True Crime-Isn't It Time We Put OJ Away Forever?

It's the second True Crime post of the week and we will have updates on the McCann case, and OJ, goodness let's lock this man up once and for all, huh?

A fine collection of convict lawsuits is offered and in depth tongue in cheek updates on true crimes and pathetic criminals.

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OJ-Must We Suffer Him Again?

It began on or around September 14, 2007. Indeed the wonderful Orenthal James Simpson, a man who already got two free murders, committed armed robbery in Las Vegas.

OJ Montage 2007

Okay, let me state this now and I dare anyone to dispute. OJ Simpson is a creep of the highest order. He could have lived out the rest of his days free from bother of jail for his crimes. Surely he could have survived nicely on his NFL pension of approximately $30,000 a month, right folks? I mean don’t most of us live handily on way less than this?

But oh no. OJ Simpson couldn’t stand that he was sued for that small matter of murdering Ron Goldman, a fellow who should be alive, probably married with children, had not OJ stabbed the poor guy over 30 times.

So the fine OJ gets involved with a bunch of characters all over some sports memorabilia. See OJ wants it, it’s all HIS, it’s all about HIM.

The story of OJ and what happened in that Las Vegas hotel room is confusing. The cast of characters could be stars of The Sopranos. I watched Geraldo interview one shady fellow. I heard them talk on the tape. There were a bunch of them and it got so confusing it’s hard to discern just who was the victim.

In fact, one of the alleged victims has been hospitalized for a massive heart attack.

One of the men accusing O.J. Simpson of robbing him last Thursday is in the hospital. A spokesperson for Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles says Bruce Fromong is in the intensive care unit after suffering what's being described as a massive heart attack.

News 3's Jesse Corona spoke with Bruce Fromong's neighbors who say they can hardly believe everything that's been happening.

Before 53-year-old Bruce Fromong was an alleged victim in O.J. Simpson's personal sports memorabilia sting, he was an O.J. supporter. Fromong testified for Simpson's defense in the wrongful death case brought by Fred Goldman.

I’ve heard hints that this gang of bad boys was also involved in helping OJ hide his money in offshore accounts and hey, OJ is not subject to the rules of thee and me so naturally he had to bust in with guns and demand HIS stuff. Which is really property of the family of Ron Goldman…remember that kid OJ stabbed to death.

OJ Simpson makes me ill and I predict that this time America is simply sick of him. He’s made a mockery of our justice system and he is the personification of evil and self-centered.

The best legal advice OJ got was from his own attorneys. Which is…OJ WILL BE GRANTING NO INTERVIEWS!

Thank the Good God for that. For OJ is right at the end of his rope. We don’t need to see his smirking face on our television sets.

As for that lady hanging out with him…heh. Watch out for sharp knives; may you not end up like Nicole.

Someday We’ll Have a Death Penalty or Mandatory Castration for Guys Like This

First, John Atchison is an assistant DA! Second, this fine fellow proudly tells the undercover cop posing as the mother of a 5 year old that he’s “gentle” and avoids any “rough stuff”. WELL GIVE THIS HERO A DOG BISCUIT!

DETROIT (AP) - An assistant U.S. attorney from Florida was arrested in an Internet sting operation after flying to Michigan to have sex with a 5-year-old girl, authorities said Monday.
John D.R. Atchison, 53, was arrested Sunday at Detroit Metropolitan Airport after several weeks of Internet conversations between the prosecutor and a detective posing as the mother of a 5-year-old girl, authorities say.

He wants to have sex with a five year old girl and he’s proud that he doesn’t engage in rough stuff? Just having sex with a child is rough stuff, wouldn’t you think?

And this guy is a prosecutor putting other people in jail?

The Southwest Airlines Clothing Flap

It’s not a True Crime to wear extremely short skirts and plunging necklines but at Southwest Airlines you might get booted off.

Pic of attire that got woman removed from Southwest AirlinesDALLAS — Southwest Airlines is issuing an apology to the San Diego woman who was told she wasn't dressed appropriately on a San Diego to Tucson flight on July 3.

