Political Tidbits-Analysis of the Primaries to Date, Some Sarcasm and Tongue-in-Cheek Commentary

Yes, it's time for some Political Tidibits as the campaign season has begun.

We’ve got a slew of commentary, sarcasm, pics and wild behavior. With some fine personal gossip about the campaign, the sort of punditry you’ll never hear from Bill Crystal. Yes, I’ve noted some things in the recent campaigns y’all should know.

And, not that anybody cares, my own endorsement for the GOP nomination.

Results and analysis of the primaries, pics and video unique to this Blog site.

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Political Tidbits

Can We Talk About Barack?

Barack Hussein Obama has a special place in my heart for his wonderful rejoinder to Hillary Clinton when a plant from her campaign asked Obama why there were so many former Clinton administration officials working on his campaign. Hillary gave her cackle when the question was asked and Obama responded by telling her not to laugh, that he intended to have HER helping with his campaign soon enough.


Beyond that, the guy’s a liberal of the highest order, has no experience and I’m very wary of that Hussein middle name of his.

Which brings me to Obama’s church and I must wonder how he gets away with belonging to a church which claims unabashedly to be “unashamedly black”. Mitt Romney got nothing but grief over his Mormon faith yet Obama gets no grief for his church’s pledge to “remain true to our native land”, which would be Africa.

I mean, is this Barack Hussein Obama American or not for God’s sake?

We are a congregation which is unashamedly black and unapologetically Christian,” says the Trinity United Church of Christ’s website in Chicago. “We are an African people and remain true to our native land, the mother continent, the cradle of civilization.”

That’s just the beginning. The church has a “non-negotiable commitment to Africa,” according to its website, and its pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr. subscribes to what is called the Black Value System.

And here’s a tidbit…A Barack supporter is urging people to vote for Huckabee.

From Human Events
Both the Byzantine nature of the Michigan presidential primary -- as well as the crucial importance of the January 15 contest -- were underscored by the news that one of Mike Huckabee’s major boosters in the primary is actually supporting Barack Obama for President.

State Rep. LaMar Lemmons of Detroit, a Democrat and African-American, recently unveiled “Democrats for Huckabee” to urge crossover votes for the former Arkansas governor January 15. In a state with no party registration, crossovers from one party without a presidential contest to another can have an impact; in 1972, thousands of Water Wonderland Republicans crossed over to give George Wallace a commanding win in the Democratic presidential primary.

Speaking of Mike Huckabee …

We can’t stand the man. He’s no conservative and he’s let more criminals out of jail in Arkansas than all the other Governors in his surround. I’ve got a knockout article on Huckabee’s questionable pardons for sale on this Blog, HERE.

Speaking of Ongoing Jokes…

Mike Bloomberg, New York City’s nanny mayor, keeps playing the coy maiden with his intentions to run. Lord, don’t believe that lying hack. Bloomberg DESPERATELY wants to run for president! The man wanted to be Mayor of New York so bad he bought the position.

Bloomberg’s problem is he doesn’t really fit anywhere to run as an independent candidate. He is a Republican but heh, he’s about as Republican as I am a Playboy centerfold. Bloomberg would more likely draw votes from the Democrat candidate than the Republican nominee.

Independent candidates are the specialty of the Clintons. If it looks really bad for Clinton, they’ll do like they did in 1992 with Peroit, they’ll recruit an independent to run and siphon votes from the competition, than reward him or her with many government contracts after the elections.

NEW YORK - New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has quietly been polling and conducting a highly sophisticated voter analysis in all 50 states as he decides whether to launch an independent presidential bid, associates said Wednesday.

This country really NEEDS Bloomberg as president because hey, this country is cooking with entirely too many trans-fats.

Speaking of French Presidents…

You say no one was speaking of French presidents? Well yes they are, right here!

Mine own personal male model of lust, French President Sarkozy, has a new love. She’s 13 years younger than him, a model, and hey, I don’t have a chance.

