POLITICAL TIDBITS-Barak Obama-Editorial on the ONE Thing That Will Bring Him Down

Some Political Tidbits and this week, what with the politicos busy awarding committee memberships to their friends, we've got a few lighthearted notes on the political scene.

Which is not to discount my very serious discussion of superstar Barak Obama and the one thing that will surely shoot him dead as to his political future.

Updates on the Iraq Surrender Group, and Ted Kennedy's bash for Hillary and Obama. Heh.

And the four ladies in red who shook D.C. gossip mavens to their core.

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I Am Only One

I am only one,
But still I am one.
I cannot do everything,
But still I can do something;
And because I cannot do everything
I will not refuse to do the something that I can do.

~Edward Everett~

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Christmas Holiday Quiz, answers are at the end of the quiz.

1. What is the biggest selling Christmas single of all time?
2. What was Scrooge's first name?
3. What carol contains the line "O tidings of comfort and joy"?
4. Name the three reindeer whose names begin with a "D"?
5. In what city did Miracle on 34th Street take place?
6. In The Night Before Christmas, where were the stockings hung?
7. What color is the Grinch?
8. In the movie The Santa Clause, who starred as the substitute Santa
9. What holiday drink contains sugar, milk, and eggs?
10. What popular bite-sized chocolate candy comes wrapped in red
and green foil at Christmas?
11. What one reindeer is never mentioned in "The Night Before
12. Name the two reindeer whose name begins with a "C"?
13. What carol contains the word "Fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la"?
14. What glittery bits of metal are hung on a Christmas tree?
15. What were Frosty's last words?
16. On what street did a Santa Claus miracle occur?
17. Counting Rudolph, how many reindeer are there?
18. What did Rudolph never get to join in?
19. What three characters sing "The Chipmunk Song"?
20. Traditionally, does the oldest or youngest family member open
the first present?
21. What holiday film annually appears on television more than 300 times?
22. What is Frosty's nose made of?
23. What country started the tradition of exchanging gifts?
24. Name the reindeer whose name begins with a "B"?
25. Visions of what dance in children's heads?
26. How many times is the name of Santa Claus used in "The Night
Before Christmas"?
27. What is the most popular tree topper?
28. What snack is often left out for Santa?
29. What cola company was known for its ads featuring a big, smiling
30. What men's grooming appliance became a sled for Santa in
commercials of the sixties?
31. What do most elves wear on the tips of their shoes?
32. After red and green, what are the two most popular Christmas
33. What two words are normally pre-printed on gift tags?
34. Where was Mommy when she was kissing Santa Claus?
35. Where did Santa land his sleigh in "The Night Before Christmas"?
36. What is the name of the first reindeer Santa calls in The Night
Before Christmas?

1."White Christmas"
3. "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen"
4. Dasher, Donder, Dancer
5. New York
6. By the chimney
7. Green
8. Tim Allen
9. Eggnog
10. Hershey's Kisses
11. Rudolph
12. Comet and Cupid
13. "Deck the Halls"
14. Tinsel
15. "I'll be back again someday"
17. Nine
18. Reindeer games
19. Alvin, Theodore, and Simon
20. The youngest child
21. It's a Wonderful Life
22. A button
23. Italy
24. Blitzen
25. Sugarplums
26. None
27. Angel
28. Cookies
29. Coca-Cola
30. Norelco Electric Shaver
31. Bells
32. Silver and gold
33. To, From
34. Underneath the mistletoe
35. Upon the roof
36. Dasher

Political Tidbits

Oscar de la Renta Gets Good, er, Maybe Bad, Publicity

Even as a little girl I recall the giggles when two females showed up with the same attire. It’s bred into us is what I’m saying here.

So all these ladies bought themselves and Oscar de la Renta dress, and not even a very pretty one at that, then showed up at a White House reception with it on. Adding to this embarrassment, the hostess, our first lady Laura Bush, also wore the same dress.

