True Crime Update 9/5/06: Ramsey, Luna, Hobbs, Haynes

Old and unsolved crimes: Ramsey, Luna, Haynes, Hobbs. New information on all of them.

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John Karr, the Ramseys and Stupid Prosecutors

I am angry. I am angry at silly Colorado prosecutor, Mary Lacy. I am angry at the Lamestream media which doesn't do their job. I am angry at Rush Limbaugh even, who went on and on about that other silly prosecutor-run-amok, Patrick Fitzgerald and Superspy Valerie Plame yet failed to see how this joke in Colorado affects us ordinary folk out here in la-la land. I am mad at the pundits who sniff that they are above the media frenzy, or so they state.

John Karr is going to be released soon. Sure he's going to California to face charges of skipping out on child pornography charges. He had some on his computer and there is a penalty for this. However, if it's his first offense, and so far for all the nastiness about this guy there doesn't seem to be any other pending criminal charges against him, Karr will be let go.

I have a beautiful granddaughter. Who is to say that John Karr will someday be her predator once he's let go and left to his own devices?

Not to mention that, hey, common sense would prevail had the Ramseys ever had to face questioning over the death of their daughter like a real investigative team would have run that case. The libraries are full of books by people involved in that case and almost all police investigators, to a man, agree that the death of Jonbenet Ramsey was an inside job, Lou Smit being an exception.

I can only suggest that yon reader read my scenario about Jonbenet's death. Back when this crime happened I read everything possible on the case and like the person of at least average-intelligence that I am, I figured out what happened.

Rush Limbaugh gave an impassioned rant on his show about prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald and how a man, Scooter Libby, is facing jail time for perjury and such for a crime that never even happened. And yes, Rush is right as he always is. But why can't he see that not only was their lots of bucks spent for importing a pedophile back home but we've also got a situation where a pedophile will be let loose upon America's children and this concerns me.

But what the hell, it's only us idiots out here in la-la land. We are raising the next generation of Americans, the next generation of business people, law-abiding citizens and, of course, the next generation of soldiers. And we must tolerate stupid prosecutors spending our tax money for the silly Karr nonsense and now this pedophile creep will be let loose to possibly molest the children of that same next generation.

I think that's pretty damn serious and not at all a laughing matter.

First Jonbenet Summary Post
Book Reviews-TWO Jonbenet books.

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Below is a link to my post that summarizes the issues with John Karr and provides a scenario as to how this murder came about. Below a comment from my Ebox regarding this scenario.

A beautiful summary of the case, Patricia. Thank you very much. As someone new to this case, I find your posts to be very compelling. As a parent of a beautiful 7 year-old boy who wets his bed occasionally, its very upsetting to know that such trivial (in the big scheme of things) issues as bedwetting could lead a parent to go into such a momentary rage. Why, oh why, didn't they just come clean at the outset? How can a parent live with such a lie? It is such a human tragedy, but it is an important story for all parents. We put up with a lot, but our love (and reason) must overpower our transient rage. If we ever make such a big mistake, we must tell the truth. I'm afraid Patsy is in a very, very, bad place now. Unfortunately, she deserves it.

Posted by vertex11 to The Kaitlyn Mae Book Blog at 8/22/2006 03:33:15 PM

Official confirmation, from CNN:

BOULDER, Colorado (CNN) -- The DNA sample taken from John Mark Karr does not match DNA found on JonBenet Ramsey's body when she was murdered in 1996, CNN affiliate KUSA is reporting.

KUSA, based in Denver, Colorado, quoted two sources in a bulletin on its Web site:

"9NEWS has confirmed from two sources that the DNA sample taken from John Mark Karr is not a match with the foreign DNA found on JonBenet Ramsey's body when she was murdered in 1996. 9NEWS has also learned the Boulder County District Attorney's office will not file charges against
Karr in connection with the Ramsey case."

CNN is working to independently confirm the report as Karr awaits his first court appearance in Colorado later Monday afternoon.

Karr will appear before Judge Roxanne Bailin at 4:30 p.m. (6:30 p.m. ET).

Earlier Monday, Karr's defense team requested that prosecutors hand over DNA evidence in the Ramsey case.

I listened to Mary Lacy's press conference last Tuesday, 8/29/06. What a fool, idiot, or both.

First, this would be a nice woman to teach Sunday school or something maternally similar. A hard-nose prosecutor she's not.

