True Crime Update 2/14/08

Here’s a True Crime post and we’ve a video of Bobby Cutts’ sobbing confession. He swung his arm, hit her in the neck with his elbow and accidentally killed her. Damn. This guy’s elbows should be registered as lethal weapons.

Plus, update on microwaved baby case, a mother/son robbery team, a child found wondering in mall over weekend and the shocking pic of a quadriplegic dumped like garbage by…the police?

Finally, a drunk driving a lawnmower video that you simply must see.

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”Lethal Elbows” by Bobby Cutts

We figure that will be the name of the movie this former cop turned murderer will star in.

"I didn't mean to hurt her," Bobby Cutts Jr. testified, clutching a handful of white tissues.

Cutts, 30, said he was at Jessie Davis' home to pick up his 2 1/2-year-old son, Blake, and was telling her to hurry.

He said that when she didn't move more quickly to get her son ready, he started to go, but that Davis grabbed him and told him he couldn't leave. He said he pulled his arm away and threw his elbow back, striking her in the throat and causing her to fall.

As of this writing, 2/14/08 early in the morn, the jury is still out on the Bobby Cutts case. Reporters assert that a verdict is expected soon. Still and so, the testimony of Bobby Cutts is the most amazing fiction that I’m not smart enough to write.

Below, a video of Mr. Cutts’ tearless, sobbing confession.

Bobby Cutts is an Ohio police officer who is a fertile fellow, let there be no doubt. First, he’s married and has a child with his wife. Second, Jessie Davis is his girlfriend and she had a son with Cutts and was very pregnant with his daughter.

As this crime unfolded, yet another female emerged from the dust to announce that she too had a child with Cutts.

Now why on earth would a man impregnate all these women, most of whom he was not married to? It’s not like there was much left from his paycheck after the child support deductions but hey, the world could admire this manly man who could, by the mere act of intercourse, make all kinds of babies! A man fathering children, imagine that!

But anyway it was his latest girlfriend and mother-to-be of his most recent deposit of the world’s most amazing sperm who somehow died at the hand of Bobby Cutts. And the death was caused by but a simple swing of his arms but hey, this is a man who can impregnate women by the dozens.

Not only was Bobby Cutts’ court room performance quite unbelievable, how about that bit about using bleach to try to revive the woman? It was handy, or so Cutts explained.


The cell phones wouldn’t work, neither his or Jessie’s. The body was in the truck bed; somehow it ended up in the nearby woods.

Well hey, as of this writing the jury is still out on Bobby Cutts.

Maybe they’ll believe his story.

I just don’t think so.

How Much Interest on a Bag of Meth?

WORDS...You Can't Fix Stupid

An 18-year-old Bremerton woman told police last week that she may have mistakenly placed a bag of meth into a local ATM for deposit into her bank account, according to documents filed in Kitsap County Superior Court.

Plea Deal in Unkempt Lawn Case

I had this story and the pic all ready for my Tuesday True Crime post. Somehow I lost the original link so I cut the piece.

Now I found this story and the tale as told is quite different from my original link. The first story had this elder gentlewoman thrown to the ground by nasty police for no reason whatsoever.

Now I learn that the elder gentlewoman…well the story is a whole lot different now.

When 70-year-old Betty Perry was accused of neglecting her lawn, she became defiant.

Betty Perry

Perry was arrested, handcuffed and briefly jailed in July for declining a ticket for failing to water her lawn.

Although hey, “failing to water a lawn”? Where on earth is this a crime?

Mistrial Declared in Microwaved Baby Trial

First covered on this Blog HERE, with a pic of the accused, we now learn that the trial of this fine mother has been put on hold and must be rescheduled. This even though a jury was seated and all were ready to continue.

DAYTON, Ohio — A judge declared a mistrial Monday in the case of woman accused of killing her month-old daughter by burning her in a microwave, finding that new defense witnesses bolster her claim that she is innocent.

They found DNA from the baby INSIDE of the microwave, on the top of the thing in fact. The baby’s internal organs were burned while she showed not one sign of external burning. The accused claims she had no idea how her baby was injured and denies, of course, any knowledge of the microwave.