Every woman who's ever attended a formal party has had the same concern: What if someone else shows up in the same dress?

As CBS News correspondent Thalia Assuras reports, that's exactly what happened to first lady Laura Bush at Sunday's Kennedy Center Honors, always one of Washington's biggest nights for stars, and glamorous fashion.

With guests in the spotlight at the exclusive White House receptions that go with the ceremony, the designer gowns are always scrutinized.

And on Sunday, four women at the reception wore the exact same $8,500 Oscar de la Renta dress, Mrs. Bush among them.

Lots of Red dresses

Well Laura Bush WAS at home, so to speak, thus I understand she went ahead and changed her dress. Those other ladies…well they had to walk around wearing the same dress I must assume.

I don’t recall ever having such fun with a news story. This incident proves that those D.C. elites have no individuality. They probably all hoofed out to buy this latest and greatest from ole Oscar. Either that or they KNEW the First Lady would be wearing this same dress and they wore it purposefully.

Whatever the case, I’ve certainly enjoyed their sheepish grins as the camera caught them.

I will be, I am not making this up, on the committee that is putting on a fine Republican fashion show this coming March. That’s right, a REPUBLICAN fashion show. In that, go with me here, it’s sponsored by the Sussex County Republican Women’s Club.

If I have any say at all there will be NO Oscar de la Renta.

My Invitation Must Have Gotten Lost in the Mail

“Don’t Tell Mama; I’m For Obama”.


At least as I understand it, the above phrase is the secret campaign for fledgling Democrat candidate Barak Obama. The “Mama” refers to Hillary Clinton, her code name when she was First Lady.

If the same-dress story isn’t a hoot, this story of a party at the home of Ted Kennedy (who refuses to have windmills sully up his view no mind their environmental goodness), is a real hoot.

From the WAPO:
The gathering included a former presidential candidate, Sen. Tom Harkin of Iowa, and a close friend of Kennedy's, Sen. Christopher J. Dodd of Connecticut. But the star attractions were Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York and Barack Obama of Illinois, two junior committee members who may be duking it out for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination in a matter of months.

The media loves to speculate on the alleged strained relationship between Barak and Mz. Hillary. Although it seems to me that Hillary is standing aside and allowing Mr. Obama to slowly die his inevitable death.

Scuttlebutt has it that ole Ted Kennedy showed no favoritism; he seated Hillary to his right and Obama to his left.

Read on for the two-syllable sound byte that will derail Obama’s presidential ambitions.

The Airport-Praying Imams’ Plan Becomes Clearer

Below is a timeline I found on the Internet depicting the suspicious timing of those airport-praying Imams as regards their recent “convention” or whatever the Muslims call those things.

Imam timeline

So a bunch of Muslim Imams perform a pre-planned brouhaha at Minneapolis airport. Don’t tell me it wasn’t pre-planned. They deliberately pray loudly in the airport before boarding the plane. This alone makes other passengers nervous as I surely would be. Heck, I would be nervous if a bunch of Christians were loudly praying in a public airport. Here in America many of us consider the personal act of prayer to be a private thing save those times when in an actual house of worship.

Then they get on the plane and continue acting out. They loudly disparage the United States, they praise Al-Queda. Continuing on, they demand seat belt extenders with big skull-bashing buckles on the end. None of them were overweight but the seat-belt extenders were obtained and the Imams simply stored them below their seat.

Eventually, as was these Imams’ plan, the airline escorted these rabble-rousers from the plane and declared them to be behaving too oddly and suspiciously to remain on the plane.

Ah, but slowly and surely, their plan comes to light. For surely those Imams knew their behavior would attract attention. They were NOT praying quietly for the safety of their trip. They were quite ostentatiously seeking attention and the result they wanted actually happened. For these fine fellows wanted the airline to pull them from the plane.

