True Crime-Rape and Muslims, Worthington, Edington, The Strange Case of the Missing American Soldier

Time for some True Crime.

We begin with some very intriguing updates on the Edington murder. Jonathan Edington stabbed his neighbor to death over allegations of molestation by his 2 year old.

The police say the baby was NOT molested. So what's going to happen to Edington? And why might the police be misleading us?

Also, updates on that female soldier who went missing in the Ukraine, notes on "Dog" Chapman, a woman kills her baby while it's in her belly, and the Jerry Hobbs trial begins. Hobbs killed his daughter and her friend. Why should his confession be disallowed?

Some interesting info on why Muslims rape their women and hint...it's the WOMAN's fault! Also, enslaved ten year old and a True Crime involving circumcision? Well the case DID go to court.

A sad story of a quadriplegic woman as she testifies against her husband who made her that way and finally, why does this burglar have his pants down around his ankles?

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His answer was classic Schwarzkopf.

The General said, " I believe that forgiving them is God's function. OUR job is to arrange the meeting. "

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New and Intriguing Details on Edington Murder

Previous Blog posts on this crime HERE and HERE.

The debates rage across the Google True Crime boards that I like to frequent. For new information has been released regarding this crime and as I see it, the new information only confuses things more.

In summary, Jonathan Edington is an attorney who received news from his wife, via telephone as she and their child were visiting relatives, that his 2-year-old daughter was molested by their neighbor. This accusation by the wife was based on the fact that the toddler did not want to return home because she was scared of "Barry". Barry James was the Edingtons' neighbor.

The toddler allegedly explained her fear to her mother by describing what the mother assumed was a description of a molestation by James. The baby said James came to her in the "starry nights" and went on to describe what the child's mother assumed was a molestation incident involving James placing his penis on the child and subsequently ejaculating on the child, which the baby described as being like "rain".

Jonathan Edington heard this information from his wife, grabbed a kitchen knife and ran over to the James' house, climbed into the man's window, and stabbed him to death in his own bed.

This initial information leaves open a lot of questions which have not yet been answered. How did Barry James get to the baby? Surely the parents did not leave the baby alone with James? Could neighbor James have climbed into the Edingtons' window in dead of night, molested the child, then left with parents totally unaware? This is assuming the alleged sexual act as described by the toddler WAS, indeed, a sexual act. We are talking a 2-year-old here.

I find this case fascinating because I have a grandchild the same age as the Edington baby and my own house is situated such that it's possible, although not likely, that a neighbor could climb into the baby's room window and molest the child. But I have dogs and dogs tend to bark at strangers entering their house via window. As I understand it the Edingtons also have a dog and big or small, dogs tend to bark at this sort of thing and I can't believe a dog yapping in the middle of the night would be ignored by the owners.

The biggest glitch that keeps me thinking that there might be something to this story is the toddler's story. Remembering this is a 2-year-old here, and if the mother's story is true as she related to her husband AND the police, it seems the child's fear and her description of events are not fantasy. The toddler said James came to her in the "starry nights". Then she said in her childish way that James put his penis on her face and belly, made her do some sort of snorting sound, then "rained" on the baby. I don't see how a toddler could make up such a story.

However, from the aforementioned newsgroup, we find:
Jonathan EdingtonFAIRFIELD, Connecticut (AP) -- Police have concluded that a 2-year-old girl was not molested by a neighbor whom the girl's father is accused of stabbing to death in rage, a police official said Thursday.

Jonathon Edington, a 29-year-old attorney from Fairfield, is charged with
killing Barry James on August 28 after his wife told him their daughter had
indicated James touched her inappropriately "in the starry night," police said.

Edington pleaded not guilty last week. (Full story)

"We're confident this 2-year-old was not molested," said Capt. Gary MacNamara. "We are confident in our investigation that Mr. Edington did in fact kill Mr. James. We are as confident in our investigation that Mr. James did not molest the Edingtons' daughter."

