True Crime-Several Unusual Crimes of Rape, the California Arsonist, Why Was Socks Shot?

Some True Crime and we have two most unusual crimes of rape. One takes some insight to figure out, the other involves a false rape accusation. Yet another charge of rape, this time as dealt with by the Muslims of the world. HINT-the WOMAN gets punished.

Also, how about Haggard? If hypocrisy were a crime he'd get the death penalty.

Info on that California arsonist, and a dog gets shot but no one knows why.

Finally, the crime was giving the President the finger. Should this school bus driver be fired for this form of free speech?

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    Haggard-If Hypocrisy Were a Crime

    Although that bit about purchasing methadone is normally a crime in most of the United States.

    It's not, ladies and gems, that being a homosexual is so terrible. As the old saw goes, we all know someone, either relative or friend, who is a homosexual. I still don't think homosexuals should be allowed to marry in the traditional sense of the word but let's move on.

    Haggard the HypocriteI DO think it the most heinous slap in the face for a homosexual to openly campaign against homosexual causes. Pastor Ted Haggard is the pastor of New Life Church with 14,000 members and is President of the National Association of Evangelicals.

    The man purchased some Meth from his homosexual lover, with whom he has been having a relationship for three years.

    At first Haggard lied through his teeth. Add this to Haggard's sins.

    Haggard also preached from his literal bully pulpit about the sins of homosexuality. THIS should be a crime.

    Come on. If he thought homosexuality to be sinful than at the very least, AT THE VERY LEAST, he should have refused to accept such an important position as titular head of a Christian group that so opposes homosexuality where he had to know he would have to be preaching mightily on the matter.

    Goes to show how egos can get in the way of common sense. I don't blame homosexuals for outing these people. Under similar circumstances I'd do the same thing. It's one thing to believe what you believe, quite another to take on a job or position so diametrically opposite to those beliefs. And then to disappoint so many who believe in your truth.

    I understand that many members of the New Life Church are young people. Fresh, dewey-eyed, fervent and ready to live a good life of faith. You have to wonder how this complete and utter betrayal will demolish their faith in humankind.

    Why couldn't Haggard just be a parishioner instead of setting himself up in such a vaunted position? He was selfish, thoughtless and just plain mean.

    From Rocky Mountain News:
    "I am voluntarily stepping aside from leadership so that the overseer process can be allowed to proceed with integrity," Haggard said in a statement.

    "I hope to be able to discuss this matter in more detail at a later date. In the interim I will seek both spiritual advice and guidance."

    From 9news.com:
    "I am so sorry," Haggard said in a letter read by Larry Stockstill, a member of the New Life Church overseer board. "I am sorry for the disappointment, the betrayal and the hurt. I am sorry for the horrible example I've set for you."

    I do not accept this hypocrite's apology. I must wonder how many he's turned off from pursuit of the Word of God.

    School Bus Driver Fired for Obscene Gesture

    So she gives the President of the United States the middle finger. Hey, this is a country of "free speech" after all. Except, heh, she displayed that middle finger proudly in front of a school bus full of impressionable youngsters.

    President Bush was attending a fundraising event for a local congress critter and as this paper reported, as his limousine passed the school bus the driver showed the president her middle digit.

    From Seattle Times:
    An Issaquah school bus driver fired for allegedly "flipping off" President Bush during a visit to Seattle in June is appealing her termination.

    According to Issaquah School District officials, the incident happened when a district school bus stopped for the president's motorcade while returning from a field trip in Seattle.

    As the president waved to the school children from his limousine, the bus driver made an obscene gesture, said Sara Niegowski, a spokeswoman for the district.

    What's really intriguing about this story is how the newspaper reports that President Bush informed that same local congress critter about what he saw and I must wonder why this factoid is germane.

    There is no politician in the history of our planet who has received more slams than President Bush. Yes it goes with the territory but beyond that, the opposition party, in this case the Democrats, are unusually brutal with their criticism and mockery. Why just the other day Bush's 2004 opponent attempted to make a joke at Bush's expense and, heh, John Kerry really messed up what he says was a botched attempt to cast aspersions on Bush's intelligence.

    The intimation in the story that it was because Bush was insulted and that somehow Bush was behind this school bus driver's termination.

    Well yeah the lady was fired because go with me here, flipping the bird, at ANYONE, is not the sort of thing taxpayer-paid school bus drivers should be doing in front of a bus full of impressionable children.

    The local public employees union is, of course, trying to get this nut reinstated. Unions are notorious supporters of the opposition party.

    Folks, Bush didn't report this lady because he was insulted. Go on. Bush has been burned in effigy and mocked enough to fill an ocean. He told the local congressional candidate what he saw because, duh, could it be he didn't think this an appropriate thing for a school bus driver to be doing?

    Like the school board reported, if this driver had given the same gesture to another driver while transporting students she would have been fired and for the same reason.

    There's Way More to this Rape Story Than Meets the Eye

    In December of 2004 a Maryland jury asked a judge if sexual intercourse begins as consensual but the woman changes her mind during the act, is it rape. The presiding judge demurred, stipulating the jury must figure that one out. The jury found the defendant, Maouloud Baby, guilty.

    In November of 2006, a Maryland Special Appeals court overturned the conviction because such a sexual scenario does NOT constitute rape, as the court alleges, according to Maryland law. The case has been kicked back down to the Circuit Court.

    The incident as it is alleged to have occurred, was rather strange.

    In December of 2003, an 18 year old women drove two males, both 15 at the time, to a residential area. After parking the car, both males asked her to sit in the backseat between the two of them when they proceeded to fondle her. At one point Baby got out of the car and the other male, a Michael Wilson, had intercourse with the woman.

