True Crime-Actress Hanged Alive, Buying Shasta Groene a House

True Crime Update and this week we've some new crimes along with updates of old ones.

She was an actress and she was hanged alive. By an illegal alien who feared disclosure!

A couple of tragic deaths of young mothers, a couple killed for their yacht and yes, he hired a hitman to kill the teenager pregnant with his baby.

A possible case of intriguing Double Jeopardy and the mission to buy Shasta Groene a home.

Still we wonder, who is the father of Anna Nicole's baby and some Edington comments.

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Actress Murdered by Illegal Alien

The murder of Adrienne Shelly,best known for roles in indie hits like "Trust," "Teresa's Tattoo" and last year's "Factotum", is especially tragic in that is but another symptom of the messy problem we have with illegal aliens in this country.

Diego Pillco is an illegal Ecuadorian who got into a shouting match with Shelly when she went downstairs from the apartment she used as an office to complain about the noise. Pillco threw a hammer at her then followed Shelly back to her office when she threatened to call the police. Fearful that he would be deported, he knocked out the actress then proceeded to hang her from the apartment's shower rod in an attempt to make her death look like a suicide.

From WCBSTV.com:
actress hanged by illegal alien (CBS/AP) NEW YORK Prosecutors have charged a man with murdering actress Adrienne Shelly, who was found hanging from a shower rod in her West Village office last Wednesday, CBS 2 News has learned. Sources tell CBS 2's Ti-Hua Chang a construction worker has allegedly confessed to the crime.

Police have charged 19-year-old Diego Pillco, of the 300-block of Prospect Avenue in Brooklyn, with second degree murder.

Sources tell CBS 2's Ti-Hua Chang that Pillco, a construction worker, apparently confessed to the crime.

Even more heinous, Shelly was alive when he hung her to die from that shower rod.
From the NY Daily News:
The construction worker accused of killing indie actress .Adrienne Shelly tied a sheet around her neck, dragged the unconscious woman to a bathroom - and strung her up while she was still breathing, sources said yesterday.
Then 19-year-old illegal immigrant Diego Pillco fled the West Village building and calmly went to work at another job site - leaving her to die in what originally appeared to be a suicide, the sources said.

Adding to the shock, Pillco's employer, a construction firm known as BCG and evidently under scrutiny for employing Pillco, a federal crime, claims that Pillco only worked part time due to his immigrant status.

Last time I checked employers in this country could not employ illegal immigrants no matter how many hours they work. Allegedly Pillco paid a "mule" $12,000 to smuggle him illegally into this country.

Runs Over Husband With Stolen Car; Leaves Him for Dead

Krystle McGlothlin is 25 years old and is divorced from her former husband, Dennis McGlothlin.

Seems Dennis was at a "friends'" house, a female friend it would seem. Seems ex-wife Krystle took exception to this.

Krystle drove to the apartment where Dennis was staying and in an alleged drunken haze, proceeded to bang on the apartment's window, screaming for Dennis to come out. Krystle was driving her mother-in-law's car WITHOUT permission. Dennis evidently came outside to deal with his ex-wife when Krystle deliberately ran him down, causing his neck to snap back. A neighbor called 911. The neighbor also reported that Krystle returned to the apartment after driving off and leaving her ex-husband for dead. According to the report, Krystle calmly took something from her ex-husband's pocket then drove off AGAIN, leaving him for dead.

PEKIN - A 26-year-old Pekin man was in critical condition and on life support late Friday after his ex-wife allegedly rammed him with his mother's car earlier in the day in an alcohol-fueled jealous rage, a witness and family members said.

Dennis is in serious condition and is not expected to ever be normal again if he even lives. What's particularly unusual about this incident is that this couple, according to the McGlothlin family, was STILL living together, "for the children".

How on earth does a living arrangement like this benefit the children? It sure didn't help in this sad case.

Double Jeopardy?

Here’s an intriguing turn of events in a true crime.

Seems Timothy Hennis, now 48, was charged with the rape and murder of Kathryn Eastburn and her two daughters, aged 5 and 3 at the time. These murders happened 20 years ago.