From the
There's no fool like an old fool, but nothing beats an old French fool, especially not one charged with running his country. Witness Nicolas Sarkozy, currently mooning around Paris like a lovestruck goon, making doe eyes at his new girlfriend Carla Bruni, as the rest of the country burns, riots and strikes - though thankfully to a soundtrack of Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg.

Wow. Read this article if you want to see a blistering example of so-called “impartial” journalism.


Top Ten Signs Your Presidential Campaign is in Trouble


  • 10. When asked what you'd do about Iraq you say, "Do I rock?"
  • 9. You're often described as "John Kerry without charisma"
  • 8. Many of your supporters have been hospitalized because you ordered your campaign buttons from China
  • 7. You've been running negative ads about yourself
  • 6. Only Endorsement you've received was from "Burrito Afficionado" magazine
  • 5. When reporting caucus results media refers to you as "Other"
  • 4. "Meet the Press" appearance turns ugly when you put Tim Russert in a headlock
  • 3. Budget director blew most of your campaign funds betting on the Knicks
  • 2. You've primarily been campaigning in Canada
  • 1. You often ask, "What would George W. Bush do?"

  • Okay, So What About Hillary?

    Hey, I thought New Hampshire would be the end of her. But she came back and won and those voters bussed in from neighboring Massachusetts and Vermont didn’t hurt. In New Hampshire, all you have to do is declare you live there and boom, you can vote.

    It seems that everyone claiming to be a pundit is analyzing and dissecting the Hillary campaign while I, a humble Blogger read by two to three people every day, simply toss off the victory with the same reason the Clintons succeed at anything they do…they cheated!

    Below, from no less an expert than former WH Chief of Staff Karl Rove, the reasons Hillary won.

    From the Wall Street Journal Online:
    Mrs. Clinton won a narrow victory in New Hampshire for four reasons. First, her campaign made a smart decision at its start to target women Democrats, especially single women. It has been made part of the warp and woof of her campaign everywhere. This focus didn't pay off in Iowa, but it did in New Hampshire.

    Second, she had two powerful personal moments. The first came in the ABC debate on Saturday, when WMUR TV's Scott Spradling asked why voters were "hesitating on the likeability issue, where they seem to like Barack Obama more." Mrs. Clinton's self-deprecating response -- "Well, that hurts my feelings" -- was followed by a playful "But I'll try to go on."

    Click on the link to read the rest.

    And What About John Edwards?


    Nothing but a funny picture for the Breck Girl.

    So What About the Republicans?

    Here’s my own rule of thumb:

    If Rudy G. gets the nomination, I’m going to vote for Rudy G.
    If Mitt Romney gets the nomination, I’m going to vote for Mitt Romney
    If Fred Thompson gets the nomination, I’m going to vote for Fred Thompson
    If Mike Huckabee gets the nomination, I’m going to vote for Mike Huckabee, although I will hold my nose
    If John McCain gets the nominiation, I’m going to vote for John McCain but I will really, really hold my nose.
    If Ron Paul gets the nomination, first I will consider a clear shot through my head, then I will vote for Ron Paul

    Speaking of Ron Paul, below a Youtube video of Paul’s totally crazy supporters chasing Fox’s Sean Hannity.

    Ron Paul…how on earth did this man ever get to be a Republican?

    Below a pic of the very liberal John McCain with one of his favorite friends. You see correct, it’s Senator Edward Kennedy, that Massachusetts’ liberal who leaves young women to die in his car at the bottom of the lake he drove in to.

    McCain and Kennedy worked together to try to shove that immigration amnesty bill the congress tried to shove down our throats.


    Okay Pat, But Who Do You Really Endorse?

    To the two or three people a day who read this Blog, I urge you to cast your ponderous ballots for…drumroll…FRED THOMPSON!

    So okay, Fred’s running a low key campaign. So low key that his campaign failed to even get the guy’s name on the ballot here in Delaware. Duh. Getting your campaign’s guy’s name on the ballot, CAMPAIGN 101.

    And yes, he buys a couple of cups of coffee on the campaign trail and chats up a couple of Starbucks’ customers, hey, it’s a sign the man has an even temperament.