Southwest sent passenger Kyla Ebbert an apology, saying it was "very sorry" on a taping of the Dr. Phil Show Friday, and Southwest president Colleen Barrett was trying to reach Ebbert via telephone.

It seems that Southwest has apologized to the young lady but scuttlebutt has it that the skirt was extremely short. It sort of looks okay in the picture above but I’ve read eyewitness reports about this young woman and it is reported that one could see straight up her skirt to a very hairy sight if you get my drift.

I’m not at all sure that airlines don’t have enough to do what with security concerns that they should avoid becoming fashion critics. That young lady who wore her skirt so short that she gave us a “Britney Spears” shot upon sitting down, well SHE should be damned ashamed of herself.

Why on earth do females think it’s cool to go showing their private parts in public? Well sure the males are going to ogle, isn’t that why the show?

Does it somehow make you a better female? I mean, all females have the same parts. There’s nothing particularly spectacular or special about showing your nether regions save male attention. But if you think you’re going to find the love of your life by showing your parts…heh.

If this young lady is looking for respect well she won’t get it from most females with a bit of pride. She might get an ogle from the males out for a free show and why not? It’s what’s she’s giving away for free.

I think Kyla Ebbert is pathetic…really, really pathetic. Perhaps she deserved that apology from Southwest but most of the world is not impressed with a female so stupid.

Murdered Father Than Shot Infant While In Car

This is just such a strange story. The father pulls the car into the driveway, leaves his 7-month-old in the car while he goes up and knocks on the door of the house he is ostensibly visiting. Two men come up and shoot the father then, while running away, they stop and shoot that baby in the head.

From the LATIMES:
SACRAMENTO -- Seconds after killing a man during an apparent home invasion robbery Friday, two assailants went to his car parked outside, where one of them fired a bullet into the head of the man's 7-month-old son, authorities said this weekend as they released new details on the case.

Obviously there is way more to this story than being reported.

+---------------- Bizarre Convict Lawsuits ----------------+

In April 1996, inmate Kirk Livingood attempted to sue his cell mate, Phillip Negrete, for routinely beating him.

Convicted rapist, robber and kidnapper Melvin Leroy Tyler, serving time in Missouri, filed a lawsuit for $129 million to have prisoners supplied with a salad bar and brunches on weekends and holidays.

A New York City inmate sued for $8.5 million in damages because he smuggled a gun into the prison and accidentally shot himself.

Richard Loritz filed a $2000 lawsuit against the South Bay Detention Center in San Diego, California, for refusing to allow him to use dental floss.

Pic of ice cream with quote for outrageous convict lawsuits

A Utah prisoner filed a $1 million lawsuit against the state for suspending a program which provided hair transplants for prisoners. He claimed "emotional

Speaking of Ridiculous Lawsuits…

Okay, so young Rachel Corrie had high ideals. We’ll be kind here.

So she gets it into her head to travel to Palestine and get involved in the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. You read it right…a young American girl who should be dating and wearing clothes by Gwen Stefani.

So young Rachel is so serious that she positions her body directly in front of an Israeli bulldozer about to tear down a Palestinian house filled with terrorists.

Rachel was warned.

Rachel had plenty of warning.

I’m not at all sure what Rachel was thinking. I’m not sure if the Israeli running the bulldozer meant to kill Rachel but hey, when a big bulldozer runs over you, most times you don’t live.

The Israelis deny any intent to run over Rachel but what else are the going to say? What choice did they have…run away from Rachel Corrie, who had no business being there don’t forget, or leave that viper’s nest of a house full of terrorists busy killing Israelis?

Now, hey it’s so sad but it’s a hoot, Rachel’s family is suing, GET THIS, Caterpillar, Inc, the manufacturer of that Israeli bulldozer!

From Seattle Times:
Pic of Rachel CorrieRachel Corrie, of Olympia, was crushed in 2003 by a 60-ton Israeli bulldozer as she stood before a Palestinian home in the Gaza Strip. Her parents, Cindy and Craig Corrie, sued Peoria, Ill.-based Caterpillar, which manufactured the bulldozer, seeking to hold the company civilly liable for aiding and abetting human rights violations — the destruction of civilian homes.

That’s the ticket. It was the bulldozer’s fault. Rachel is innocent. Caterpillar should pay.


