Political Tidbits-JFK the Idiot; Landmark Decision on Dick Cheney Case

Some mighty Political Tidbits this week, featuring, of course, the haughty John Kerry and his lambasting of our American soldiers. Our soldiers have more integrity and decency in their little fingers than this blow-hard has in his entire blue-blooded body.

How about those Halloween costumes? He dresses as a suicide bomber and the President of a mighty university poses for a pic with him! And Osama Bin Laden?

Landmark decision last week on visitors to Dick Cheney's office, justice in Saudi Arabia, and a link to the most heart-warming pictures taken by a soldier in Iraq.

And a quick and dirty election update.

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Political Tidbits

Quick and Dirty Midterm Election Results-2006

As of early this morning, 11/8/06, the Democrats have taken over the House of Representatives. Now we have Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The Senate is still up for grabs with Allen and Webb neck and neck in Virginia and a recount in order. Also the Montana Senate seat is up for grabs, which too will require a recount. If these two states lose the Republican side than control of all of congress goes to the Democrats.

My two biggest disappointments in this election are Santorum in Pennsylvania, and the Merryland race. Bob Ehrlich did a wonderful job as Governor of that state and yet the voters fired him. Steele ran a good race but Merryland is bluer than blue.

A more detailed report to come later.

Kerry-Finally His True Inner Nothingness Revealed

Of course we've all met people like John F. Kerry. Myself tends to avoid such shallow people like the plague as they are boring, full of themselves and for sure we don't want folks like him on our team.

Now I know this man got 48 million votes last election and I'm convinced 47.9 million of those voters got duped. And if Kerry's most recent and infamous comments slamming our military as being full of stupid people didn't expose this man for the haughty blue-blood he considers himself, well than nothing will.

If there's one thing all Americans have in common it's the simple fact that our military is populated by our sons and daughters from out here in la-la land. The political elite or the Hollywood experts contribute little to the nation's military in terms of soldiers. The United States has a damn big military and the only segment of the populace able to populate it is the Mighty Middle Class.

There are black soldiers, Christian soldiers, Jewish soldiers, Hispanic soldiers. America's military is as diverse as its population, ignore those old maxims that only the poor choose a life in the army.

The greatest crime any politico can make is to spit in the face of the Middle Class. We carry this country on our backs, we supply the citizens and soldiers of tomorrow, we generally behave with good manners and we keep this country neat and clean.

Of course JFK has never been a minion of the Middle Class. He was born from blue-blood and the entire course of his life has been directed at obtaining for his own fine self the spoils of privilege such blue-blood owes him.

The fact is that Kerry is a mediocre individual, not that there's anything wrong with that. This country is full of individuals of average IQ's, average strength and average beauty. The difference is that most of these average individuals seek and find their own happiness without living a perpetual lie and without deceiving the world that they are better than their own God-given limitations.

John Kerry went to Vietnam for exactly, count 'em, FOUR months. He demanded Purple Hearts for scratches and he even took his own camera crew with him to the damp jungles! Early on John Kerry began crafting and carving his persona towards his own end of being a leader with all the perks that position merits. Those Swift Boat veterans were NOT lying about the supreme shallowness of John Kerry and yet even with that, John Kerry managed to garner the votes of 48 million Americans while convincing the world he was the stuff of Presidents.

what Kerry was supposed to say..supposedly

Right now let me state that one could argue that George W. Bush was too a fellow born of privilege and you'll not get any debate from me on that matter. George W. Bush was President of the United States the day some nuts grabbed our own lawfully built airplanes out of our peaceful skies and rammed them into our personal American buildings built with our own funds on our own land. I have to think this does something to someone. It's that old maxim that some people are born to greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them. So far I'm satisfied with the leadership of W. Bush and his measured and reasoned response to the totally unjustifiable attack on our homeland.

Yes John Kerry is history so far as any future political career goes. His slam against our American military was his death knell, may He Rest in Peace.