He was charged and tried but the state Supreme Court overturned the first verdict. Hennis was tried again and acquitted by the jury.

Only they didn’t have the sort of DNA testing 20 years ago that they have today. So local prosecutors provided the results of this new DNA evidence to military authorities. I’m betting that the DNA evidence was semen from the murdered woman and I’m betting it matched Hennis exactly.

So the military RECALLS Hennis back to active duty (he retired in 2004) for the specific purpose of trying him for these murders. He can’t be tried again in the civil court system because our constitution protects against Double Jeopardy; ie a citizen can’t be tried over and over for the same crime. Government prosecutors have one crack at it and if they don’t get it right, the perp goes free. Witness O.J. Simpson.

What I don’t quite get is how being tried by the MILITARY isn’t a form of double jeopardy. Then again, for the government to be jumping through all these hoops they must have something very damning against the guy. And he DID get away with three brutal murders it seems like.

From ABC.com:
(11/09/06 - FORT BRAGG) - A retired Army master sergeant recalled to active duty so he could be investigated in a triple slaying was charged Thursday by the military with murder and rape in the deaths of an Air Force captain's wife and daughters.

Timothy B. Hennis, 48, was convicted and sentenced to death 20 years ago in a state court, but was acquitted at a second trial and released. Now, he faces three counts of premeditated murder and one of rape in military court.

How Dare She Get Pregnant With His Child! She Needs to Die!

Ray Holt is 50 years old and for the payment of a mobile home, he tried to arrange the murder of a 16 year old girl who gave birth to his baby.

The girl was 14 years old when the relationship began. It’s alleged she was about to report the relationship. Right there is crime one. A 40+ something man gets involved with a 14 year old girl?

Now, but of course, he tries to have the girl murdered as it would seem she’s become a bit of a bother.

From Yahoo.com:
A Georgia man was charged Monday with plotting a murder-for-hire scheme after he allegedly recruited a hit man to kill a teen who gave birth to his child.

Anna Nicole’s Story Goes On

I must say that Anna Nicole Smith’s story continues to intrigue. First, a young man died in the woman’s hospital room. Since this death occurred in the Bahamas one must wonder just how seriously this case is being investigated.

Anna Nicole Smith is a publicity hog and is not scared of any camera in the vicinity. She’s had quite a history. She married an old guy and managed to inherit his millions. She took the case through the court system and ended up in this country’s most Supreme of Courts.

She re-locates to the Bahamas, for whatever reason, and gives birth to a baby daughter. She has some lawyer creep who’s been hanging around her for about forever. Her young and healthy son dies in her hospital room, in a HOSPITAL room, folks. One would think medical help would be right handy right there in a hospital and everything.

Anna hired an “independent” and for-sale medical examiner who found the young boy died of a drug overdose of some sort. Goodness knows what the Bahaman government is doing about all this.

Larry BirkheadMeanwhile, back in the U.S.A., a former photographer and boyfriend of Anna’s is out and about and claiming the child Anna gave birth to is his. He is demanding a paternity test and I must wonder two things. First, where has this fellow been all along during the pregnancy? Why wasn’t he burrowing through the forest to find Anna Nicole and his then unborn child? And second, what on earth does he plan to do if a paternity test is given and he is declared, officially, the father of the baby? Does he plan to file for custody? Is he willing to pay the child support he will undoubtedly be assessed with for the rest of his life?

Continuing on, Anna Nicole suddenly ups and marries this leech-type attorney and claims that HE is the father of her new daughter. Larry Birkhead can’t get the paternity test he demands as the U.S. can’t FORCE such a thing in another country.

The saga continues as Anna Nicole’s landlord suddenly evicts Anna Nicole, Lord knows what this is all about except scuttlebutt has it that an evicted tenant cannot be granted Bahaman citizenship or protection as Anna seems to be seeking.

