Interview With an Undertaker Turned DJ; IPODS, Dirty Podcasts and Sandals for One Dollah.

Interview with an Undertaker turned DJ. IPODS and sandals for one dollah.

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The way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation

A system of licensing and registration is the perfect device to deny gun ownership to the bourgeoisie.

One of the basic conditions for the victory of socialism is the arming of the workers (Communist) and the disarming of the bourgeoisie (the middle class)

Destroy the family, you destroy the country.

All our lives we fought against exalting the individual, against the elevation of the single person, and long ago we were over and done with the business of a hero, and here it comes up again: the glorification of one personality. This is not good at all.
...first ascertain exactly the position of the various capitalists, then control them, influence them by restricting or enlarging, facilitating or hindering their credits, and finally they can entirely determine their fate.

Cause the registration of all firearms on some pretext, with the view of confiscating them and leaving the population defenseless

Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.

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What Will You Be In Your Next Life

Okay so I'm going to be a horse in my next life according to this web site and I'm not at all happy about it. Click on in and see what you might be in your next life. Warning, you may not like the answer.


Computer Tips

Q:Lately, I've noticed that my computer has started to run a lot slower than usual. I didn't really do anything different, so I'm not sure what could be going on. Do you have any suggestions for me?

A: I'm glad you asked this question, because we haven't run a tip on this in awhile and this is always the perfect refresher for everyone. If your system seems to be running sluggishly, the main cause is usually the extra programs that may be running in the background on your system.

Before you go and do what that guy is going to do, let's delve into this a little more and fix your problem, shall we?!

When your computer is slowing down, it usually means that you require more memory. Instead of adding more memory, you can easily remove programs and stop them from consuming all of it. The easiest way of doing this is by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del and then clicking the Processes tab.

This window will show exactly how much memory each program is using. You can click the End Process button to close any program you don't think you need running. Just be careful, you may not want to close any program running under the name of "System," because you might shut down something that Windows needs to operate correctly.

Instead of closing all of these programs every time you turn on your computer, you could use the msconfig command to stop them for good. Go to Start, Run and type in "msconfig." Click the StartUp tab. You can then uncheck the programs that you do not want to run right when your computer starts and then click OK. However, you need to be careful again to not uncheck any programs that are required for Windows to work.

For more on fixing sluggish system questions, read this tip for additional help.

~ Jack William

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Geoffrey Morris...from Undertaker to DJ

If one doesn't have a dream than one has scant reason to live. Or at least as I paraphrase many wise pundits. Geoffrey Morris is a Brit who earned a good living as an undertaker then finally got a chance to dabble in the field he loves. On page 7 of this web site he can be seen in his funeral garb.

Geoffrey, who explains to my American self that his name is the Brit equivalent of the name "Jeffrey", is married to Tina Morris and has three children, Eleanor 22, Lorna 21, Alex 18. Geoff also has a grandson, Jack, age 17 months at the time of this writing.

Taking a 180 degree turn from funeral duties, in March of 2003 Geoff began his fledgling radio broadcasting career at a hospital radio station called Arrowsound. He still does shows on this station on Monday and Tuesdays.

Geoff has his own Yahoo group and this is how I "met" Geoff and came to listen to his fine radio broadcast. His group is Geoffmorrissworld and is a loose group of people across the planet who share snippets, wisdom and pictures from life. At times some slightly risqué pictures come across the email transom from the Geoffmorrissworld yahoo group and members must be 18. Mostly the email from the group consists of emails that run the gamut from current events, grandparent adventures, web sites of interest and the charm of Geoff's many tags and pictures that he creates and posts for pure smile-guaranteeing entertainment. I shamelessly mine the email offerings from Geoff's group to post on this very Blog.

Geoff Morriss at the radio station
Geoff has been working with 7 Waves on something called a "restricted license" in Wirral, the United Kingdom. Restricted licenses are broadcasting permits given for a set period of time. He began as a trainee with 7 Waves, undergoing a 12 week training course and received a 28 day restricted license. In February of 2005 Geoff continued with a restricted license 4 on 7Waves where he was co-host of an afternoon show called "Afternoon Delight". In August 2005 Geoff continued on restricted license 5 from 10 pm to midnight when he hosted the "Love Zone". In February 2006, Geoff once again broadcast on a sixth restricted license, hosting his beloved "Love Zone" broadcast, this time with an expanded time slot.

Goeff's restricted license 7 allowed him to broadcast his Love Zone and also substitute on a show called "Night Waves". On September 7th of this year restricted license 7 expired and now Geoff anxiously awaits a chance to broadcast across the Internet and local air waves again.

I listened to Geoff's show one Sunday evening. It was his last night to broadcast under the 7th restricted license. I am a bit of a radio afficiando although I am more into talk radio. Still, should one desire a great mix of music from all eras, decorated with some lively but unintrusive talk from the radio host, I'd argue that one couldn't do much better than tuning in to a show hosted by Brit Geoff Morris.

As for Geoff's status with 7WAVES now that a new restricted license has been sought and obtained, in Geoff's own words:

QUESTION: Can you tell me what your status is with 7WAVES and do you think you will get renewed, if this is the correct term?

GEOFF's ANSWER: My status with 7Waves ??? Good one Pat : ) I'm not one of the hierarchy if thats what you mean ! You could maybe email the radio co-ordinator Mrs Pauline Murphy on my status and being renewed if you like (in fact i'd love you to if you want) her email address is

Look for updates as to Geoff's status on this Blog, as well as links and email addys for song requests should Geoff be allowed to soldier on. And by all means join up with his Yahoo group: HERE

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My New Ipod

It's been a few months now since I got my new IPOD. Yessirree and it's the latest, super-duper IPOD that allows video and, get this, holds 7,000 songs in memory.

Not that I've had a chance to view any videos or any of the many Podcasts available across the Internet. For I had to jump through hoops and run around obstacles to get the thing to work on my home network system but I blame no one else but my own lazy self for this.

Computers around this domicile come from all sorts of sources, including, I'm not making this up, one purchased from a flea market. As a matter of course as these things go, the operating systems vary from Windows 2000 to Windows 98 to Windows XP. IPOD is an Apple product. These people don't deal much with Windows. Thus I was unable to get stuff to download into my IPOD and at one point even had to call up Apple. Finally I found, God Bless America and the Internet, a web site that allowed my IPOD to work on any version of Apple and it only cost me five bucks.

I'll get into Podcasts and other niceties in time but for now I've got three hundred songs on that thing and all manner of peripherals. I found a do-dad that lets me play the IPOD in my Jeep by transmitting through an FM station.

Everyone on this planet deserves their own IPOD. It's how God meant it to be.

For now, can one get x-rated movies for the IPOD? Apple is not sure. Heh.


Okay, so this is a joke, a smirk, a chuckle, and hoo-hah. For I went to Delaware's famous flea market and besides buying computers almost anything else is also for purchase.

The Chinese regularly set up at the Flea market and what they do is lay out rows and rows of boxes, all filled with stuff, the unkind would call it junk.

Only for one dollar, that's right count 'em, one dollah...I got the most beautiful pair of sandals pictured ON my feet, below.

Indeed. I have gotten so many compliments on these things and hey, one dollah.

Dollar sandals Montage

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