John F. Kerry never should have been a presidential candidate. He's simply not presidential material and his entire life is but a smoke screen. I almost pity the man.

And besides his unforgivable gaffe about our military, this pompous fool comes out the next day, chest puffed out and full of fake rage. See, somebody told Kerry he had to look mean and angry so he tried, Lord he tried. This man never had an ounce of common sense because he simply never had to. He married rich women and fooled the U.S. Army with his grand plan for himself. He has no idea how us minions who carry this country on our backs live, no idea how we struggle with monthly debt and children who misbehave. He's spent his life in prep schools and being waited on by servants and employees. There is simply no "there" there with John F. Kerry.

Still, it's been fun to finally have the country see him for what he really is. I daresay Kerry's 48 million voters would shrink remarkably should he try running today.

Not to mention, ahem, that this is a man WITHOUT any substantive opinions. Kerry's widely remembered for voting "for" something before voting "against" it. Read the quote below. Back in 1972 Kerry testified about the so-called perils of a volunteer army. Again, the man can't make up my mind. He doesn't want a drafted army because it would be populated by the poor yet he doesn't want a volunteer army because it would full of mercenaries.

It appears to me that John F. Kerry doesn't want a military at all. Naturally! People that sign up to the military have morals and a sense of purpose.

John F. Kerry just doesn't get it.

"I am convinced a volunteer army would be an army of the poor and the black and the brown," Kerry wrote. "We must not repeat the travesty of the inequities present during Vietnam. I also fear having a professional army that views the perpetuation of war crimes as simply 'doing its job.'

The Military Response to Kerry

See, it's a common sense thing. John Kerry has no common sense. Thus he will likely view the hilarious response of some of our soldiers to his slam on them as disrespectful to his royal haughtiness.

The soldiers, they get it. They know full well that there is a world full of John Kerrys, self-important people with no heart or soul. Many of them become dictators because given a choice, most peoples can see through this, no matter their creed, race or national origin. In the Land of the Free, the John Kerrys can't take over the government by force thus they must "invent" themselves, invent themselves over and over again if necessary. Saddam Hussein is just the same sort of individual, convinced that only HE had the answers and rightly entitled to ten palaces as is his destiny.

Soldiers in Iraq respond to Kerry with sign

Those laughing soldiers holding that sign above, they get it. They see right through Kerry as if wearing X-Ray glasses. We have a sense of humor out here in la-la land. It's hard to have a sense of humor when you have no soul or inner strength.

More on the soldiers and their Kerry mocking sign:
WASHINGTON - A group of GIs showed they are smart enough to take on condescending Sen. John Kerry - by deploying a hilariously misspelled sign mocking the failed presidential candidate's comments about their education.

The Dick Cheney Ruling

The flap over visitors to Dick Cheney's office began a few years ago and like so many cheating techniques of the opposition party, the final resolution comes so far into the future that it flies under the radar.

It concerned Dick Cheney's meetings with various "energy experts" across the land. Cheney began the task of trying to craft a responsible and mature energy policy for this country although heaven forbid a politico should try to do the right thing by researching the issue at hand instead of plaintively fish for votes to keep their own fine selves in power.

The opposition party, in this case the Democrats, ranted and howled and demanded that Dick Cheney release his office visitor logs to reveal to the world just who he met with. The Democratic plan was to place concern in the minds of us silly unthinking minions out here in la-la land that Dick Cheney was meeting with his buddies, the mighty oil executives. The Democrats really didn't CARE who visited Cheney's office during his meetings because, go with me folks, CONGRESS has to eventually pass any energy plan and whoever provided input into the plan is not germane. Our elected officials vote and the law is passed. Finding out who helped craft a plan means nothing.

So the opposition party sued the administration for access to Cheney's visitor logs. The hysteria was but for our collective stupid benefit as congress critters have many diverse sorts of visitors to their offices as they hone in on their constituents' concerns. Nobody demands a list of who came to Senator Joe Blow's office or to Hillary's great socialistic health care plan debacle of the early 90's.