This would all be gossip fodder, folks, except if Anna and her young son were furiously doing drugs in that Bahaman hospital room, and the boy suddenly goes into seizures from the exposure, well why didn’t someone in the HOSPITAL, help that kid? Original details from the case had the hospital authorities not summoned until Anna’s son was already quite dead.

Just how Larry Birkhead, alleged father of the baby, figures into what I suspect is a genuine crime and the sort of publicity Anna does NOT want, I do not quite get.

Now a friend of Anna Nicole has filed a formal affidavit that Anna told her that Larry Birkhead WAS the father of her then unborn child.

From TMZ.com:
The real father of Anna Nicole's baby has been unmasked, and Anna Nicole's drug use exposed, according to a sworn declaration obtained by TMZ.

In sealed court documents filed Thursday in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Laurie Payne, a woman who spent considerable time with Anna Nicole during her pregnancy, claims that the former Playboy Playmate confessed to her in phone calls and instant messages that Larry Birkhead is the father of her baby girl.

A PDF file from this friend of Anna’s, HERE , alleges that Anna Nicole told her that Birkhead was the father of her baby, that Anna and Howard K. Stern, the oddball lawyer, NEVER had sex, AND that Anna was seriously taking methadone, WHILE SHE WAS PREGNANT.

Ladies and gems, if this woman somehow killed her own son, even if accidentally by failing to get medical help immediately, she should be taken to justice. This case just stinks; it stinks to high heaven. As to this Larry Birkhead character, he could just be a pawn in the attempt to get Anna Nicole to the justice she deserves.

Young Mother’s Death a Homicide; Her Toddler By Her Side

From WRAL.com:
Wake County deputies were called to a home in the Enchanted Oaks subdivision in south Raleigh around 1:30 p.m. Friday after 29-year-old Michelle Young's sister found her body. Young's 2 ½-year-old daughter was found unharmed at her side and is now staying with relatives. Young's husband Jason was out of town, according to investigators

Michelle was pregnant at the time of her death, which has now been ruled a homicide by North Carolina authorities.

The most immediate suspect, Michelle’s husband Jason, was “out of town” at the time of the murder. Investigators report that Michelle suffered a “violent death”.

After a few days, as these things often go, Michelle’s husband becomes a target of suspicion.

From Newsobserver.com:
A judge ordered Jason Young, the husband of a pregnant woman found slain in her Wake County home last week, to provide investigators with fingerprints, blood samples or other forms of material evidence, said Colon Willoughby, Wake County's District Attorney.

Scuttlebutt has it that Jason Young left at 10:30 pm suddenly for a cross-state drive to be with those relatives that he was allegedly with when his wife was murdered.

And he left his toddler behind with her dead mother? Jason allegedly now has custody of the toddler, Cassidy.

If the investigators are going after this guy with such force, they figure he’s guilty. Perhaps he’s not, we’re all innocent until proven not. But Jason certainly has a lot of splaining to do.

This case continues to unfold and Greta is covering it nightly.

Nifong Wins

I’m not at all happy about these most recent 2006 midterm elections. Although I am perfectly content to allow the opposition party, in this case the Democrats, to take over and run the stagnant war and other such government matters. Goodness knows they’ve been carping like raging hyenas about everything they possibly could. Let’s see how well they do.

Adding insult to my injury, Durham district attorney, Mike Nifong, famed for bringing charges against several Duke Lacrosse players in the rape of an exotic dancer, also won his race.

Seems bringing trumped up charges against young men based on wildly varying accounts of the evening WILL get you elected and many speculate that this is why Nifong even agreed to prosecute the case.

Unfortunately, both of Nifong’s challengers couldn’t possibly win. One was a party-unaffiliated candidate who vowed, if elected, NOT to serve. The other was a wussy Republican candidate who ran on a write-in vote.

Nifong says of his victory, that we all have to “move on”. Yeah. Move on to establish a country where flimsy charges for the benefit of our own fine elections can be filed against an innocent citizenry.

And we’re trying to bring democracy and justice to Iraq?

From ABCLOCAL.com:
11/08/06 - DURHAM) - Duke lacrosse prosecutor Mike Nifong turned back a pair of challengers Tuesday to win his first full term in office as Durham County district attorney.