That John Kerry Tasering Incident

Lookit, the kid Andrew Meyer was a bit of an attention hog. He did jump into a line of questioners waiting to ask the fine John Kerry a question. In fact, Andrew Meyer asked John Kerry a bevy of questions, all of them a bit stupid. Meyer flung his questions into the air even though he was told it was all over and no more questions could be asked.

Meyer asked Kerry why he so quickly conceded the 2004 election, why he didn’t vote to impeach Bush, and was he a member of some weird group at Harvard with George Dubya Bush.

Kerry did agree to answer one of Meyer’s questions and here’s the bigger sin in this whole snafu…why couldn’t this man who would be leader of all Americans and Commander in Chief of the military take control of that situation?

Instead the vaunted John Kerry, who can lead nothing, went on talking even while poor Andrew Meyer was getting zapped by a tazer mercilessly.

Police have released the incident report detailing the Tasering of a University of Florida student during a campus forum with Sen. John Kerry Monday, and the officer who actually Tasered Andrew Meyer wrote in the report that Meyer later told police, “You didn’t do anything wrong.”

Come on…John Kerry could have acted like the leader he wanted us to elect, stepped forward and stopped the torture and taken control of the situation. Kerry might even have earned a modicum of respect from some quarters.

Instead dingbat Kerry’s over in a corner somewhere answering Meyer’s questions while Meyer’s screaming in pain from the tazer.

This incident, more than any, illustrates the total lack of character and leadership of one John Kerry than the youthful enthusiasm of Andrew Meyer.

Is Another Hollywood Celebrity Going to Walk Free?

So yet another jury is balking at delivering a guilty verdict that should be written in stone. Like OJ and Michael Jackson before him, Phil Spector might walk free for the death of Lana Clarkson, who, after all, deserved to live.

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - The jury in the murder trial of Phil Spector said on Tuesday it was unable to reach a unanimous verdict on the charges against the legendary rock producer, and the judge dismissed the jurors for the day.

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The jury said it had taken four ballots, but was split 7-5 over the verdict. The jury did not tell the judge if the split favored a guilty or not guilty verdict.

As of this writing, the judge is demanding that the jury go back and think more about the verdict. But a 7 to 5 split is going to be hard to overcome.

The man stuck a gun in Lana Clarkson’s mouth and pulled the trigger! He then went to his front door and told his chauffeur that he thinks he may have shot someone.

Or are we to believe that Lana Clarkson committed suicide while inside of Spector’s house? Because women are always committing suicide while in their dates’ houses in mid of night, but of course!

Where Is Pumpkin’s Dad?

It began with a story of a little girl who was found abandoned in an Australian train station.

The little girl was identified and it turns out that her father has quite an interesting past. First, he had another daughter who disappeared.

Now it would seem that Pumpkin’s mother too met a violent death.
Abandoned girl Anan Liu met a violent death before her husband was allowed to flee Auckland for Australia with their young daughter, despite authorities knowing of his record for domestic violence.

As an international hunt began for murder suspect Nai Xin Xue, New Zealand authorities came under fire for allowing the Auckland publisher to abduct his three-year-old daughter Qian Xun Xue, nicknamed Pumpkin.

The 54-year-old martial arts expert flew to Melbourne, where he dumped his daughter at a railway station on Saturday before fleeing for the United States, where he is believed to be hiding.

We’re going to keep an eye on this story.

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He had been stabbed 36 times, mostly shallow cuts. His body was found, face down, in the muddy waters of a small creek in Amish Pennsylvania. His death appears to have been from drowning, with the unstated supposition that had he not been in the creek he would have eventually bled out from his wounds.

There's many interesting facets of the Jonathan Luna case, including one factoid I found so very telling yet is buried beneath the verbiage and reporting on this case.

Start here on this initial post with the detail of Luna's death and information on his life before his odd journey to Pennsylvania in the middle of the night.

Here's a post compiled almost six months after the initial post. I re-visit my original post and theory concerning Jonathan Luna's death and found I am still correct as to how it came down.

A commenter challenges my theory about Jonathan Luna. In this post I break down that challenge with no mercy.


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