All at taxpayer expense, mind you.

Hey, since Patsy died so young, and since, as I believe, Jonbenet was killed by accident, I'd be quite happy to let the matter rest. They can't put Patsy in jail now and God knows John Ramsey's certainly had some rotten luck. But I'll be damned if I'm going to sit quiet while this taxpayer-paid quest to find the "real" killer of Jonbenet Ramsey goes on ad nauseam.

Even with a little help from CBS.

Middle-Aged Rant on American Music Today

...based on the American Music awards which aired in mid-November, 2006.

Rap music has its place in American Pop Culture, but it's NOT music.

Hated the show, hated the music, wondered what Paris Hilton was doing giving an award. And there really is a musician named NE YO.

Even Josh Grobin disappointed.


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