TV-American Idol 2008-Top 24, Some Possible Winners, Videos and Pics

This upcoming week "American Idol" 2008 will begin its annual contest.

The top 24 have been selected and I've pics of each that you'll find nowhere else on the Internet.

Plus videos you'll also find nowhere else on the Internet of the most promising of this year's group, and this year's American Idol silliness that will go down in history.

A prediction on the winner as well!

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”American Idol” 2008 Begins Audience Eliminations-Top 24 Named

They went to Philadelphia, Dallas, San Diego, Charleston, Miami, Omaha, and Atlanta. The contenders turned out by the thousands.

Now American Idol 2008 has announced the top 24 contenders. Below we have a pic of every one of them plus one who should have made it.

Which ones, we must speculate, appear headed to the finals?

Below some links and or video to what I deem to be the best possibilities. My guesses are based on past choices, what seems due this year, and the amount of attention paid to the contenders by the judges and/or producers during the tryouts.

Below, a video of Amanda Overmyer. Amanda is a nurse who rides a Harley. She’s got a rough but pleasantly surprising edge. Her style is Janis Joplin of the twenty first century.

I figure it’s time for a female singer with something different. Amanda’s got an edge, a soft growl, some anger. She’s not Carrie Underwood and she sure ain’t Jordin Sparks. I think she’ll make at least the top five.

Amy Davis is a bit of a generic female singer. She’ll make top ten at best; likely not.

Amy Davis

Asia’H Epperson tried out in Atlanta, Georgia. She’s just lost her father a few days prior to the audition. The song she chose is sweet, sad, touching. The judges seemed to like Asia, with the oddly spelled name.

I think Asia will make the top ten but I won’t commit beyond that.

Robbie Carrico comes from the Miami area. I don’t think he’ll make the top ten.

Robbie Carrico

Syesha Mercado is one to watch. She’s from the Miami area, has a bit of Fantasia about her. Her voice is powerful and I can see her winning this thing. Definitely top five material.

Kady Malloy is a pretty blond with a bit of a country twang. I don’t see anything outstanding about her and would be surprised if she makes it into the top ten.

Kady Malloy

David Cook is a fellow who could win this thing. He’s from the Omaha area. He really needs to work on his “look”. That hair does nothing for him.

I doubt he’ll be able to beat a couple of the great female finalists but who knows, maybe American will go for a guy this year.

Carly Smithson, from the San Diego area, is the one I’d choose to win this thing if someone held a gun to my head. She’d tried out in 2005 but there were problems with her visa. I’m not sure why she needed a visa, she sounds very American to me.

Carly has a great voice, a great look and those tattoos on her arms are unique and, oddly, attractive.

Brooke White is beautiful with a great voice. I predict this one will make the top ten, maybe the top five. She’s a bit too ordinary, however, and I’m basing a lot of my predictions on my notion that this year America might be looking for someone with a bit of an edge.

“American Idol” 2008 Contenders

CLICK HERE FOR Pics of Top 24 American Idol 2008 Finalists

Top 24 “American Idol” 2008
Brooke White-
Carly Smithson-
David Cook-
Amanda Overmyer-
David Archuleta-
Kristy Lee Cook-
Danny Noriega-
Jason Castro-
Luke Menard-
Alexandra Lushington-
Ramiele Malubay-
Michael Johns-
Syesha Mercado-
Robbie Carrico-
Garrett Haley-
Kady Malloy-
Chickezie Eze-
Amy Davis-
Alaina Whitaker-
Jason Yeager-
Asia’H Epperson-
David Hernandez-
Colton Berry-
Joanne Boroella-

Brooke White
Carly Smithson
David Cook
Amanda Overmyer
David Archulete
Danny Noriega
Kristy Lee Cook
Jason Castro
Jason Menard
Alexandra Lushington
Ramiele Malubay
Michael Johns
Syesha Mercado
Robbie Carrico
Garrett Haley
Kady Malloy
Chikezie Eze
Amy Davis
Alaina Whitaker
Jason Yeager
Asia'H Epperson
David Hernandez
Colton Berry
Joanne Borgella

Ensley Kyle Number 24

And let’s not forget this fellow. For every year there’s always some weirdo who tries out for American Idol. His name is Renuldo Lapuz and his song is definitely one for the liberals. In fact, Obama should ask for use of this tune for his campaign.

Below, “You Are My Brother”. Don’t you love that outfit?

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