One of her team's greatest source of pride, at least as she listed, was how they managed to keep this Karr investigation away from the press. Thailand authorities, on the other hand, were a different story.

Hey, Ms. Lacy...is that the MAJOR thing you are proud of? That you kept it all under wraps from the press?

How proud are you that the Ramseys played you for a fool?

Please don't say not, yon reader. If you visit my link above you will read how this accident happened (and it WAS an accident, nobody intentionally murdered Jonbenet). After ten years note there's been no rash of strange, in-home child murders accompanied by lengthy ransom notes and odd garroting. NOWHERE. Heck, they even imported a possible perp from Thailand and still can't find anyone in the great beyond who killed Jonbenet. This is because the person who killed Jonbenet is already dead. Anyone with an inkling of common sense knows it.

What finally left me screaming at the mocking TV and Lacy's face was her assertion that this prosecutor did, indeed, use Karr's strange emails to the Colorado professor receiving these emails as he produces endless documentaries on the taxpayer dime. The same professor forwarded Karr's emails to...guess who?

The Ramseys!

See, it was Patsy Ramsey, then dying and hoping that perhaps she can fool God by arresting John Karr for her crime, who leaned on the nice Mary Lacy to check into this weirdo Karr.

The Ramseys have had, from the very beginning, a phalanx of high-priced lawyers and a bevy of savvy PR firms at their side.

Lacy goes on to explain how John Ramsey, after reading one of Karr's emails, stated solemnly that this Karr fellow is somehow familiar with his and Patsy's family.


"Mrs. Bundy, Ted's mother, told me that the letter describing those killings know a bit too much about the Bundy family," the prosecutor told the press gathering as to why he arrested John Doe, the local retard, for the murder of many young girls once thought killed by Ted Bundy.

Similar to the statement above is how I see it.

Folks, please remember, the Ramseys were NEVER questioned separately. They refused. They lawyered up with high-priced lawyers immediately and they hired an expert PR firm. They testified before a lukewarm grand jury but they gave no new information. They did not allow their son Burke to talk to the police. They refused a state police administered lie detector test. Strange behavior for parents desperately trying to find who murdered their daughter.

Thus the evidence implicating the parents has never been questioned or explained. We've got pristine snow unsullied by the footprints of stranger-killers, undisturbed cobwebs in the window well in which the perp had to enter, spiral and straight staircases and far away wine cellers. What about that bowl of pineapple with Patsy Ramsey's fingerprints all over it that Patsy says she knew nothing about? What about the undigested pineapple in Jonbenet's stomach?
Are we to assume the killer first fed Jonbenet some pineapple? Are we to assume that the killer also carefully made Jonbenet's bed, that he or she cleaned down her body and put a cherished nightgown by her side? Are we to really believe that this fine kidnapper actually wrote a three page ransom note on Patsy Ramsey's legal pad and further, he PRACTICED the note's contents first? Why did he write a ransom note if he left her body in the house anyway?

I can't keep dealing with this. John Karr is now here in America and I can't blame the Ramseys for orchestrating all this. They have something to gain. Patsy’s laughing her self silly down in hell along with a bunch of other evil demons. John Ramsey gives us thumbs up for being quoted by the prosecutor and cited as basis for this joke of a drama.

Our feet are wet as the Ramseys, aided and abetted by Mary Lacy who has not a clue, piss upon our feet and tell us it's raining.

What a pedophile looks like

Hobbs and the XYY Chromosome

Here's a followup to a true crime reported back in May 2005.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comLaura Hobbs & Krystal Tobias were out in the park riding their bicycle. They were supposed to be home earlier and after a while, her parents went looking for her. Her father, as he asserted, found both girls, stabbed to death and lying bleeding in the bushes. Shortly after, Jerry Hobbs himself confessed to the crime.

I made a challenge about Hobbs' defense. It seems now his trial is underway and so far his attorneys are protesting Hobbs' confession. Well that's standard practice, no?

I, however, have a different theory about Hobbs' defense, HERE. It's a different defense but a good attorney would be checking it out.

From the ChicagoTribune:
By Andrew L. Wang
Tribune staff reporter
Published August 22, 2006

Police began interrogating Jerry Hobbs the same morning he told them he had discovered the bodies of his 8-year-old daughter and a 9-year-old friend in a Zion park. By 6 a.m. the next day, Hobbs had admitted the killings in written and spoken confessions.