So the investigators on this case have concluded the child was NOT molested. How I must wonder? If they did a physical exam on the baby and the results indicated no damage to the child's genitals, well what does this prove? As the toddler explained it, nothing happened to her genital area. If the examination proved the baby's vagina was perfect I don't see how that proves that Barry James couldn't have molested her as she childishly described it.

It's likely a Child Psychologist interviewed the child and perhaps an alternate explanation was deduced based on this interview; perhaps Barry squirted her with a hose or some other explanation that would explain the baby's story. It's possible the child's mother recanted her story as told to her by the toddler then passed on to her husband.

SOMETHING is causing the investigators to refute the baby's story as described by police report statements given by the mother.

But there's more:
James's medical condition was further clarified in another article:

"The James family not only fully cooperated with police but voluntarily opened their whole house to police to do a complete search for any evidence, but police found nothing that would fit the profile of someone who would do the activity Mrs. Edington has accused Barry James of," he said. "The real mystery here is why this woman would make these allegations."

Meehan said James suffered nerve damage to his legs which made it difficult for him to climb stairs, meaning it would have been nearly impossible for him to crawl through a window more than 4 feet off the ground to get into the girl's room in the Edington home.

According to the above statement, given by the James' family please note, it was concluded that if the child's story was right, he had to climb in the window. The James' family, who have a horse in this race remember, detail Barry's medical condition and state it would be impossible for him to get to the baby for his disabilities.

I know that the Edingtons have a dog which also muddies the water. I must wonder if the police refutation of a molestation of the toddler is based on what they perceive to be Barry's complete inability to have climbed almost four feet to the child's window. If so I think it's pretty flimsy to dismiss the child's story out of hand. I STILL do not think a 2-year-old would make up such a story.

It's possible that the prosecutors are scared out of their mind to try this case. Jonathan Edington DID stab his neighbor to death in a fit of rage and this is vigilante justice. Although, as I speculated in the past, a neighbor coming into someone's home and molesting a child, hey it's the stuff that would drive most of us to a blood-red rage. A jury might see it that way too.

If the prosecutors want to avoid trying this case they could be encouraging investigators to find that there was no molestation as without the alleged molestation incident, a potential jury would likely not give Edington any slack. However, IF a molestation did occur in the heinous way the baby described it, a jury might tend to be kind to Edington.

I'm in no way espousing taking the law into our own angry hands and Edington reacted and he killed a man in his own bed based on rather flimsy evidence. It's just go with me here, most any parent who "discovered" that a neighbor was climbing into windows and molesting toddler girls would drive most of us to an unreasonable outrage.

I still say there's more to this story than meets the eyeball and I'm mostly hanging my gut feeling on the baby's story as published from police reports. The baby WAS scared to return home and she did describe a sexual incident that I simply do not believe a 2-year-old could make up. The child is TWO years old. She describes a man putting his penis in her face and the subsequent "rain". She said it happened on "starry nights", which would have to be the case as let me state again, the baby was probably never in Barry James' company alone for such a thing to happen.

Of course the mother could be totally lying about the baby's story and if so then SHE should be charged with a crime as it was what she told her husband that set him off. Perhaps the mother has recanted her story to the police and this is why the claim that James did not molest the daughter.

For now, I can't get around that baby's story, if it was told as it was reported and not embellished by the mother. Recall that it was the mother who repeated the baby's story, NOT the toddler herself. Nothing can convince me that a child that young could invent a story with details she could not possibly know at her young age.

For now I believe the prosecutors are trying to make a deal with Jonathan Edington, who IS an attorney by the way. The prosecutors do NOT want to take this case to court. Part and parcel of this pressure is releasing the misleading statement to the public that the Edington child had NOT been molested.

I could be wrong. There's the dog issue. There're reports that Jonathan Edington has a raw temper and hints of anger incidents from his past. Four feet is a long climb for a sickly man with bad legs. Mothers tend to over react and overstate facts when overwrought by toddler tales of molestation.

For all of this, someone needs to give me some sort of credible explanation-perhaps parental prompting-as to why that toddler told such a story. Because on face value, I'll never believe the baby made it up. Until I can get an explanation for the baby's story I believe there is way more to this story than prosecutors and investigators are letting on.

