The Fine Muslim Male

When Muslim Men Become REAL Men Perhaps There Will Be Peace In the Mideast

First, I’m not sure that the ladies in the beauty parlor know that what they often think to be a quaint Muslim practice is not voluntary. I speak specifically of the wearing of the Burka, those layers of clothing that is mandatory in many Muslim countries.

No I say to the ladies in the beauty parlor, it ain’t like the Amish who so intrigue us with their plain black clothing and eschewing of modern technology. The Amish CHOOSE to live their lives in that fashion.

Muslim women often MUST wear the burka and hey, it does better hide the nightly beating frustrated Muslim men administer to prove their manhood.

In Saudi Arabia a woman is not allowed to drive…AT ALL. She often cannot vote, she cannot have surgery without her husband’s permission and is not allowed to go out and about without a burka and a husband or father by her side.

In fact, a few years ago 15 young Saudi girls were locked in a burning school and allowed to burn to death because to open the gates that they could escape the fire would have them in public with no covering. Seems these young adolescents, who should be alive and living happy lives today in the most oil-rich country on earth, left their burkas behind to escape the flames.

Yes, THIS is what Saudis think of their women.

The husband of a Saudi rape victim sentenced to 200 lashes and six months in prison said his wife is "a crushed human being," but blamed a judge -- not the Saudi judicial system -- for treating her as a criminal.

Human rights groups want Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah to drop charges against the rape victim.

Saudi society is respectful of women, he said, adding that he had faith his wife would get justice.

pic of Saudi women to be lashed for crime of being raped.

Now the tale of this young woman, brutally raped by 7 men, then herself sentenced to 60 lashes and 6 months in jail for the crime of being in violation of the very fair, fine Saudi law that forbids women to walk the public streets without a designated male by her side, is a bit murky.

Oh, and where is the United Nations on this matter? Further, where the hell is this country’s own National Organization of Women because if ever women were being mistreated it is in abundance in the fine world of the Muslim males?

So this particular case is getting international attention because, go with me on this, no matter how much the American administration tries to gloss over the oppressiveness of Saudi Arabia, particularly towards women, the ladies at the beauty parlor would never approve of this sort of thing if they knew about it.

Now life for women in that godforsaken country run by a bunch of inbred nitwits, all descendents of camels, known as the House of Saud, is revealed, at least in this case, for the feminine horror it is.

So even though this young woman’s husband has been out and about and pretending to defend his wife from the hypocrisy of the Saudi court, it turns out that it was HIM, a fine, FINE example of manhood yon ladies and gems, who turned in his own wife!

The woman raped was 18 years old at the time and she was engaged at the time to this fine man without testicles no matter what’s hanging between his legs. It’s not clear why she went to meet another fellow but I’m guessing that she didn’t want to marry this creep. Hey, I don’t know…Muslim women are treated like cattle so maybe this woman was sold to this pathetic excuse for a man in some fashion. Maybe she had another lover she wanted to meet.

The woman was NOT married to the creep who supposedly loved her so much he married her at the time of the rape. She was, at the time she was gang-raped, engaged.

But her rapists, all fine Muslim men, so tall and proud to have brutally raped a young woman stupid enough to go out and meet with what we assume was a love interest, went around bragging about the incident.

So the wonderful husband of the woman, well damn Sam, can’t have the other men smirking about having made it with this wife he bought and paid for all fair and square. So HE turns in his own wife.

After the incident, the woman and the man did not come forward about the assaults or press charges until someone contacted the woman's husband "telling him what happened, and about his wife's affair and adultery," the ministry said. "She then confessed ... the husband therefore came forward to the police and formally complained nearly three months after the incident."

Someday these camel jockies are going to grow some testicles and act like real men. You ever notice that the Muslims NEVER have an army? Sure, they have lots of thugs running around declaring themselves in charge but never, never, ever, an army.

Takes pride and little testosterone to become a soldier, fighting for the right cause.

No wonder these bunch of sons of camels are so jealous of the American soldier. They couldn’t touch one of our heroes with a ten foot pole.

It’s when the Muslim man decides to reclaim his country from the nut cases, defends the honor of his woman and protects his children with the vehemence of a real parent…then there will be peace and respect for this religion of the blasphemous.


Anonymous said...

Oh, how right you are! Thank you for having the courage to speak the truth. In times of great darkness, the smallest beam of light from one person can start an avalanche of people rushing toward that light. Courage is contagious!

Aisha said...

Hi, I know this post it's a bit old, but I just read it.

Well, I'm spanish and live in Spain. And I have seen in the news many cases of rapped women here in my country... and although we are not islamic country, and we are free european people... many men who rapped women walk freely without any punishment, other walk freely after being some years in jail, and when they gou out, they rape againg... and the best for a man is to rape a woman when he is under legal age, that means less than 18 years old, cause then no one is going to punish him, maybe some time in a young "recycling" place... So, please, don't tell me that saudis are barbarian and wester people are perfect.

Anonymous said...

These Islamic's are the scum of the Earth! And to think that America & Europe has opened their doors to them just defies logic.

Too bad our guys or the Jews don't just nuke Mecca and get it over with!