From the Washington Times:
A group of Muslim imams is seeking an out-of-court settlement with US Airways, saying they should not have been removed from a Minnesota-to-Phoenix flight last month and were not behaving suspiciously.
Five of the six Islamic religious leaders have retained the Council on American-Islamic Relations for legal representation and are seeking a "mutually agreeable" resolution, said Nihad Awad, CAIR executive director.
US Airways scheduled a meeting with the imams on Dec. 4 to discuss the incident, but the men canceled it and hired the activist group to act as legal counsel.

In the above we see that with a little help from that pro-terrorist, anti-American organization known as the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the Imams are seeking a monetary out-of-court settlement with the “offending” airline.

Sure it’s an outrageous concept. If I were to show up at an airport and very ostentatiously fool around with my shoe while making loud anti-American statements, you can bet somebody would be pulling me aside and I don’t look Muslim at all. We have lots of common sense out here in la-la land and it’s this common sense which is thwarting terrorist attacks across the fruited plain at almost every level.

Because the political elites might bow to this strange behavior lest the oil-rich poobahs from the Mideast get angry with them. Us ordinary traveling American citizens brook no nonsense from Muslims or anyone acting just plain off-the-wall weird.

From the Washington Times:
American Muslims making a religious pilgrimage to Mecca are being encouraged to file civil rights complaints if they feel discriminated against by airlines.
The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), citing what it called the "airport profiling" of six imams removed from a recent flight, yesterday said Muslims traveling this month to the holy site in Saudi Arabia need to be aware of their rights.
"Given the increase in the number of complaints CAIR has received alleging airport profiling of American Muslims, we believe it is important that all those taking part in this year's hajj be aware of their legal and civil rights," said Ibrahim Hooper, CAIR spokesman.

Ah. So now the vaunted American Muslim terrorist organization, CAIR, who is also representing the disruptive Imams, is encouraging Muslim-Americans to be particularly sensitive to what they call “discrimination”. Which is, by their standards, any attempt by the airlines to target strange behavior and quash any danger to the airplane and its passengers BEFORE it happens.

It’s obvious what the plan is here, folks. For the mighty American airplane-flying middle class will stop a shoe-bomber in mid-air and for sure they’ll point out any obvious strangeness to airline authorities before boarding such a flight. Hey, we’ve got our children, spouses and beloveds flying on those flights and we don’t care how rich the Arab oil-rich poobahs disapprove of the American tendency to watch the surround and report that which is strange.

So they have to stop us. Yes, US, the idiots out here in la-la land who do more to quell would-be terrorism than any other single thing one could name.

The Imams deliberately set up that prize-winning performance that day because hey, I’m using my common sense here. They could have prayed in private and quietly. We understand this out here in la-la land.

Now the Imams are suing the airlines and now CAIR is encouraging all Muslims to report anything they consider as “discrimination” by the airlines.

Of course they hope to nag and harp us down to complete submission. They want us to stop complaining that they keep switching seats or demand seat belt extenders they don’t need. In other words, they want to act like they want to act and via threats of endless lawsuits, they want to wear us down to silent lambs.

It sure isn’t easy hijacking an airplane and blowing it up any more, what with all the pre-screening and terrorist watch lists. The tendency of the flying American public to report all manner of weirdness to the airlines is really a pain in the butt when one simply wants to blow up the airplane over the ocean or some other locale.

With a little help from CAIR and a whole lot of patience, the Muslim terrorists are slowly but surely paving an environment filled with threatened lawsuits because those Muslims know America. We have lawsuits over everything in the USA and we can be bowed to submission by political correctness.

Give them time and old ladies will still need to remove their shoes pre-flight while burqua-covered, loudly praying terrorists will be able to board with no bother for the politically correct hands-off atmosphere CAIR hopes to create.

THEN they can blow up the airplane a lot easier.

All You Never Needed to Know About That Iraq Study Group…

…but were afraid to ask.