The Washington Post demanded release of these visitor logs as part of the Freedom of Information Act. A local yokel judge demanded that the Secret Service turn them over. Last week a Federal Appeals' Court granted a stay on this district judge's ruling, a DC judge likely in the pocket of the opposition party.

This thing is going to the Supreme Court. And it's important.

Congress and administration critters can entertain visitors of any stripe in their offices. If they are cavorting with the likes of Saddam Hussein, the VOTERS will heave them out. If the language in any laws crafted as a result of such meetings is inappropriate, let our lawfully-elected LEGISLATORS suffer their votes.

The act of using visitors to personal offices for political gain is damn dangerous.

This is a democracy and we have the power to punish our elected officials for getting it wrong. We don't need opposition parties playing around with our heads to confuse us that they may keep their undeserved power.

From the NYSUN:
A federal appeals court has blocked a district judge's ruling that could have led to the disclosure of the identities of visitors to Vice President Cheney's home and White House office.

Politically Incorrect Halloween Costumes

There's no law against costuming one's self as Osama Bin Laden or a Palestinian Suicide Bomber. And I'd never espouse such a law.

It IS, however, considered bad form and if all we have out here in la-la land is our mutual condemnation, than let us use it in full force.

We begin with the Moonbat who dressed up as Osama Bin Laden then proceeded to go out and wave a fake gun at traffic. This particular Moonbat was also the attorney who released Bush's drunk driving conviction to the media although, hey, that's okay too. Us stupid morons carrying this country on our backs STILL elected Bush, shows you what we know.

From Little Green Footballs:
BOSTON (Reuters) - A Maine attorney who released information in 2000 about President George W. Bush's drunken driving conviction was arrested on Tuesday after he dressed up as al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden and waved a fake gun at traffic.

But the BEST, the very BEST, of politically incorrect Halloween costumes has to go to the fellow who thought strapping fake dynamite to his body and attending a party given by the President of the University of Pennsylvania as a Palestinian suicide bomber to be a great big hoot.

Below, a picture of this very intelligent University President posing with this nut case.

From the Democracy Project:
University of Pennsylvania president Amy Gutmann threw her annual Halloween costume party at her home Tuesday night. Among the guests was Saad Saadi, who came dressed as a suicide bomber, complete with plastic dynamite strapped to his chest and a toy automatic rifle. Worse, Gutmann posed with Saadi!

Note this fellow's name. Sounds like an Arab name to me. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

I would expect that a woman capable of ascending to the position of President of a mighty university would have enough sense to send this partier to the high hills. Suppose an attendee came dressed as a KKK member? Would Amy Gutman pose all laughing and happy with such an individual?

Pres of Univ. of Pa. and costumed suicide bomber

Folks, Palestinians strap bombs to their CHILDREN for God's sake! It's simply not funny. Suicide bombers are unfortunate, deranged people duped by brainwashing or outright bribery to blow up and kill innocent people.

To add to the insult, Ms. Gutman stated, as a result of the flap over the above picture, that she hadn't noticed the fellow's costume.

They think we're stupid out here in la-la land, ladies and gems. They are University Presidents and this fact alone makes them smarter than I and thou.

Further, this Saad Saadi guy turned out to be an Islamic extremist with a web site filled with anti-American rhetoric.

This stupid woman is in charge of a major university?

U.S. Soldiers "Abuse" Iraqi Children"

We will likely never see such heart-warming pics of our fine American soldiers interacting with the Iraqi populace as those displayed proudly by just such an American soldier at the link below.

Folks, THIS is the kind of thing happening in Iraq. Sure there's problems as Iraq is surrounded by Arab countries who DON'T want any sort of democracy threatening their oil-wealth and power.

If we don't cut and run, we'll win this thing.


Summing It Up With a Pictoral Smile

John Kerry mocking cartoon

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