Political Tidbits-Campaign Update 2/15/2008

Please allow this Blogger, read by two to three people every day, now cast her thoughts on alleged conservative John McCain, into the punditry ring.

For even as the debates rage across the USA as to what to do, what to do, The Wise I has a solution to the McCain conundrum. For there is ONE thing that John McCain could do that would have me not only voting for him with enthusiasm but eagerly working for his campaign as well.

Also, a funny “trick” pulled on the recent Delaware primary that could have, for the humorless, landed me in all kinds of trouble.

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Political Tidbits

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A Move McCain Could Make That Would Have Him Loved by Conservatives Across the Fruited Plains

In case yon reader has been living in a cave these past few months, the world of conservatism is howling about presumptive Republican nominee, John McCain.

Before my fine idea that would catapult McCain into favoritism possibly even with Rush Limbaugh, let us review the list of conservatives’ grievances against the fine, even-tempered McCain.

* McCain-Kennedy amnesty bill - think this won't come back when he takes office?
*McCain-Feingold attack on the 1st Amendment
*Has bought into Global Warming hook, line and sinker
*McCain-Leiberman Global Warming cap & trade plan, but only for the US, not the world: destroy our economy!
*No waterboarding
*Wants to close Guantanamo because he's concerned about what the rest of the world thinks
*Gang of 14 deal with Democrats to stop Republicans getting judges through
*Keating Five scandal
*Always seeks a government solution to problems, always working with Dems and we come out on the short end
*Thought Justice Alito was "too conservative"
*No drilling in ANWR
*Voted against Bush tax cuts that turned the economy around after 911 - using the Democrats class warfare terms!
*Voted against same-sex marriage amendment
*Voted for embryonic stem cell research
*Called Swift Boat Veterans "liars"
*Lack of support for Israel
*Age - will be a factor, especially if it is Obama
*Cancer - you don't think the Democrats won't bring this up?
*Temper - legendary

The above list was composed on the Sunday talk show thread of FreeRepublic, an extremely conservative web site and filled to the brim with angry conservatives. Look at that list above, I thank my fellow Freepers for allowing me to pick their brains, and do you not wonder why? For the GOP to nominate John McCain as its candidate strikes conservatives as akin to making Syria the head of the UN human rights commission. No wait…

Anyway, I came up with an action that John McCain could take that would possibly appease angry conservatives to the point of eager support of his candidacy. I say “could” because conservatives are like cats, they can’t be herded.

I’d also like to add a few thoughts before my grand idea.

First, McCain is obviously twisting every politico’s arm for an endorsement of his nasty self but my suggestion requires that McCain himself actually take an action. For why does McCain think that just because he did Charlie Crist a favor sometime in the past, as McCain is wont to do even for the Democrats, that us conservatives are going to jump through hoops that hey, by golly, Jeb Bush endorsed McCain, damn maybe I missed something?

How about McCain stops beating on us who look at that list above, a list that would make liberals proud but raises a conservative’s blood pressure to heights unknown? How about McCain actually does something HIMSELF to prove his conservative credentials and impress us with his sincerity?

As for those political elites who continue to excoriate us silly citizens who intend to simply NOT…read my lips, NOT pull that lever for McCain, I suggest that those of us with that intention respond with the following: “If John McCain should win the presidency I will support him as my country’s leader and commander in chief”. Then don’t say another word, shut the hell up, go into the privacy of that voting booth, vote the down ticket, write-in a more palatable presidential candidate or avoid the presidential vote completely, and let the politicos preach to us from now to election day. They can spend the next eight months shoving McCain in our faces but we can vote for who we want to on election day so they can go straight to hell.

Finally, before my big idea that requires McCain to do more than twist arms of fellow Republicans for endorsements, I also suggest one response when a various and sundry fellow Republican or GOP citizen preaches to you that cohesiveness and closing in around the candidate is now required; that to not vote for a president this election is an abandonment of the party…ask the following:



McCain Feingold graphic

So okay, here’s my suggestion. While the list of grievances McCain protestors have against the man is quite long, there is one that particularly rubs a lot of conservatives the wrong way, especially this Blogger. And understand that I’m not sure this move by McCain will do what I think cause like I said, conservatives, indeed the American public, are like cats. They aren’t easy to herd. But I’ll throw it out there.