Finally, below, a comment on my Blog about this case.
I just happened to be looking at your input on Jonathon Edington. You are 100% right! Usually children that age dont point out specific individuals in that kind of detail. My daughter was brutually raped by my ex-husband her step-father in May of 2003. He only got 9 years, why because she was 15. I can see how this guy could have snapped seriously. These sex offenders and gosh there are so many we cant keep up..we need to get these people off the streets and away from our children. He knows how the government works..smack on the wrist for the offender and lifelong pain for the victim and their familes. I know because I witnessed how the system failed our family.

Keep up your blog it is awesome...
Sherri C.

Questions on American Soldier Kidnapped in Kyrgyzstan

On September 5, 2005, Major Jill Metzger vanished from a store in Kyrgyzstan. She turned up at a farm house three days later some twenty miles away. She had bloodied feet and her hair was dyed. Metzger alleged she had been kidnapped.

Originall covered on this Blog HERE

From Newsday.com:
BISHKEK, Kyrgyzstan -- New details have emerged in the case of a U.S. Air Force officer who disappeared mysteriously last month while serving in the far-flung ex-Soviet state of Kyrgyzstan, casting doubt on her claim that she was kidnapped.

Maj. Jill Metzger, 33, vanished from a store in the Kyrgyz capital, Bishkek, on Sept. 5, shortly before she was to return to the United States. Three days later, authorities said, she turned up at a farmhouse 20 miles away, her hair dyed and feet bloody, saying she had been abducted, had overcome her kidnappers and had escaped.

Metzger is a personnel specialist with the U.S. Air Force and was stationed in Kyrgyzstan. Her "abduction" has caused a bit of a diplomatic flap in that Kyrgyzstan has been a volatile country and Metzger's disappearance tended to make the new government appear not in charge of the violent factions in that country.

Adding to the mystery, when Kyrg officials questioned Metzger she was told by the American Embassy not to talk to authorities. Metzger was flown to a U.S. base where she was questioned by American military authorities. Kyrg investigators are frustrated as one might imagine in that they were unable to investigate a crime which occurred on their own territory.

Metzger's story as she reported to Kyrg authorities is a bit unbelievable. Metzger stated that she was shopping in a Kyrg department store when a woman asked her for help. Metzger said she followed the woman outside when the mysterious allegedly put something in Metzger's backpack then handed her a note saying it was a bomb.

Right here I'm wondering why an experienced military officer would follow a stranger all around and hey, I'd fight off someone putting something strange in my backpack.

Metzger then told Kyrg investigators that she subsequently wandered the city of Bishkek constantly awaiting instructions from her "abductor" as she believed, according to Metzger, that she had a bomb in her backpack.

Continuing on, Metzger said at one point she was approached by the mysterious woman again who had along with two men who then stuffed her into the trunk of a car.


Well Kyrg authorities have video of Metzger from the department store tape where this incident allegedly happened. The video shows Metzger coming down the store's escalator and meeting a bald man at the bottom. Further video shows Metzger going to a market and purchasing hair dye.

Whatever happened with Jill Metzger and her oddball story, it appears U.S. authorities want to handle the matter and on that front the military remains mum. Metzger returned to duty a week later.

Kyrg authorities want to know why she lied on her initial statement to them. Further, they are curious as to why she didn't try to escape when she had the chance. I've read that Metzger was recently married to another soldier.

Whatever the case with this Air Force "Runaway Bride", she is evidently lying. And the Kyrg investigators want to get at the truth as this "crime" happened on their territory and they must assume that some sort of weird band of kidnappers are all about and could harm other Kyrg citizens.

Seems to me the U.S. military is just plain embarrassed by this soldier's behavior and want the Kyrg authorities to forget about it. I am curious as to what this woman's story is but then the U.S. military is notoriously silent about its soldiers.

Circumcision-Male AND Female

Start mucking with nature and the results can be cruel.

