Pop Culture-How Gays Cruise for Sex…It's Not Pretty

Time for a Pop Culture post because such stuff sometimes amuses.

Lots on our homosexual brethren this week including an insult to them by Jerry Lewis, a celebrity tearing up biblical references to homosexuality as sin, a sordid narrative of how gays cruise for sex and a couple of Iowan homosexuals who managed to get married in the ten minutes before same sex marriage was passed then banned.

For heterosexuals we have the latest in pole dancing.

A sweet story of a bittersweet marriage of a marine burnt by an IED, and an inside on smoking and pets.

Pic of the Day

Pics with Muslim Garb....what's the point?

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Shut Up and Act

Okay, we’ll get to Sally Fields in a minute. Whose show, by the way, “Brothers and Sisters” is so liberal as to make me puke.

For now, here’s another example of why our celebrities should stick to what they do. For no one has ever decried that reading pre-written lines or singing already composed lyrics has ever given anyone special insight into world affairs. This goes double for that cross-eyed Streisand witch.

Ian McClellanAUCKLAND, NZ, August 30, 2007 ( - British Actor Ian McKellen who has used the mega-stardom he achieved playing Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings films to promote homosexuality, has admitted to ripping out pages of hotel bibles that refer to homosexuality.

Now here’s a guy so damn intelligent that he’s tearing pages out of bibles. I mean come on, the world needs more leadership like this. There’s only….what? About seventy million trillion bibles on the planet? Give Ian enough time and soon enough he’ll have them all defaced. Maybe he’ll stay out of trouble this way.

Someone Shut Up the Flying Nun

I mean it’s positively an insult to every one of us that this dingbat is on stage and preaching to us as if the dumb broad had a single clue.

First, her TV show-“Brothers and Sisters” is such a dippy trip into the psychedelic mind of the wasted liberal as to make on want to puke. One character, Sally’s son in the show, VOLUNTEERED to go to Iraq after 9-11. Hey, many young men did the same thing.

Only on “Brothers and Sisters” the young man came back from Iraq a psychological wreck. To add to the young man’s dismay, he is called BACK to Iraq. He then considers and plots running away from the military that he JOINED and the viewer is supposed to be all boo-hoo over this mistreated fellow.

Sally Fields, of course, is the young man’s Mama and she rants and raves about the unfairness of it all, how awful this country is to be tormenting its young people so….on and on it goes without an ounce of logic.

So what’s the problem? Hey, I’ll tell you. THEY ARE RE-LIVING VIETNAM! This Iraq war is NOTHING like Vietnam and the viewer has a total disconnect. Most important and what the liberals can’t understand (not that anyone ever declared liberals real smart of anything) is that our military is now all VOLUNTEER!

That story line about Sally’s son fleeing the long arm of the military…heh, that’s a play right off of the boys of the Vietnam era fleeing to Canada.

But hey, the Flying Nun is so wise and while accepting the Emmy she has to give a stupid lecture about women running the planet. Thanks to the miracle of Youtube, Sally’s stupid rant below.

Sally Field as

As a final flourish, we now note that the Flying Nun is WRONG about females and the elimination of wars. For three females have led nations in our history. Every one of these females were anything but feminine cowards.

In the 60-year old actress’ own lifetime there have been three female heads of state – all mothers - who did not hesitate to wage war to defend, or advance the interests of, their respective nations


Katie Couric…Ya Think?

So here’s another liberal failure but CBS, God Bless ‘em, keeps this airhead on TV.

See, network evening news shows aren’t watched as devotedly as they used to be. Serious news junkees watch the cable news shows as, well why wouldn’t they what with breaking news 24/7? Thus the network news shows are watched mostly by casual viewers, often as a prelude to the prime time networks’ lineup.

Maybe these casual news viewers like Katie Couric but hey, her ratings are in the toilet. Katie Couric will be forever perceived as light-hearted fare suitable for the less serious events presented in the morn.

"Katie Couric has been at it for a year at CBS. She's still a ratings disaster, and she's still channeling all the liberal bias, all the puff jobs for Hillary Clinton and Michael J. Fox. She has done what she has always done, and it's not working for her," says Graham.

Graham believes at some point CBS will have to admit that Couric was an experiment that failed. He says more than likely Couric might have to return to mornings to try to recapture her magic, once she is taken off CBS Evening News. He compares Couric to former CBS host Bryant Gumbel.

But CBS, hey, they don’t want to admit what anyone with any sense knew.

CBS shows no bias bue does Bush eat kittens?

I predict Katie, her network buddy Dan Rather, and OJ will all go away soon. If we’re lucky, it’ll be a holiday and will happen all at once.


Jerry Lewis Politically Incorrect?

Only me and the French love Jerry Lewis.

Indeed I loved Jerry Lewis as a comedian and what that says about me, I don’t know.

It would seem that my beloved funny man got into a bit of hot water for a homosexual slur he made during his annual Labor Day telethon for Muscular Dystrophy.

The controversial remark came yesterday in the 18th hour of the live national telecast, when a visibly weary Lewis, 81, was joking on stage, pretending to introduce members of someone's family as he mugged for the camera.

"Oh, your family has come to see you. You remember Bart, your oldest son, Jesse, the illiterate fag ...," Lewis said, as he apparently caught himself and ceased the gag in mid-sentence, turning on his heel away from the camera.

Maybe Ian McKellen can punch him in the face.

Gays “Marry” Under the Wire

As is too often the case in this supposedly Democratic country, some unelected Judge ruled that Iowa’s ban against same-sex marriages was not constitutional. Within a little over a 24 hour period, that ruling was put on hold pending appeal.

