Dr. Kervorkian....He's Baaaaaack!


Dr. Kevorkian, also known as Dr. Death, is out of jail.

Dr. Death (kavorkian)

This pervert death lover was finally put behind bars for killing a disabled man and putting the whole sordid scene on television.

Kevorkian would speak to students at the University of Florida on October 11 and receive $50,000 for the talk, as long as his parole officers approve the trip.

The family of Terri Schiavo is trying to block Kevorkian from receiving a speaking fee although I’m not sure they can. The family of the woman who was starved to death on the request of her husband can put pressure on the University of Florida not to have the man speak and they can take up a petition to give their protest some teeth.

Dr. Kervorkian, covered on this Blog HERE and HERE, is NO hero to the sick and suffering.

I despise the man and let me tell you why. He urinates upon our feet and tells us it’s raining.

For Dr. Kervorkian is a pervert who gets his rocks off watching people die. A raid on the man’s home revealed all manner of grotesque pictures of people dying in horrible ways. This is enough to convince me that this so-called champion of the dying is fooling us and getting his rocks off while doing it.

That bit about the disabled man’s death shown on television is a perfect example of that slippery slope Mr. Pervert Kervorkian would take us down.

partial birth abortion

That picture above is a fine example of a woman’s “choice”. Not to worry ladies and gems, the dead infant is a child pulled from its mother’s womb before birth and such a thing is perfectly legal.

Once upon a time I favored abortion as a woman’s right and I still think such a choice in the first trimester of pregnancy should be allowed. Yes there are those who would disagree with me, that a baby in the first trimester of pregnancy is still a human child. Yes. But there are instances such as rape and incest where blanket prohibition of abortion would only serve to inflict even more pain and agony on those women already victimized.

I had no idea during my youthful zeal for the liberation of women that this society would go down a slippery slope that would allow a female to rip a full term baby from its mother’s womb if the mother so “chooses”.

It’s what happens when unelected judges make laws they shouldn’t. No limits were set and even liberal Europe has term limits on when a woman should be allowed an abortion.

Now we have this charlatan Kervorkian out gathering the sympathy of the kind and generous American people. His message sounds so sweet. Let us give the suffering who want to die the means to do it with dignity and pride.

Well it sounds good.

Until we take a look down that slippery slope.

Soon the highways and byways shall be dotted with happening death parlors. Some will feature complete ceremonies from actual video of the death through to all funeral arrangements. For an extra fee we’ll let the family watch the cremation.

New jobs such as “Death Assistants” shall be created and soon huge death businesses will be formed. These businesses will contribute to those political leaders who promote their fine craft and at some point we will have an entrenched quasi-enterprises like Planned Parenthood.

Of course, in the way of death pioneer Dr. Kervorkian, we can televise the whole thing.

I have no problem with an individual ending his or her life if the desire is there. I think if someone wants to die…DO IT YOURSELF!

Don’t force my government hence my culture to get tied up in knots struggling over who to kill and who not to kill. If someone wants to do the deed bad enough, they’ll do it.

It’s a slippery slope we don’t want to go down is my argument. Look at that pic of the pre-birth baby and see what happens when we play God.

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