    What is not at all clear in how this article is written that evidently this Wilson character did not just have "intercourse" with the woman. He RAPED her. Wilson was convicted of second-degree rape and sentenced to 18 months in jail. Wilson's conviction was not appealed.

    It was this Baby fellow who caused the confusion. After Wilson was done, Baby got back in the car and asked the woman if he could have sex with her as well. The woman allegedly said yes and Baby assured her that he would stop if she said so, that he "didn't want to rape her".

    From the Washington Post:
    Prosecutors said the conviction was the right outcome, and the attorney general's office intends to appeal this week's decision. If the state's highest court agrees to hear the case, it could set precedent on a legal question that hasn't been seriously broached by Maryland courts since 1980.

    "We may have lost the battle, but we might ultimately win the war," said Assistant State's Attorney Alex Foster.

    This is a sloppily written article and by leaving out some pretty important facts, the reader assumes this woman had intercourse with the first fellow when she was, in fact, RAPED by the first fellow. A very important fact as I see it.

    Because even if the second rapist was nice about it and everything, doesn't it seem believable that the woman felt she had no choice but to agree to the sex seeing that the first fellow had already raped her? There's no reference to whatever threats the first rapist made to the woman but a jury convicted the first guy of rape and the lady probably didn't get raped willingly.

    Given that she'd already been raped, when the second fellow asks for some sex, who the hell knows how scared this victim was? If she said yes, are we to be so stupid as to think she really, really wanted to get down and dirty with the second fellow of this duo? At some point the woman did tell this Baby character that the sex act was hurting her and he DID stop.

    Now we're getting all technical about this and it's a darn shame the Washington Post can't keep the reader straight about what REALLY happened. This is NOT a case of consensual sex stopped during the act, the basis of the Appeals Court overturning of the original jury verdict. This is a case of a scared female who didn't know what the hell she was saying and was likely only trying to get out this situation alive.

    A REAL False Rape Accusation

    I tend to believe false rape accusations are rare. Although there's always exceptions, in most cases a rape victim has to suffer such indignity to prove her accusation and then must testify in front of her tormenter that common sense dictates it's likely a rare thing.

    From the BBC:
    A woman has been jailed for making false rape allegations against her former husband.

    Sally Henderson, 40, from Woodmancote, near Cirencester, was jailed for a year for claiming she had been the subject of a series of sex attacks.

    In this case, the rape accusation was filed against Henderson's ex-husband. Five years earlier this lovely woman made the same charge against a live-in lover.

    Stupid women like this Henderson make it even more difficult for real rape victims to get justice.

    Let's Take a Look At How Muslims Handle Rape

    Burquas cover a multitude of crimes including the nightly beatings. Okay, that's sarcasm. Hey, if a woman claims she was raped in front of her four children, who are witnesses let me point out, well hell, drive her out of town and annul her marriage.

    Gotta love these people.

    From ZEENEWS.com:
    Behrampur, Nov 03: In a virtual repeat of the Imrana case, a mother of four has been driven out of her village in Murshidabad district by a Muslim panchayat after being allegedly raped by a local man over three months ago.

    The panchayat ruled her marriage stood annulled in the wake of the incident and neither could she live with her husband nor could she enter the predominantly Muslim village, about 200 km from Kolkata.

    More Muslim Justice

    She was gang-raped so she gets 90 lashes.

    But of course. The stupid woman was alone in a car with a male to whom she was not married. This is a crime in Saudi Arabia.

    From the Jerusalem Post
    A Saudi court has sentenced a gang rape victim to 90 lashes of the whip because she was alone in a car with a man to whom she was not married.

    In this case, the rapists were also subjected to lashes of various quantities so there's a little justice going on. Although this tidbit from the above link intrigues:
    Saudi courts take marital status into account in sexual crimes.

    The above references the marital status of the CRIMINALS. What, do married men get off easier for rape than single ones? Or visa-versa? Is there any rhyme or reason to this system of justice?

    California arsonist

    Raymond Lee Oyler likes to set fires. His car has been seen at the scene of at least ten other fires.
    From Gatewaynet:
    VICTORVILLE, Calif. (AP) - A car linked to a man charged with setting a wildfire that killed five firefighters was spotted near at least 10 other arsons, according to an official involved in the investigation.

    Five firefighters lost their lives, horrifically, while fighting the rageing fire in California's San Jacinto mountains. Evidence has been found linking Oyler to this fire as well as ten others. This time the pain and suffering Oyler caused with his obsession will get him locked away for life. And far away from the flames.

    Why Was Socks Shot?

    A Security Officer at an apartment complex shot and killed Socks the bulldog but he wasn’t charged. It’s not clear why the Security Officer shot the dog. Witnesses say the dog was still urinating when he was shot.

    A friend of Socks’ owner, Barbara Krech, took the dog outside to pee, as dogs are wont to do. Suddenly the Security Officer shot the dog. In fact, the friend was standing so close to Socks when he was shot that blood from the dog splattered on his pants. So it’s not like the dog was running wildly after somebody is what I’m saying here.

    Perhaps it was all a sad mistake. Perhaps the Security Officer thought Socks was a danger.

    Socks is dead now and his only crime was peeing.

    From the Fredericksburg News:
    Seven years ago, Barbara Krech named her puppy "Socks" because she had white paws.

    Socks the dog shotThose paws were red with blood Saturday night after Krech's beloved dog was shot outside her home at the Wellington Woods apartment complex in Fredericksburg by a security officer who was patrolling the complex.

    The dog was shot twice in the left side, police said. The 7-year-old boxer died a short time later and Krech and many of her neighbors are furious.

    More True Crime Updates HERE

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