Within that period of time a couple of fine gay guys managed to get married. Frankly I think their action to be a bit of genius and it will be fun to see what happens when the dust settles.

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) -- Two men sealed the state's first legal same-sex marriage with a kiss Friday morning, less than 24 hours after a judge threw out Iowa's ban on gay marriage and about two hours before he put the ruling on hold.

Homosexuals get married under the wire

Sean Fritz, left, and Tim McQuillan show their wedding license before getting married.

I do not, nor will I ever, think two people of the same sex should be allowed to wed. So shoot me and the 80% of the rest of this country who feel the same way. But for our buddies Sean and Tim, above, I’ll give them special consideration. They sure fooled a lot of people. Let that nutso unelected judge deal with them.

How Gays Cruise for Sex With Strangers

Here’s an intriguing article about homosexual males and how they cruise the bathrooms across the highways and byways of the fruited plains for sex with strangers.

While many Americans may only be vaguely familiar with the idea of "cruising," there is a secret world of sex between men that exists in public places across the country.

I’ve made the argument before and I’ll make it again…it is the FEMALE of the species who sets the sexual standards. Indeed. For if females were to all suddenly offer free sex in public bathrooms on the Interstates and in the airports, the heterosexual males would be lined up three deep.

Females won’t do this however. Heh. First, our homosexual brothers call us “breeders” for a reason. Females can get pregnant as a result of any sexual encounter. Silly females tend to want some sort of relationship with the father of her children. Telling your children that their daddy is some guy met in an adjacent bathroom stall…well duh.

Thus I do not crown heterosexual males with the blessing of the sexually pure. Many, if not most, would eagerly participate in a system that would have them reaching heights of ecstasy with a simple shoe dance in a bathroom stall.

The females with whom they would so consort would likely not indulge. Heh.

Get two males together and all sexual sensibility goes out the window.

Which is proof positive why homosexuals should not be allowed to get married. These are not people that live long faithful lives with a significant other. Hey, their hetero counterparts might not be either but hey again, heteros have the female of the species balancing things with a gentle hand.

A Love Story for the Ages

Came across this story and felt the sting of bittersweet tears fill my eyes.

From Timesonline:
When Marine Sergeant Ty Ziegel woke up from his coma, he was still in a fog of drugs. He knew his fiancée, Renee, was there and sensed her love for him. She had been playing with his feet because there was so little of him she could touch. He was told of his injuries but was so out of it, he thought: “Whatever.”

Disfigured marine gets married

This, ladies and gems, is true love. Do you think Sean would still marry Tim if he looked like this?

Stripper Poles Coming to a Campus Near You

Parents, warn your daughters.

College fraternities, long known as bastions of grace and decorum, are these days featuring yet one more accoutrement of scholastic refinement - the stripper pole.
The most important campus development since the keg, the stripper pole shines like a luminous totem festooning the halls of the American academy. It's erected for a single, glorious purpose:

To get drunken chicks to do slutty stuff.

Females tend to do stupid stuff when they’re drinking or so unsure of themselves that they offer to do things that they’ll later regret.

I’ll be the first to call boorish males who indulge in this behavior…well boors comes to mind.

But it’s on the female to think enough of herself to NOT engage in this behavior that she’ll likely regret her whole life. If she doesn’t end up drugged and raped, that is.

Below, a real cute pole dancer.

puppy pole dancer

More Second Hand Smoke Lies

The state of Delaware, where they crucify smokers along Route one that the world know what Delaware thinks of smokers, regularly runs a commercial shouting that “millions” die every year from second hand smoke.

Once again I issue the challenge…show me one death certificate that has second hand smoke as the cause of death and I will immediately write a check that will bounce for a million bucks.

Secondhand smoke is not only harmful to humans, it may also cause cancer in household pets such as dogs, cats and birds, Oklahoma State University researchers said last week.

pic of dogs playing poker and smoking

"There have been a number of scientific papers recently that have reported the significant health threat secondhand smoke poses to pets," said Dr. Carolynn MacAllister, an Oklahoma State University Cooperative Extension Service veterinarian, in a news release. "Secondhand smoke has been associated with oral cancer and lymphoma in cats, lung and nasal cancer in dogs, as well as lung cancer in birds."

Now pets are something we have here in Serendipity Shore in the swamps of Delaware. In fact, through the years we’ve probably had up in the teens in the amount of cats plus several dogs. Every one of them lived well beyond their specie’s normal life. This in a house filled with smoke. Husband, daughter and myself smoked liked chimneys through the years.

Well the scientists would argue it’s anecdotal but I’d argue back that it’s damn convincing.

Of course a constant barrage of second hand smoke isn’t good for any living thing. And yes, I’d argue that free people should not be exposed to second hand smoke if it irritates.

What now? Smokers won’t be allowed to own pets?

To the snobs who consider Pop Culture too silly to watch or indicative of nothing, I argue that those things that intrigue the masses are as much of an indicator of where the society is going as much as ongoing political events.

Below, some very "popular" Pop Culture posts on this Blog.

Just for the hell of it, a post with a happening Oscar fashion critique.

Yes, it's Britney's crotch shot. One of this Blog's most frequently hit posts. Heh.
Katrina gossip? Yes, even in the aftermath of this country's most damaging hurricane, we have gossip.


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kate s-b said...

If you want to uphold the values of democracy, surely you should support Sally Field's right to freedom of speech. In a democracy, you don't have to have a 'special insight into world affairs' to voice your views. Do you have a degree in International Relations? I assume not, but you still have the right to talk about it in this blog.
I also think that whether you disagree with Sally Field or not, you should use more respectful language towards a fellow human being. Calling her a 'dumb broad' doesn't do you any favours.