Now Hobbs' attorneys are arguing that the confession was coerced and should not be admitted as evidence at Hobbs' murder trial.

Cody Haynes-Missing Since 2004

Cody Haynes would be around twelve years old had he not went missing in September 2004. According to his father and his father's girlfriend, Cody was sent to his room late one night and the next day the child, ten years old at the time, was missing when they went to his room checking on him.

Uh Huh.

Around 2:00 am the same night his son went missing, Cody's father Richard claims that he took a little trip in the middle of the night to find car parts. Richard Haynes claims he traveled far and wide across Washington State, "looking for car parts" and that's why he was out and about the night his son disappeared.

Blog post HERE

Yon reader should check the link above because despite the grousing that I misspelled the name of the town Kittitas (not like it's a simple name or anything AND one of my linked sources also spelled it wrong), it's still a pretty comprehensive post on the little Cody Haynes story, I'd argue. I also included three links as my sources so it's not like I made it up.

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Evidently, here in the last quarter of the year 2006 Cody Haynes is still missing but thank goodness the authorities took Cody's four sisters from the home. Removed them AFTER little Cody went missing even though the Child Protective Services in that state were notified twice by school authorities about the Haynes household and problems with their children. It took the disappearance of little Cody to make them act.

Evidently there's some new activity on this case as I received an email, quoted in its entirety below
As an employee of the local paper I would like to point out a couple issues with your article. The two "gumshoes" in Kittitas were not the only detectiveslooking into Cody's case. Officials from the FBI,Washington State Patrol, Green River Task Force and national organizations like the Center for Missing andExploited Children lent a hand in the investigation. Because the family reported Cody as a runaway, police were limited on what and how they could handle thefamily. They could not treat the house as a crime scene because no crime had been committed according to the family. In February 2005 police were able to search the home. Several items were removed from the residence and sent to the Washington State Crime lab.

By the way the spelling is Kittitas not Kittetas. Everyone agrees that driving around for car parts from 2:30 am until 4:00 pm was unusual, but no evidence has
ever been found. I personally know that several of the county investigator drove the route repeatedly trying to find anything they could. But the truth is they do not know the exact route Cody's father drove that night, they only know what they were told. The FBI took over the case in October 2005.

The reason your blog came to my attention was that I was looking up history on the case. You might be interested to know that a farmer found what are to be
believed to be children's bones in a field that had recently had a brush fire, near Ritzville, Washington along the route that Cody's father was said to have
driven. The bones will be sent to Seattle for DNA testing on Wednesday and the FBI will be searching the field and the surrounding 100 acres for at least two

I hope sites like yours will help us, the community of Kittitas County find Cody and bring him home. He has never once been forgotten in our county.

Diane Ewing

According to Ms. Ewing the state of Washington has not given up on little Cody Haynes and for this I am heartened. Children are surely the most innocent in our society. Although, as I argued in my original post on this crime, I think Cody Haynes was betrayed by everyone around him, including the Child Protective Services who pronounced the fine Mr. Richard Haynes and his live-in girlfriend to be great parents for five children as they lived in a tiny apartment. Oh, and this wonderful duo also "home-schooled" their children and, silly me, I'm betting that those kids were pulled out of school due to the constant referrals to CPS and all the bother it caused. So sue me if I use common sense here, but Cody's father does tend to work oddball hours what with looking for car parts of the middle of the night and his lovely girlfriend doesn't seem all that qualified to be home-schooling children.

No one in that county's educational system ever bothered to check on the status of all that "home-schooling" and two times the Child Protective Services let these nice people off the hook.

Below is a comment actually posted below my Blog post on Cody Haynes (if you'd clicked in on the original post you'd have seen it.

My, what a nasty comment.
I am sorry but after all the research you have done you think you would know it is Kittitas, not Kittetas and Ellensburg not Ellensberg.

First of all CPS did not fail Cody Hanes. Marla and Richard did. IF you do more research you will see that Marla actually worked for CPS during the time of the first 2 referrals. I think she took it upon herself to debunk the situation abusing her position.

Second, if you know anything about CPS they look to find relative placement for the sake of the children. Example, mother is found not able to care for son, so the first option goes to biological father. CPS does background checks and other processes to protect children. CPS can not predict the future and forsee people being monsters when they have clean pasts.
Posted by Anonymous to The Kaitlyn Mae Book Blog at 8/28/2006 04:25:26 PM

Obviously...really folks, OBVIOUSLY, this commenter works for the Kittitas Child Protective Services division.