Now I understand that male circumcision, a procedure which removes the foreskin around the head of the penis, is a fairly common practice and there's also a religious issue. My inclination is to condemn any medical procedure which essentially mutilates the human body but perhaps that's a bit knee-jerk.

Male circumcision once was widely practiced even amongst non-Jews. This procedure is now used mostly for religious purposes as many parents begin to question the why and wherefore.

Below, a nine-year-old boy suffers recurring infections and his mother wants to have him circumcised. Folks, yes I am female and hardly an expert on such matters. I have, I assert, been married a few times to both circumcised and uncircumcised males. With that experience stated, it's really not that difficult to keep an uncircumcised penis clean and I think it's an insult to males to think them so incapable of such a hygienic procedure that the solution is assumed to be the removal of the offending skin at birth.

In the case below, a divorced couple actually ended up in court over the matter. I must wonder why this boy gets so many infections. The father is fighting a circumcision of his son while the mother wants it done.

How about these parents teach this boy how to clean himself?

From WRAL.com
CHICAGO -- A judge in a case closely watched by those who oppose circumcision sided Tuesday with a divorced man who did not want his 9-year-old son to undergo the procedure.

Circuit Judge Jordan Kaplan said that circumcision is "an extraordinary medical procedure" for a 9-year-old and that the boy can decide for himself when he turns 18.

The boy's father sued to block the operation in a dispute with his ex-wife. The couple's 2003 divorce decree gave the father the right to be consulted before the boy underwent any "extraordinary" non-emergency procedure.

The True Crime below is a bit more heinous. Seems the practice of FEMALE circumcision is widely practiced in some parts of the world. Seems an American man originally from Ethiopia got it into his head to circumcise his TWO YEAR OLD DAUGHTER!

This trial is ongoing now in Georgia. In fact, the Georgia legislature had to pass a law specifically outlawing this procedure as such a law had not existed. In this case the father was charged with assault and mutilation or some such because go with me on this, removing a female child's clitoris is horrifically cruel and the man had to be charged with SOMETHING.

There is no sanitary issue with removing the female clitoris. This procedure is practiced in third-world countries simply to eliminate any sexual pleasure for the female and nothing more.

It's simply beyond civilized comprehension. And yet it happened right here in the United States.

From Compuserve:
LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. (AP) - The trial of an Atlanta-area father accused of circumcising his 2-year-old daughter with scissors is focusing attention on an ancient African practice that experts say is slowly becoming more common in the U.S. as immigrant communities grow.

Khalid Adem, a 30-year-old immigrant from Ethiopia, is charged with aggravated battery and cruelty to children. Human rights observers said they believe this is the first criminal case in the U.S. involving the 5,000-year-old practice.

Prosecutors say Adem used scissors to remove his daughter's clitoris in their apartment in 2001. The child's mother said she did not discover it until more than a year later.

The Tragedy of Christa Worthington

Christa Worthington was a fashion writer who was murdered in her Cape Cod home. The murder was a high-profile as such heinous crimes are unusual in the rarified atmosphere of the wealthy in this retreat in Massachusetts.

It took investigators three years to finally nail the perp for this crime, details in this Blog post. This is tragedy number one. For the perp had voluntarily given a DNA sample but for reasons unclear it was not matched for a few strange years.

The perp, a Christopher McCowan, is currently on trial for Christa's murder. McCowan was a trash-hauler at the time he allegedly killed McCowan.

This True Crime had additional elements of intrigue in that Christa's daughter, Ava, was fathered by a local yokel on the island. Suspicion was cast to this fellow along with some of Christa's other lovers. Ava's real father did try to gain custody of his daughter but evidently Christa had planned for the event of her demise and had a will stipulating custody arrangements in the event of her death.

Tragedy number two is how baby Ava spent the entire day with her dead mother. The poor baby, two years old at the time, tried to clean up the blood on her mother and told authorities when finally discovered that Mommy was sleeping.

Those investigators really screwed up their investigation. The lovely Christopher McCowan walked amongst them for several years and had donated a DNA sample voluntarily when the call went out on the island for such voluntary actions. So while the investigators had a dream come true with a freely-given DNA sample, why the hell did it take so long to nail this guy? Luckily the lovely Christopher McCowan murdered no other innocent females as his DNA sample languished in the police evidence room.

