Editorials on Wolfowitz and the World Bank plus That Joke of an Immigration Bill

It's the sort of story that causes me puzzlement.

So I read up on Paul Wolfowitz and the World Bank Mess. Goodness, why is Dubya throwing him under the bus? Why does the World Bank get to continue it's blatant corruption?

And some thoughts on the Senate's immigration bill. Again, folks, they pee upon our feet and tell us it's raining.

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Dentists in the old days would quickly transplant live teeth, often stolen from the dead, into their patients’ jawbones.
In an average lifetime, a person produces 10,000 gallons of saliva.
Oral cancer is the sixth most common cancer in the world.
The first "braces" were constructed by Pierre Fauchard in 1728. Fauchard's "braces" consisted of a flat strip of metal, which was connected to teeth by pieces of thread. Orthodontic Brackets were invented by Edward Angle in 1915. The brackets consisted of little hooks of metal, which were attached to bands which went around your teeth.
The dental community concedes that fluoride is largely ineffective at preventing the most common type of cavity Pit & Fissure Decay - which accounts for upwards of 85% of dental decay now experienced in the US.
If you are right handed, you will tend to chew your food on your right side. If you are left handed, you will tend to chew your food on your left side.

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I'm French, but a pro-American one (yes, it does exist), and I want to congratulate you for the excellent job you have done.

It's very important to make those iraqis documents more known, and I am sending the link to your blog to a friend who has devoted lot of time to inform french-speaking people about the truth concerning Iraq-AlQaeda links, Iraqis WMD, and so on.

Just in case you are interested, his blog is at: LEBLOGDRZZ HERE

Again, compliments for your blog.

That Senate Immigration Bill-The Political Elite Urinate Upon Our Collective Feet Once Again...

....and the swear to us the whole while that it is merely raining.

Z-visa immigration cartoon, he has lots of

The immigration problem in this country can be summed up in two words and they are two words that the political elite is not going to like: "BAD GOVERNANCE".

The bad governance began at the local level when illegals were welcomed to work at low paying jobs in local communities, allowing certain businesses to thrive and flourish to contribute mightily to re-elect the local politicos that they may continue to look the other way.

The bad governance continued at the state level when state politicos allowed illegal aliens the use of hospitals and schools even though it was the hard-working Americans in the surround who financed these public institutions via local property and state taxes.

The bad governance continued up to the federal level to the national politicos who didn't see to it that the one major job any federal government has-that of PROTECTING THE BORDERS- was even attempted.

If you and I, yon reader citizen, had performed our job so damn poorly we'd have been fired eons ago.

Now us idiots out here in la-la land who carry this country on our backs while raising the citizens and soldiers of tomorrow have to endure the mockery and exasperation of our vaunted members of America's House of Lords-the U.S. Senate-because we're not buying into this latest and greatest in "comprehensive immigration reform".

Of course this same body of governance passed a so-called "comprehensive immigration reform" in 1986, an act which was to end the illegal immigration problem forever and ever amen.

Yet as the years passed we paid increasingly high car insurance fees as these illegal aliens rarely have car insurance. We educate their children. We treat them for the common cold in busy emergency rooms that causes our own real emergencies to await an opening. We see everything around us written in Spanish as well as English and soon we fear, there will be English no more.

Our elected politicos have simply NOT done the job they were elected to do and it grates many of us how they laugh and slap each other on the back over a huge piece of legislative crap drafted in dark rooms for which we should be grateful, our peon selves.

We are to believe that a federal government that could not get FEMA into a state expecting a major hurricane with almost a week's warning, a federal government which allowed Islamofacists take airplane flying lessons with no bother of learning to land, a federal government which just last week mind you, caught three illegal immigrants who had been living in our midst for decades while planning an attack on the Fort Dix army base...we are to expect this same federal government to handle this latest influx of an estimated 12 million illegal aliens to a legal and tax-paying citizenship.

We are to believe that this federal government will convince these illegal aliens to come out of the shadows and fork up thousands in fines, this federal government will send them back to their home country and put them in proper order for a legal entry, this federal government will find all the children, nieces, nephews, cousins, Aunts and Uncles of these illegal aliens and deal with them as well. Folks, we are to believe this.

And if we doubt, then we are fools.

Ted Kennedy has made a career out of drafting illegal immigration laws. Now it's child's play to him.

Political Elites Yuk up passage of yet another worthless immigration bill

This time, yon ladies and gems, the collective American public is NOT buying it. For, as Abraham Lincoln said, "You can fool some of the people all of the time, you can fool all of the people some of the time, but you can't fool ALL of the people ALL of the time." THIS immigration joke of a bill is a case where the Lords in America's House of Lords is trying to fool ALL of us, ALL of the time.

The problem with illegal aliens at this point is that they are too entrenched. They are entrenched in local communities all across the fruited plains and so many businesses count on these aliens as employees that to lose them all suddenly might cause a major depression in this country.

Not to mention the despair and heartbreak of breaking up families and deporting major population segments that are critical to many local economies in terms of rentals, home ownership, employment and local merchants.

I, for one, understand this. I, for one, do not wish for my elected politicos to keep peeing upon my feet and telling me it's raining. I, for one, want my elected congress critters to treat me as if I were an intelligent American citizen who deserves the truth.

Ah, the truth...a concept whose time has come.

