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She ALMOST Had Everything a Woman Could Want

Maybe you had to be a Beatlemaniac. Maybe most of yon readers never heard of a Beatlemaniac, depending on one’s age.

Indeed at the tender age of 14 myself was a female adolescent beset with raging hormones (Yes, female hormones rage) and I fell in love with a British group that invaded our shores. The group was known as the Beatles and their introduction to the United States began an almost decade long influx of British pop groups.

Now, some 40+ years later, I ponder what happened to the Beatles I once adored so much my entire bedroom was papered with pics of the Fab Four. John Lennon was shot to death by a crazy. George Harrison, the Beatle of MY teenaged adoration, died from cancer I believe. He was verily tortured on his death bed by a physician with no morals who blackmailed him by withholding treatment unless the famous man signed various items that the medico might sell for wealth to come. I’m not at all sure whatever happened to Ringo. Paul McCartney managed to have at least one successful marriage. Alas, now he is in the midst of an almost embarrassing divorce from a one-legged woman that makes one wonder where on earth was Paul’s brain when he married her. Yes I know where I THINK his brain was but I’d rather not go there.

So the other day I chance to glance at Fox’s morning show “Fox & Friends” and I am startled. For there, upon the small screen, was none other than one Patty Boyd.

Like I said, maybe one had to be a Beatlemaniac to have even heard of the woman. Now, much to my surprise, I learn this woman who ALMOST had it all is writing a book.

Patty Boyd was the wife of both George Harrison and Eric Clapton. She was the female object of my adolescent jealousy for her complete capture of the Beatle I most adored, George Harrison. The link above has a pic of a young Patty Boyd by the way.

Patty Boyd is not Britney Spears or has she ever received the publicity of say, an Elizabeth Taylor or even a Lindsay Lohan. But Patty Boyd is a lady who lived a most amazing life, beloved by rock stars and subject of several beautiful love songs. She was the subject of Clapton’s beautiful song “Wonderful Tonight” and George Harrison’s rendition of “Something”.

According to Wikipedia Boyd was also the subject of other love songs by both Harrison and Clapton. Those two fellows also had a guitar duel over her affections so the scuttlebutt has it. Other famous musicians were too rapt over Patty Boyd and she was, indeed, a beautiful woman.

Here’s a woman who had it all and yet I’m thinking much of the world likely never heard of her. Indeed Boyd was very beautiful even on “Fox & Friends” that morning although, heh, she’s older than me by about ten years I’m thinking.

To add to my surprise, I thought she was very well spoken and self-effacing during the interview, given I must suppose to announce her upcoming book. The hosts even queried her about the many famous men who so adored her, suggesting that perhaps it was her beauty that brought such love. Boyd shrugged and admitted that might have been the reason. Well, duh.

Patty Boyd never had a child although according to Wikipedia she did try, even using in vitro fertilization. Surely there’s some meaning to this, something deep, maybe even murky. She’s had beautiful and adoring love songs written about her but she could not do the one thing that females were created to do in terms of the arrangement of their female plumbing. She could not conceive and thus bear a child.

I will for sure read her upcoming book. Keep an eye on this Blog for a review of it.

The Unspoken Lesson of the Senator Craig Scandal
Senator Craig of Idaho has, as of this writing officially resigned his position in light of the raging publicity concerning his arrest recently for soliciting a sexual encounter with a stranger in a public bathroom.

Of course the public’s sensibilities are burned over this incident, not to mention the sensibilities of the GOP base. First, this incident occurred in a PUBLIC bathroom, that would be a rest room intended for use by our young sons and our husbands. It’s disgusting that homosexuals have a tendency to use the rest stops across our fruited plains for such activities. As I understand, this solicitation of “stranger” sex is a common problem in Interstate rest stops but also in certain other very public bathrooms. One of which is the airport bathroom where Larry Craig was allegedly trying to seduce the fellow in the stall next to him. Said fellow who was, by the way, a police officer.

Heterosexuals do not normally meet in bathrooms to solicit and engage in sex with strangers. Well yes, there is the problem with hetero bathrooms being separate for both males and females but the bigger point is that it is not, save rare instances, a normal thing for heteros to engage in sex with strangers. See, heterosexual sex often leads to conception and a birth of a real child somewhere down the road. Plus it is the females of our species, but also the species of bugs, birds and other mammals of our surround, that set the sexual standards. This is mostly because it is the females who know best when they can conceive. Females, be they human or otherwise, will likely not engage in sexual behavior which in no way benefits their species. Sex with strangers in a public bathroom is simply not something a human female will likely engage in as it brings nothing of benefit to the species.

Males, on the other hand, will follow the lead of the female. Indeed should females across the planet suddenly decide to offer sexual services in public bathrooms you can believe that heterosexual males will be lining up for the chance to indulge. Thus I submit that promiscuous behavior is not the province of only the homosexuals.

Homosexuals, however, do not have the benefit of the restraining hand of the female. Two horny males without a female anywhere in the surround simply do not have a single sensibility between the two of them. Thus they engage in sexual behavior too often that is not beneficial to decent societies.

Which is why the notion of two men getting married defies logic. For homosexuals are not prone to lifelong love commitments no matter how much they assert same. If so then why is this practice of soliciting sex from strangers so prevalent in the homosexual community?

Without the loving but biologically beneficial restraining hand of the female males tend to get carried away due to a sex drive that is rampant and ever-present and this is not to cast any aspersions on our male brothers. It’s perfectly normal and it works when combined with the other side of the sexual spectrum, which is the female of the species.

So Larry Craig, although I’m sure it was not his intent, brought an inconvenient fact to the public’s attention and we get it out here in la-la land. The institution of marriage is a sacred one to many heterosexuals. We bother to hire people on our taxpayer dime to keep track of who marries who as opposed to letting folks shack up with no record. It’s important enough to us as a society and it’s not rocket science to follow the notion that it helps us with the children who will become the citizens and soldiers of tomorrow.

The mind-picture of two homosexuals having sex in a bathroom stall boggles the average heterosexual. And yet it’s a fairly regular thing and former Senator Craig’s arrest, yea even the need to have our police assigned to stop that behavior, is something that is bad PR for those who would promote a homosexual’s right to marry.

We’ve been politically-corrected to not mention it before for risk of being labeled as homophobic. Now the truth is laid bare, UGLY bare, for all of America to see.

Senator Craig has set the gay-lesbian movement back for years.

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