From CNN.com:
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BARNSTABLE, Massachusetts (Court TV) -- A toddler found clinging to her murdered mother's body probably did not witness the killing, a state police detective who interviewed the child testified at the trial of the man accused in the fatal stabbing.

The trooper quoted 2-year-old Ava Worthington as saying, "Mommy's lying down. Mommy won't get up," when questioned a few hours after her mother, Christa, was discovered dead in their cottage in Truro on January 6, 2002.

"She said, 'Mommy dirty. Tried to clean mommy,'" Detective Kimberly Squire told jurors at the trial of Christopher McCowen.

Shoots Baby in Her Belly; It Doesn't Get More Heinous Than This

She shot her pregnant belly and the unborn child's brains splashed across the car seat. Scott Peterson went to jail for the murder of his unborn child. Tammy Skinner shot her baby even as birth contractions began and the baby was struggling to be born. Peterson's in jail for life. Tammy Skinner was returned to her welfare-subsidized house and her two older children returned to her.

The courts, you see, didn't consider what Skinner did to be murder.

Shooting an unborn baby as it's about to be born...this isn't bad enough to, at the very least, deny this woman custody of her children lucky enough not to be killed by their mother?

How bad does it have to be?

From Worldnetdaily:
Tammy Skinner is a 22-year-old mother who has now twice had her case dismissed in Virginia. On the due date of her third pregnancy, she went into contractions and in her own words, "got scared." She grabbed her gun, drove herself to a secluded used-car lot, "told the Lord that her mind was not right," pointed the gun at her belly and pulled the trigger. She then picked up her cell phone, called 911, and told authorities a lie about how a man named Travis had shot her.

Rape and Muslims

"If you take out uncovered meat and place it outside ... without cover, and the cats come to eat it ... whose fault is it, the cats' or the uncovered meat's? The uncovered meat is the problem. If she was in her room, in her home, in her hijab [the headdress worn by some Muslim women], no problem would have occurred."

Above is a quote from Sheik Taj Aldin al-Hilali, a Muslim cleric. These wise words were delivered to a religious congregation and this fellow has attracted the attention of the world with his stupidity.

More important and plainly on display here is the Muslim attitude towards women. It's why those backward, chauvinist men demand that their women wear burquas. For without the burqua, which covers Muslim women head to toe with just a slit for the eyes, they are "uncovered meat" and invite rape. Of course it is the woman's fault if she is raped and more than a few Muslim countries stone a female to death if she is raped.

Not to mention that a burqua conveniently covers the marks from the nightly beatings.

I'll not even pretend to be politically correct about these people. They really need to be exposed for the savages they are.

From the Guardian:
A senior Muslim cleric in Australia has sparked a furore by comparing women who do not wear a headscarf to "uncovered meat", implying that they invited sexual assault.
Sheik Taj Aldin al-Hilali delivered his comments in a religious address on adultery to around 500 worshippers in Sydney last month, but they only came to the attention of the wider public when they were published in the Australian paper today.

Jerry Hobbs-Brutally Murdered His Own Daughter and Her Friend

Jerry Hobbs is a lovely fellow who got very angry at his daughter and her friend when they went missing at the time they were supposed to be home. Covered on this Blog HERE and HERE, Hobbs has an extremely violent history and it's time this fellow be put away. In fact, I formulated my own theory of the Hobbs' defense when the case went to trial and I still state it's a damn good theory.

This case is being tried now and instead of using my own fine theory, Hobbs' defense attorneys are trying to get his very plain confession thrown out. There is no physical evidence linking Hobbs to this horrible crime and without that confession there is no case.

The Defense tactic didn't work.

From the Chicago Tribune:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com The confession of a Zion man that he killed his daughter and her friend on Mother's Day 2005 will be allowed at his trial, a Lake County judge ruled Friday, rejecting arguments that it was coerced.