How goddamn lame is this sorry excuse for a defense of CPS? Sure Richard Haynes and his girlfriend Marla failed Cody Haynes. The commenter then goes on to snottily inform me that Marla worked for the CPS during the referrals that left these awful ersatz parents off the hook until a child is now missing, presumably dead.

I did not know this but go with me here fine ladies and gents, what sort of agency would allow a CPS worker to investigate herself? Because the commenter says that Marla worked at the CPS and likely manipulated the investigation and hey, I'll go along with this.


Does this mean that children of Child Welfare Agencies across the land are, well too bad, your parent works here so he or she can manipulate the system to prevent inconvenient intrusions into our own personal lives?

TWICE the Child Protective Services divisions let these people off the hook and I don't give one great big damn who worked there and how they may have changed the outcome of the investigation...go with me here, SOMEONE IS STILL NOT DOING THEIR GODDAMN JOB AND A CHILD IS DEAD!
Jonathan Luna's Death Still Unsolved

On December 2, 2003, at around 11:30 pm, Baltimore Assistant U.S. District Attorney Jonathan Luna left his downtown office and made a strange and circuitous route to Pennsylvania. Before he left he made several unusual trips back and forth to his house and along his weird route to Pennsylvania he even stopped at an ATM, all duly recorded and showing a calm and solitary Luna making a most normal cash withdrawal.

At 5:30 am the following morning his body was found dead in a shallow Pennsylvania creek. Jonathan Luna had been under investigation by the Feds for a missing $36,000 unaccounted for in a case he was investigating.

More details on Luna's route to Pennsylvania from Baltimore can be found on either of the original Blog post HERE or HERE.

For I think Jonathan Luna committed suicide but many might consider that a stretch. Luna officially died from drowning but the man had been cut with over 36 shallow knife cuts. A very odd suicide but by clicking the link above, I make my case to be believed or not.

This case is still unsolved and still comments and emails come to me from readers. At some point even the U.S. Senate got involved with this unsolved case.

From the Baltimore Sun:
The U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee has opened a probe into whether FBI agents in Baltimore committed perjury during the investigation into the mysterious death of federal prosecutor Jonathan P. Luna in 2003.

In a letter to the director of the FBI, committee Chairman Arlen Specter and ranking member Patrick J. Leahy wrote that a confidential report indicated that FBI officials gave "conflicting stories during interviews with agents of the FBI's Internal Investigations Section."

There's also been some questions about the behaviors of FBI investigators into Luna's death, even an assertion that Luna had been having some sort of relationship with a female investigator.

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Below is a comment made on one of the posts linked above.
I do not believe that he committed suicide. Are you aware that allegedly one of the stab wounds pierced the back of his neck almost through his throat? His body was also badly beaten and his hands were cut up very badly. All of this seems to point to someone working him over extensively.

He left his office without his glasses which he always used for driving. Sounds like someone forced him out of office building to me.

He never finished the plea agreement because he knew it was wrong. Someone wanted to get him out of the picture to protect themselves and let him take the fall.

I think he is an American Hero and I hope someone exposes who did this soon.

My thoughts and prayers go out to his wife, children, and family and friends.

Posted by Anonymous to The Kaitlyn Mae Book Blog at 8/23/2006 10:55:44 PM

The commenter above asserts some things for which I was not aware. That bit about a severe stab wound that pierced the back of his neck was unknown to me. And I did not know Luna left his Baltimore office without his glasses. If these two facts are true (and always bear in mind that this is posted by a commenter, with no verifying links provided), and I had, at the time, read extensively on this case, they could possibly cast a whole new light on Luna's death.

Although in my Blog post scenario on Luna's death I did suggest that Luna was trying desperately to achieve death and continuing on with that scenario I'd argue that more severe wound was yet another attempt for Luna to get to the death he desired.

As for the driving glasses, well I'm almost blind but I could drive without my glasses if I had to. It's not unknown and besides, couldn't Luna have had a pair of spare glasses somewhere?

The commenter thinks Luna is an American Hero and I must wonder why. An American Hero wouldn't be pilfering money from a case under investigation and go with me here, they have NEVER found that missing $36,000. Even if Luna was killed by someone else, which I still do not believe was the case, that doesn't necessarily make him an American Hero.