The McCain-Feingold legislation is possibly the worst, least effective law passed since this country began. This law, also known sarcastically as “the incumbent protection act” essentially forbids any bad-mouthing of candidates two weeks before an election.

First thing…the founding fathers specifically forbade the passage of any law that inhibits free speech. “Congress shall make NO law that would infringe on freedom of speech” it says, or close enough. McCain, well he’s God and he lost the last election to George Bush and he was pissed. So he joined up with the nutball Feingold and passed this monstrosity of a law.

Now Bush, as president, shouldn’t have signed that damn thing what with taking an oath to uphold our constitution and guess what the first amendment to our constitution happens to be? Yeah, that bit about Freespeech. The logic as presented at the time was that the Supreme Court would obviously overturn such an unconstitutional law. Bush was newly elected and evidently afraid, like so many lily-livered Republicans, to take a stand. Only the Supreme Court has not YET overturned that bad bill although there’s supposed to be cases on this very, bad, very bad legislation coming up.

The McCain-Feingold stomping of our free speech has done nothing to stop attacks on honest candidates and surely hasn’t kept bad money out of politics. We now have and George Soros practically running the DNC like puppets on strings. All of this springing from John McCain’s fine legislation that made so many of us despise the man.

Here’s what McCain can do to possibly, emphasize that word “possibly”, appease conservatives who, for now, are vowing to not support the man. John McCain, who has to know this law was a joke, could either introduce legislation to rescind the McCain-Feingold act or introduce legislation to eliminate that bit about not talking bad about a candidate two weeks before an election.

When, ladies and gems, is free speech MOST important than right before an election? Indeed. And that’s when John McCain, who the Republican party wants to shove down our throats, wants to shut us all up.

Let John McCain get rid of that awful legislation that surely he has to know has been a total disaster. Let him twist arms in that senate cloak room he loves to circulate and get that damn thing off the books.

THEN, ladies and gems, McCain could schedule a speech and announce what he did, admit that while it seemed like a good idea at the time that he realized the error of his ways and corrected the mistake. He could end the speech by beseeching us for our votes now that he took such a decisive action. This action, McCain would say, is his down payment for a conservative presidency that he will promise to deliver.

He’s got plenty of time to do this ladies and gems. HE sure pushed that bit of nastiness through in short shrift. And hey, McCain himself will have to actually do something besides beat us up who have honest reasons for objecting to him as an alleged conservative nominee.

He brags that he reaches across the aisle to the Democrats. Hey, John McCain, how about reaching across the aisle to your own damn party for a change?
So I got vote in the recent Delaware primary and there’s about four Mike Huckabee signs planted in front of my polling place.

I ask the polling people if this is legal. They say it is, if at least fifty feet a way. I go out and begin to “measure” the distance using my feet. The polling people see me and don’t forget I had my trusty camera. They come out with a length of clothes line, fresh from the wrapper, and stretch it out.

“This clothes line is 50’ long,” a very nice poll worker tells me, and shows me the wrapper, freshly removed, which indicates, indeed, that the line within is fifty feet long. The poll worker then proceeds to show me the law on the books that makes the placement of such signs legal so long as its fifty feet away.

“Can I put up Romney signs too?” I ask.

They shrug. “Sure”.

Below, the before and after pic. Well hell, they didn’t tell me WHERE I was supposed to put the Romney signs.



With each entry into Political Tidbits a little bit of history is recorded. So okay, maybe the two to three people a day who read this Blog would not be considered historians of note but I say a review of the past as recorded by the folks...which would be me, can reveal a lot about the culture of an era.

With a mind to my future generations who should read this online journal, I submit the following as posts of note.

Before Senator Larry Craig got arrested for playing footsie in a public bathroom there was a fellow named Foley. And while Craig's indiscretions were worthy of his ouster, the truth is that homosexual Foley did nothing wrong yet he's gone as well.

Barack Obama and his big ears might be long gone after the 2008 election. While this up and coming black Democrat is in the news let's have a laugh at his "ear" problem.

Here's some surprising pics of former President Gerald Ford, discovered by this Blogger after his death in 2007.

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