The judge heard testimony from a juvenile, in private. Based on this testimony and written affidavits from other witnesses, the judge ruled that their stories must be heard and enough time given to prosecutors and defense to proceed. Evidently this was all some last minute ploy.

Poor little Paris Arnold, an infant, endured a horrifying painful death. Her internal organs didn’t suddenly up and burn for no reason.

The judge stated that the verdict would be overturned if these witnesses were not vetted by all attorneys involved in the case and, I suppose, it’s possible that this mysterious juvenile confessed to microwaving the baby.

Prosecutors claim it all to be lies and smoke screens.

We’ll keep following this case on this Blog.

Fine Mother-Son Robbery Team

It doesn’t quite match the fine fathering skills of Paulus Vandersloot, a fellow who happily takes the dead bodies of his son’s one-night-stands out to sea for burial.

But this fine mother has bonded well with her son and together they rob people.

Touching, huh?

FORT PIERCE — Police arrested a mother and son each on a robbery charge, linking them to a Thursday confrontation on Okeechobee Road, according to arrest affidavits released Friday.

Burkett mother with son robbery team

The victim told police that a mother and son identified as Tina M. Burkett, 40, and 19-year-old Thomas P. Demello approached him about 12:30 a.m. Thursday as he sat on the west side of 1800 Okeechobee Road.

He said Demello robbed him of about $150, striking him several times before stealing the cash. The victim identified the robbers to police as a mother and son named Tina and Tommy.

Toddler Found Left Alone in Mall

Shameka Taylor evidently had better things to do that Sunday eve than to go down and pick up her son. A son who had been found by mall personnel alone and wondering the mall late Saturday night.

An Aunt phoned the police and identified the child. The boy’s mother finally called but it seems that Shameka has some outstanding arrest warrants and didn’t want to risk arrest when she went to pick up the boy.

ST. LOUIS — Police still want to know why a 3-year-old boy was left alone at a suburban St. Louis shopping mall over the weekend. But by Monday, the child's mother was still refusing to show up and talk with officers.

The boy was discovered by employees around 8:30 p.m. Saturday at NASCAR SpeedPark in the St. Louis Mills mall in Hazelwood, not long before the mall was to close. Mall security searched the area, seeking a parent or guardian but couldn't locate one. They notified Hazelwood police around 9:15 p.m.

The young boy is now in a foster home as his mother never did show up. And who knows, it could be the best thing to happen to him.

Cops Dumping Quadriplegic At Police Station

Fox had been covering this story all day yesterday, 2/13/08. Except Fox had an actual video of the event whereas below, I’ve only a pic.

At any rate, the Fox video assures me that this story is true and my pic is NOT photoshopped.

cop dumps quadraplegic

I have no more information about this story just yet but I can’t imagine a single reason why that man deserved that kind of treatment.

Saving the Best for Last…

I heard my husband laughing away at his computer screen and, of course, I wanted to know why.

Below, a video of a drunken fellow driving a lawn mower and …please, you gotta watch this.

FOCUS ON Natalee Holloway
In May of 2005, Natalee Holloway, a recent graduate just barely of age, joined some of her school mates on a much-anticipated graduation trip to the island paradise of Aruba.

Came the time to fly back home, Natalee was nowhere to be found.

The last time Natalee was seen she was leaving with three locals, one Deepak Kalpoe and his brother Satish. Also along was Joran Vandersloot, a local kid known to frequent Aruba's night spots trolling for pretty American girls.

For two and a half year the Aruban and Dutch investigators fooled around with this case, "arresting" many suspects, including those three Aruban brats, then letting them go.

Suddenly, in November of 2007 Joran and the Kalpoe brothers are arrested. An announcement by Aruban authorities came with news of the arrests that "new and incriminating" evidence had been found.

Will justice ever come for Natalee Holloway?

Below a list of links of stories on this Blog since Natalee first went missing.

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Suspect Boys Seen Dumping Large trash bag in landfill
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New "arrests" made on Holloway case
Natalee's parents file lawsuit against Vandersloots
John Ramsey and Natalee Holloway's Mom
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AGAIN, Joran allegedly confesses on video


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