To anyone desiring to clear up the man's reputation, such as a family member, calling him an American Hero would make sense.

True Crime posts, on this Blog and across the Blogosphere, tend to attract actual participants or peripheral participants in the crime. Relatives often leave comments on True Crime posts, often lambasting the Blogger for daring to present a possible scenario that does not jive with the scenario those involved want presented for public consumption.

I'm used to it but like to point this out on occasion. The commenter above did not provide links to any of those "new" facts not presented in my original commentary.

Fair and balanced is what we try to do here. I still think Jonathan Luna committed suicide; I believe he was a desperate man. Common sense keeps roiling around in my head and I cannot believe that with all those investigative resources a man murdered while in the employ of the U.S. District Attorney's office is still an unsolved crime. Anyone who stabbed Luna 26 plus times had to leave something...fingerprints, DNA, SOMETHING.

As I asserted in my original post, I believe the FBI thinks too that Luna committed suicide. And with double indemnity or insurance issues in the mix, I believe the crime has been intentionally listed as still unsolved, perhaps for Jonathan's family.

More True Crime Updates HERE


Anonymous said...

I have also researched the Jonathan Luna case as a true crime buff. There have been a lot of newer articles on the case posted on the web that contradict the information first printed about the case. The coroner still maintains that the case was murder, but refused to release the autopsy reports for "fear of embarrassing the FBI". Any FBI sources were "anonymous" who stated that Mr. Luna had committed suicide, and the official FBI case remains open with a $100,000 reward for any information about the case. The previous coroners refused to release the autopsy results (or any autopsy results for anyone else) in spite of county and state requirements. A new coroner has been elected since then, and another request was made for the autopsy report within the past couple of months. Maybe that will be released, because I can't make an informed decision without the facts found in the autopsy.

A morgue attendant and others have stated that Mr. Luna's neck was slit, he had stab wounds in his back that would have been nearly impossible to self-impose, he had defensive wounds between each of his fingers on both hands shredding the skin so badly that his hands were covered with gloves for his funeral, and his scrotum was sliced open in a ragged manner that indicated someone was "working him over" for information. The money that went missing was actually under the minute-to-minute care of FBI agents and was their responsibility. Mr. Luna was one of two prosecutors (including the FBI) involved in the case. Both prosecuting attorneys and the defense attorney signed closing paperwork that all the evidence had been accounted for. His co-prosecutor said that this is just a formality and nobody ever checks to see if every single piece of evidence is still there. Speculation includes that the money was left unattended in the courtroom or the judge's office during the lunch break.

News also indicates that before and just after Mr. Luna's death, corruption was investigated and found within the Baltimore FBI office and within the prosecutor's office where Mr. Luna worked. That corruption even involved his own supervisor.

I read so much before I came to your site that I didn't realize I needed to save the links so you can check out this information. Just google it! Keep up the good work.........from Suzy

Pat Fish-Kaitlyn's Grandma said...

To anyone reading this post, I note in the comment above that once again, and as ALWAYS....they never have links.

The commenter tells me to Google for this new information and I will do so but at my own time and convenience.

This commenter says their were knife wounds on Luna's scrotum and on his back which he could not have self-inflicted. Like the commenter says, this is supposedly new information but again ...NO LINKS.

The "new autopsy" has not yet been released and I've never heard about that scrotum wound....hey, while I allege that Luna committed suicide I doubt he'd inflict cut wounds to his own scrotum, that defies logic. And on his back where he couldn't reach? There was no such information when I was closely studying this case. I'm betting there's no such information now...no links?

Lookit, Luna was a troubled man and that bit about the FBI being charged with the missing money...well hey, LUNA WAS THE DAMN FBI! Now we are to believe that somebody stole the money out of a court room where it had been, conveniently, left out?

My conclusion, which still stands but I promise to look into the matter more, is that no one, NO ONE, could possibly have killed Jonathan Luna like that without leaving not ONE, not one SPEC of ever being in that car that fateful night. Not a single fingerprint, not one hair, not one fiber...all the while methodically stabbing Luna all over with shallow cuts for a time span estimated to be an hour.

I don't believe it but I will be doing more research on this matter.

It befits the Luna family to have this crime continue to be considered a homicide. The family gets benefits they'd never get if the crime were a suicide, which I, and I'm betting the investigators do as well, think it was.

Be looking for an update soon.

How convenient...no links.