Jerry Hobbs, 36, is charged with first-degree murder in the stabbing deaths of his daughter, Laura, 8, and her friend, Krystal Tobias, 9. Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty.

Quadraplegic Woman Testifies at Her Own Murder Trial

Heather Grossman was able to testify against her lovely husband at his trial although she is now a quadraplegic and confined to a wheelchair for life because of her ex-husband's attempt to murder her.

Seems Ronald Samuels, Grossman's ex-husband, tried to arrange her murder so he could gain custody of the couples' three children and cash in on a million dollar life insurance policy.

This case has received some notoriety in that Grossman's husband after her divorce from Samuels, John Grossman, is the son of former Minnesota Vikings' owner, Bud Grossman.

Ronald Samuels will be spending the rest of his life in jail, or at least a long time.

What goes on in the minds of people? Try getting a divorce when marriage disappoints.

From CourtTV:
WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - The victim of a drive-by shooting, allegedly masterminded by her millionaire ex-husband, told jurors Wednesday she felt like her body was "a machine shutting down" the moment a bullet ripped through her spinal cord and left her a quadriplegic.

"I tried to scream out for help, but 'help' wouldn't come out," Heather Grossman said of the Oct. 14, 1997, shooting. "I don't remember what happened after that."

As Grossman spoke, jurors could hear the "swish" of her ventilator amplified by the court microphone.

More News from the Religion of Peace-A 10 Year old Slave

Well it was only a little female child so what's the problem?

Seems a fine pair of Californians of Egyptian descent obtained their very own slave, a ten year old child. The child's Egyptian parents evidently "sold" their ten year old daughter to this lovely couple. The child worked 16 hours a day at her masters' house and was not allowed to attend school or leave the house.

After this Muslim pair serve their time and pay that child the money she earned by being their slave, they will be deported.

Good. We don't need such people in America, the land of hope and opportunity. The ten year old will be allowed to remain here and may the blessings of America reward her as those from the land of her birth never did.

From Little Green Footballs:
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Two Egyptian nationals who pleaded guilty to enslaving a 10-year-old Egyptian girl at their Southern California home, making her work long hours serving their family of seven, were sentenced on Monday to prison terms.

Abdel Nasser Youssef Ibrahim, 57, was sentenced to three years in federal prison and his former wife, Amal Ahmed Ewisabd Motelib, 43, was given 22 months behind bars by a federal judge. Prosecutors said the pair will be deported after serving their sentences. U.S. District Judge James Selna also ordered the defendants to pay their victim more than $76,000 in restitution, which represents the money the girl should have been paid during the two years she worked for their family.

Naked Burglar

Seems a person forced 19 year old Dennis Reed Jr. to enter a home. Indeed. Reed alleges a gun was held to head and he was ordered to rob a home.

It's not clear just why he had to remove his clothes before entering the home. Did the stranger who forced him to try this breaking and entering at gunpoint also demand that he do it naked?

Burglar Caught With Pants Down

From THNEWS.com:
A Forrest City man allegedly trying to break into a home in a local housing complex was arrested for residential burglary early Saturday after getting stuck in a window of the home.

The Forrest City Police Department was called to an apartment in Grobmyer Circle where a man was stuck in a window of apartment 388.

According to the report, when officers arrived at the apartment they found a nude individual stuck between the air conditioning unit at the apartment and the window frame.

More True Crime Updates HERE

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Edington the murder.

"Barry come to me in starry nights."

I have problems with this statement.

On CourtTV it was pointed out that it could have read "Beary come to me in starry nights." Beary being a stuffed animal play toy.

Also, why is it Barry? Not Mr. Barry or Mr. James. Parents don't usually refer to other adults to their children w/o proper respectful names.

Also, Barry comes thru the window. Ask yourself, how far does this window open? Screen or no screen? Without a screen, would you leave this window open?

And the access issue. Lady, get a clue. James had to know when the baby was in her room alone. The baby never cried out. Baby monitor? No finger prints. Were the footprints near the window?

This believe the child babbling above ANY TRACE of physical evidence is PLAIN STUPID.

Sorry, my opinion.