Attempt to Buy Shasta Groene a House

For sure little Shasta Groene deserves way better than life has given her. The poor child had to witness the death of her entire family, some in her own home and the murder of her brother after they were both abducted from the crime scene by the lovely Joseph Duncan.

Federal and state authorities have been working jointly in an effort to successfully prosecute Duncan without forcing Shasta to have to relive her horrors by testifying in front of Duncan in court.

Now poor Shasta has no place to live in that her father struggled recently with cancer and they both now live in a small rental that Shasta’s father says they can’t afford.

From CDAPRESS.com:
Image hosted by Photobucket.comCOEUR d'ALENE -- Midge Smock is on a mission to buy Shasta Groene a home.

The co-owner of Windermere Coeur d'Alene Realty and treasurer of the nonprofit Windermere Foundation is trying to raise money for the 9-year-old girl, who endured three family deaths, a high-profile case and her father Steve's bout with cancer in the past year and a half.

"Steve came to me in August and said, 'We are homeless,'" Smock said. "I'm casting as large a net as I can. This girl needs a place that she can call home so she's not moving around and can have some stability in life.

What’s even more tragic, due to the generosity of the American people, a trust fund WAS established for Shasta. That trust allegedly now has a balance of $1,850.

Several trusts were set up for Shasta, in fact. Many fundraisers were held on Shasta’s behalf, one having contained $38,000. List of fundraisers for Shasta HERE.

Now I’m pretty sure that SHASTA didn’t spend all this money.

The solution is to once again raise money to help Shasta get a decent place to live but to watch very carefully whose grubby hands have access to the money.

Killed for Their Yacht

They were a mish-mash of evil-doers and together they arranged to become attendants on the yacht owned by Thomas and Jackie Hawks. As a group they arranged a way to overcome the couple while out to sea, force them to sign over the yacht to them, then bound them together and threw them into the sea.

The story as related in the ongoing trial is so difficult to read it brings tears to your eyes. Jackie Hawks begged for her life and pleaded that she wanted to live to see her new grandchild.

A whole bunch of people need to die for this one.

From the LATIMES:
Thomas and Jackie Hawks fought their alleged captors to the bitter end and in a moment of tenderness managed to hold hands before an anchor dragged them to the bottom of the sea.

Edington Comment

While there’s no new news on the Edington case, covered on this Blog HERE and HERE , I did get an interesting comment on a recent post in response to my assertion that the Edington’s child’s alleged statement to her mother that neighbor Barry James’ molested her, concerned me.

There’s a plethora of unusual things going on with this case, most behind the scene, I allege.

My sticking point is that a two-year-old is not likely to claim that Barry came to her in the starry nights, put his penis on her face and then “rained” on her. It just seems like something a two-year-old cannot possibly make up.

Jonathan Edington, in a rage, went to Barry James’ home and stabbed him to death.

Jonathan EdingtonI’ve put a lot of caveats in my theory on this case, read the links for more detail. Authorities have said that James did NOT molest the toddler but I can’t get over a toddler just making this story up out of whole cloth.

I’ll post the comment below in its entirety. Don’t know why the commenter felt the need for insults but people don’t always behave right. I thought it useful as a rebuttal to my claim and hey, all in the interest of “fair and balanced”.

Edington the murder.

"Barry come to me in starry nights."

I have problems with this statement.

On CourtTV it was pointed out that it could have read "Beary come to me in starry nights." Beary being a stuffed animal play toy.

Also, why is it Barry? Not Mr. Barry or Mr. James. Parents don't usually refer to other adults to their children w/o proper respectful names.

Also, Barry comes thru the window. Ask yourself, how far does this window open? Screen or no screen? Without a screen, would you leave this window open?

And the access issue. Lady, get a clue. James had to know when the baby was in her room alone. The baby never cried out. Baby monitor? No finger prints. Were the footprints near the window?

This believe the child babbling above ANY TRACE of physical evidence is PLAIN STUPID.

Sorry, my opinion.

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