    Fred Thompson always gets an A+ on every debate in which he participates, he expresses constant conservative standards, like I said, the guy is very low key.

    It would be nice if he’d show a little more enthusiasm but hey, you can’t have everything.

    Some Personal Observations and Tidbits

    It’s a bit pathetic that everyone on the planet is dissecting and scrutinizing Madame Hillary’s recent show of womanly tears. Some excoriate her for it, some sympathize, many call it opportunistic not that a Clinton would ever be such a thing.

    Hey, the woman’s tears were REAL. So okay, the tears weren’t really for what she claimed they were about. Hillary said she cried for this country for which she had such high hopes. I agree with Maureen Dowd, Hillary’s tears were real but they were shed in exasperation for us fools who don’t realize how badly the country needs her.

    Also, I’ve noted, astutely, several signs that the Clinton goons were out and beating up on everybody and I shall elaborate.

    First, Delaware’s own Governor, Nanny Minner. Ruth Minner is a female, yes she is. Not that anyone’s heard much about her but take my word for it, or not as you please, but she’s got to be the worst Governor in the history of this country. Further, for the past year Delaware hasn’t seen Nanny Minner anywhere.

    It’s as if the woman went AWOL from being Governor.

    So what does Delaware’s Ruth Minner do this past Wednesday? Why she comes out in public, startled by the sunlight no doubt, and sings the praises of Hillary Clinton!

    What, you think that was coincidence?

    Here in Delaware the criminals are escaping from the jails, the insane are being tied down and raped in their beds, huge bridges wobble on their foundations and boom, Nanny Minner shows her face for the first time in a year to endorse Hillary.

    Then there’s Richardson of New Mexico. Now Bill Richardson is such a Clinton sycophant he’s got the imprint of Bill Clinton’s asshole on his lips. It was Richardson who got Monica a job at the UN and it was Bill Richardson in charge of the Los Alamos facility which allowed Clinton contributing Chicoms access to America’s nuclear secrets.

    Recently, for whatever intriguing reason, Richardson urge his Iowa delegates to cast their votes reserved for him over to Obama.

    I knew Richardson was in trouble when the smirking Clinton lover Terry McAuliffe made a reference to Richardson’s questionable loyalties.

    Yesterday, in front of my lying eyes on Fox, there was New Mexico Governor Richardson on TV, explaining how he and Bill made their peace, that campaigns extract a toll on a fellow from time to time and he might have made a mistake.

    Hillary’s testicle lockbox strikes again. They got to Richardson and I could almost see his most private male parts being twisted into a wad.

    Finally, heh, how about the very loyal John Kerry endorsing Barack Obama? Come on! The man ran for President with John Edwards as his VP!

    My guess is that John Edwards didn’t want the man’s endorsement. John Kerry, after all, is pretty much been proved a Massachusetts liberal with zero charm and a history of traitorous behavior. Americans don’t want that man and his endorsement would likely cause more harm than good.

    I’m not even convinced Obama’s campaign wanted Kerry’s blessing but you got to laugh. The man didn’t even bless his former running mate’s campaign.

    How low can you go?

    On a personal note, myself has accepted the position of Campaign Chair for the Sussex County Republican Women’s Club. I bow at the applause.

    I don’t know what the job entails but it sure sounds like something right up my alley.

    Stay tuned to this Blog.


    With each entry into Political Tidbits a little bit of history is recorded. So okay, maybe the two to three people a day who read this Blog would not be considered historians of note but I say a review of the past as recorded by the folks...which would be me, can reveal a lot about the culture of an era.

    With a mind to my future generations who should read this online journal, I submit the following as posts of note.

    Before Senator Larry Craig got arrested for playing footsie in a public bathroom there was a fellow named Foley. And while Craig's indiscretions were worthy of his ouster, the truth is that homosexual Foley did nothing wrong yet he's gone as well.

    Barack Obama and his big ears might be long gone after the 2008 election. While this up and coming black Democrat is in the news let's have a laugh at his "ear" problem.

    Here's some surprising pics of former President Gerald Ford, discovered by this Blogger after his death in 2007.

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