Truth Laid Bare has compiled a complete linkable listing of various Internet and Blog reports on the infamous release last week of the “Iraq Surrender Group’s” report. Said report, an icon of the OBVIOUS, being of NO HELP whatsoever.

My sense is that this report is considered pretty much the nothing it is by political pundits, indeed even the opposition party doesn’t think it will help them much.

Iraq study group montage

What’s In a Name?

Someone tell the Republicans that I have the answer and tell them to pay attention. For I have years of experience with the Democratic party in this country and their vaunted ability to turn reality into lies and lies into truth.

They count on a small sound or sight byte. The persecution of Mark Foley is a fine example of how well this system works. No one’s ever been able to find Foley guilty of a single crime yet just the sight of those IM’s was sufficient to force the man to resign from his seat, costing the GOP yet another valued House seat.

My amazing news is the one word, two-syllable sound bite that will end the rising Media-fueled political career of Illinois’ Barak Obama. If Republicans had a clue they’d be playing this up 24/7 on every pundit show across the cabled realms.

Barak Obama’s middle name is HUSSEIN!

I’m fairly sure most readers of this Blog already are aware of this factoid but that’s not why it’s written here. The way to do this, ladies and gems, is to casually mention when in the presence of anyone who may know very little about this rising star from Illinois, mention it loudly and succinctly, that his middle name is HUSSEIN. Then sit back and watch the listener absorb this interesting little fact.

Folks, Americans blanched at the thought of the United Arab Emirates running our ports. Americans might not go out rioting or killing Muslims but ever since 9-11-01 we’ve got a boatload of skepticism about Muslims but hey, we’re cool. America is a land of opportunity and if you behave, it’s all yours to exploit and enjoy.

Every instinct and cell in my body screams that given the safety and security of the voting booth, Americans will simply NEVER vote for anyone whose name is HUSSEIN in any fashion or form.

Sure we debate about Iraq and how it’s going. We hear the lying pundits say Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction. We remember 9-11 although they do everything to make us forget.

Someday, who knows, a fellow with a LAST name of Hussein might become our President. You can bet it will be long after those oil-rich dictators and despots are gone and the so-called Palestinians act like normal people. It will also help when the sight of Muslims rioting over cartoons, for God’s sake, does not grace our evening news.

It’s a bit like homosexual marriage. Most politically correct folks here in America won’t say out loud in a mixed bag of company that to allow people of the same sex to marry is just plain not how it’s supposed to be. Nah. We Americans know that someone in our conversational surround might either be a homosexual or have a homosexual relative. Hell, WE likely have friends and/or relatives that are homosexuals and Americans are just too darn nice to openly hurt someone’s feelings. But give us that private voting booth and we’re voting in droves to NOT allow homosexual marriage because doggone it we got some brains and common sense out here in la-la land.

So it is with the Muslims. I don’t think a single law-abiding American would ever openly discriminate or be mean to a Muslim in the surround. We don’t operate like that here in this great country.

But give us a candidate with the middle name of HUSSEIN, folks, not in the next twenty years as I predict.

So when a conversation in your vicinity turns to the potential of do-nothing Barak Obama, just casually slip in, all kind like with an air of only trying to add some information to the discourse, that Barak’s middle name just happens to be HUSSEIN. Watch the faces of those casual conversationalists cloud over as they ponder this.

Sure, Americans aren’t perfect. We have a notoriously short attention span which is why the quick sight and sound bytes are so damn effective. As the Democratic party already knows very well. Not that we’re not busy carrying this country on our collective backs and raising the next generation of citizens and soldiers out here in la-la land.

So fight fire with sound byte fire, so I softly suggest. It’s a one-word, two-syllable sound byte…HUSSEIN.

If the Republicans want to stop this chain-smoking, blue-lipped Media wonder with absolutely NO experience at anything, they should too be mentioning this fellow’s middle name.

Save CAIR members, I don’t see Americans voting this guy into our highest office in the land anytime soon.

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