Guest Writer Needs Fashion Help and "It's a Wonderful Life" as a Musical?

Guest Writer Michelle buys some new clothes without once consulting me re her fashion choices.

No offense as to the illustration, Michelle. Just couldn't resist.

And a Delaware post with a review of a local theater group's musical rendition of "It's a Wonderful Life", yes indeed, it's not a live musical.

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Classic Quotes by Joseph Conrad (1857-1924) English novelist

"A caricature is putting the face of a joke on the body of a truth."
"A man's most open actions have a secret side to them."
"Action is consolatory. It is the enemy of thought and the friend of flattering illusions."
"All ambitions are lawful except those which climb upward on the miseries or credulities of mankind."
"An artist is a man of action, whether he creates a personality, invents an expedient, or finds the issue of a complicated situation."
"Any work that aspires, however humbly, to the condition of art should carry its justification in every line."
"As in political so in literary action a man wins friends for himself mostly by the passion of his prejudices and the consistent narrowness of his outlook."
"As to honor - you know - it's a very fine mediaeval inheritance which women never got hold of. It wasn't theirs."
"Being a woman is a terribly difficult task, since it consists principally in dealing with men."

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All About Hanukkah
From Lisa Katz,

The festival of Hanukkah (also spelled Chanukah) was established to commemorate the Jewish Maccabees' military victory over the Greek-Syrians and the rededication of the Second Temple, which had been desecrated by the Greek-Syrians, to the worship of God. Thus, Hanukkah is a celebration of Jewish national survival and religious freedom.

National Survival

The story of the Maccabees' military feats has been preserved in The First Book of Maccabees. In short, in response to religious persecution and oppression, Judah Maccabee and his four brothers organized a group of resistance fighters known as the Maccabees. The Maccabees, using guerilla warfare, miraculously succeeded to drive the far larger Greek-Syrian army out of Judea.

Religious Freedom

The purification of the Temple began on the 25th day of the Hebrew month of Kislev in the year 165 BCE. According to the Talmud, the single-days-worth of pure oil found in the Temple miraculously burnt for eight days until more pure oil could be brought.

Celebrating Hanukkah

In commemoration of these miracles, a Hanukkah Menorah (also called a Hanukkiah) is lit during each of the eight nights of Hanukkah. Lighting the Hanukkah Menorah is the central observance of the festival. One candle is lit the first night, and an additional candle is lit each successive night. Thus, on the last night of Hanukkah, all eight candles of the Hanukkiah are lit. The candles should be lit by a window or door in order to fulfill the commandment to "publicize the miracle." While lighting the candles, blessings are recited and the ancient chant Hanerot Hallalu is traditionally sung. After lighting the candles, it is a tradition to sing Maoz Tzur.

Hanukkah is a fun festival, especially for children. After lighting the Hanukkah candles together, families (and often invited guests) will eat and play games. Traditional Hanukkah food is oil-rich in commemoration of the miracle of the oil that burned for eight days. Potato pancakes (Latkas in Yiddish, Livivot in Hebrew) are a Hanukkah favorite. Israelis eat Hanukkah doughnuts called soofganiot. Dreidel (sivovon in Hebrew) is a traditional Hanukkah game, with game rules so simple that the whole family, from toddlers to grandparents can play together. The custom of giving Hanukkah gelt (money) to children has evolved into a gift-giving tradition in many Jewish families today.

Happy Hanukkah!

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”It’s a Wonderful Life” as a …Musical?

From the home page of Georgetown, Delaware’s Possum Point Community Theater:
Possum Point Players celebrates 33 years of providing quality community theatre in Sussex County. Located in Georgetown, Delaware at
441 Old Laurel Road, off Route 113 across from the Sussex County Administrative Offices and next to the old Sussex Central High School tennis courts.)

(mailing address: P.O. Box 96, Georgetown, DE 19947).

TICKETLINE: (302) 856-4560

OFFICE: (302) 856-3460


The Possum Point Theater is a local theater that, due to Georgetown, Delaware’s proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, does a fair to middling business during the summer months. During the drear of winter the little theater depends on the locals to support it.

Thus I try to frequent at least one performance of this mighty group, usually around Christmas.

So when I saw the featured play was to be a musical production of the famous movie “It’s a Wonderful Life”, well I first thought “what the heck?”

Actually, the entire performance was not exactly a musical rendition of that famous Christmas movie for the ages. But how music was introduced into the play as performed the night of my attendance, 12/9/06, was extremely clever.

First, the live performance followed the gist of the movie very closely. Only for the live performance, the entire thing was presented as a radio show. Indeed, a radio show about a famous and beloved movie performed live, on-stage, with fine choral music as an accompaniment.

The live performance actually had actors playing the parts of people putting on the show as if, well as if on the radio. There was a little old lady in charge of sound effects and she was a real snort. Behind some sort of counter-type thing was an ersatz radio sound engineer who was in charge of the APPLAUSE light and this did come in handy for the live performance.

Seated in many chairs behind the “PPP” (Possum Point Players-get it?) radio microphone were the many characters who would play the parts in “It’s a Wonderful Life”. There was the character of “God” or some facsimile thereof, who sent the hapless angels without wings to earth to save George Bailey.

From then on different characters, following the plot of the movie, assumed a place in front of the microphone and read their parts.

In fact, one really didn’t have to SEE any action and the speaking parts effectively encapsulated the movie as it unfolded. Except if one could not see what was going on on the stage, one would miss the very clever period outfits the characters wore. Yes, indeed, even though allegedly reciting the play on the radio, the characters were all appropriately attired in the fashion of the George Bailey era.

The choral action was introduced into the play via artfully inserted musical segues as per normal for the PPP radio station. Heh.

My but those singers were talented. They sang as a group and many sang solos or duets. We sure have some pretty voices here in Delaware. Which is not to say that just because a member of my own church choir was part of the cast and choir in this fine performance that I am prejudiced or anything.

Indeed his name is Ron Nardi and, heh, he’s one of the very few tenors we have in St. Jude the Apostle’s church choir.

Next year, who knows, maybe Pat Fish will snag a part.

Stay tuned.

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The Jungle That Is Women's Clothes

I finally made a major work decision. As part of this decision (one that's been almost two years in the making) I've purchased some new clothes.

I dragged Harry to Dillard's and told the woman there that I had no clue what I wanted, and that I truly have no fashion sense. (As if she couldn't tell by my no-zipper jeans and hiking boots.)

The next hour or so I tried on clothes. Into this and out of that, try this and wait, put that one back on and add this. After this grueling exercise, I came away with three pretty nice outfits, where almost all items are interchangeable.

What I didn't get was instructions.

Women's clothing is full of snaps, zippers, buttons, and hidden surprises. For instance:
There's a gap between the third and fourth buttons of each shirt which will pop open when I sit down. This allows a great view of my bra. Shouldn't these shirts come with safety pins?

shopping/clothes and crying alligators

One pair of pants has a zipper, a button, *and* two snaps. When I wear that one I need to carefully plan my bathroom trips.

The white shirt I have allows for a clear vision of any underclothing. I still need to buy a slippy-thing for it. What's up with that? I gotta buy a shirt in order to wear the shirt I bought?

Overall, though, the purchase was a good move. I still feel a little like a clown in these clothes, but I'm getting lots of compliments. (And one startled look from a nephew.) Those things make it worth the learning.

Now if I could just get the new shoes to let go of my feet....
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