The congress critters and Lords can pass immigration reform laws all day and all night into next week and beyond. Us idiots out here in la-la land are not going to buy it until we see a little plain truth coming out of the political elites. For their main job is to get re-elected. Us idiots out here in la-la land must carry this country on our law-abiding backs. We have children and we know that they lie to us. We've heard promises that it will be okay before. We've been there and done that.

So let them call us names and let them spit their despair that we simply do not understand how complicated it all is. For we understand the notion of protecting one's property very well, thank you. It's one basic tenet of life's survival and we get it. We'd never allow the criminals down the street to send his children to our yard and we don't think our government should allow Mexico to have a few wealthy control all that country's resources while sending their citizens to our back yards to make a living. And we've all had to, from time to time, deal with the bureaucracy of the government.

This time, we ALL will NOT be fooled.

Let the political elites laugh. Their day is coming.

Paul Wolfowitz, the World Bank and Why Do We Let It Continue?

I will be the first to admit that the story of Paul Wolfowitz and his travails with the World Bank is a boring story that will make the average American citizen's eyes glaze over.

I begin with this notion of the World Bank and just for a moment allow me to admit that before my recent quizzical research into this matter, I had no idea what the World Bank did or that there WAS even such a thing. When I heard the term "world bank" I figured it was something like the Bank of America, only on a worldwide basis.


And I like to consider mine own fine self a well-read individual and go on, I simply had no idea that the World Bank was an arm of no less than that very honest and upstanding institution known as the United Nations.

On this entire planet there is no more corrupt institution that the UN so add to this an arm of the UN which has lots and lots of money. Add to this the United Nations' tendency to adore every two-bit despot and dictator while at the same time ignoring a suffering citizenry that it was formed to aid and protect.

Once I understood that the World Bank was part of the UN and the funds deposited into the World Bank by member nations, one of which is the United States of America, surprise, surprise-are distributed to various countries on the planet based on need. Heh.

Paul WolfowitzThat word "need" has a rather murky meaning, at least as applied by the World Bank. For if Saddam Hussein "needed" a way around UN sanctions and the ability to bribe member nations, why the World Bank was on the job. If African two-bit war lords "need" some funds to take over private businesses to better fill their own monetary coffers to continue their lives of luxury, well then the World Bank is on the job.

From Indonesia, to Saddam, to African pits of human despair, the World Bank distributes funds collected from American taxpayers on a basis that includes anything but genuine "need".

The World Bank is a huge piggy bank to aid and abet any nasty dictator or cruel despot who will kick back a few bucks to the fine World Bank member who provided the funds originally.

Paul Wolfowitz was once Deputy Director of the Pentagon and held a position with the State Department. His picture should be under the term "NEOCON" in the modern day American dictionary. For a Neocon is the Lamestream Media's latest and greatest euphemism for a right wing hawk of Jewish descent.

First, I must question one thing that has puzzled me greatly. For Wolfowitz is "enamored" with another member of the world bank, a young Muslim lady who is alleged to be a champion for rights for Muslim women. Goodness, I cannot imagine why a Jew would get involved with a Muslim of any kind but this is just idle gossip on my part, I'll admit. But it's not as it the Muslims have been especially nice to Jews on this planet or anything. Hey, I distrust Muslims and I'm Christian. Were I a Jew I'd run, not walk, away from any Muslim in my surround, such is my distrust.

But okay, this lovely romance is an indicator of Mr. Wolfowitz' open mind and big heart.

For a fellow whose been around the government a time or two, Paul Wolfowitz is amazingly naive. Because the very first order of business Wolfie had to handle upon his appointment as President of the World Bank (a position usually given to an American by the way, as we provide most of the World Bank funds), was to deal with his girlfriend, who also worked at the World Bank.

There followed the most complicated and unbelievable steps to move Wolfie's girlfriend from under his employ to another job. This move alone involved a series of raises and appointments that, hey, it boggles my mind that it even happened what with almost every other World Bank employee having a wife, husband or child also employed at the bank. Wolfie was ordered to orchestrate the movement of his girlfriend as well as being charged with giving her the proper pay raise as required for her loss of position.

Folks, yon average American isn't likely to understand it all and that is what the World Bank charletons planned. The average American is going to hear "girlfriend", "pay raise" and Wolfie's part in it all and then tune it all out.

The real fool in this mess has to be Paul Wolfowitz. He should have insisted on recusing himself from ANYTHING involving his girlfriend; he should have known, what with his vast experience in dealing with the corrupt and lying governments on the planet, that he was being set up.

For his part, President Bush is doing the same old, same old. Which is, specifically, to at first declare undying loyalty to his appointee then to up and throw him or her under the bus.

Paul Wolfowitz made it very clear that he had every intention of cleaning out the cesspool that is the World Bank. Elite members of cesspools across the planet take such threats as dangerous to their membership in cesspool heaven. Yon ladies and gems, any individual vowing to clean up any club which has members benefitting handsomely from club dues and other monetary perks, is not likely to be welcome in that same club. Wolfowitz didn't know what hit him.

To Mr. Wolfowitz and his lady friend, this American citizen has read your rebuttals to the blatant lies and distortions handed down by your World Bank colleagues and given that institution's history, it's a bit silly to think that you'd be treated fairly. For the record, I BELIEVE every word written.

But it doesn't matter, now, does it? For the UN wins, it always wins. Do not EVER count on the wimp President Bush to defend his appointees.

Late last week, despite Wolfie's valiant attempts to salvage his good name and job, HIS boss, George Dubya, threw Wolfie under the bus.

Let this be a lesson, Wolfie. Call me up should you ever get it into your head to attempt such a thing again.

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