September 2009

Week Ending Sunday 9/6/09

Lewes Delaware's Bethany Blues restaurant gets lots of pluses like its Bethany Beach parent. But the eatery loses because…why no baked potatoes?

And what's so weird about its smell?

In THOUGHTS this week we have an update on the monarch butterflies for a chrysalis has been found!

We've got lots on Van Jones, Obamercare and a new sinsister item found in the proposed health care bill.

Plus a Georgetown Delaware cop killed in action, a tragic local story with national implications.

Much more.
Update on a few ongoing reality TV shows.

Hell's Kitchen keeps on cussing and smoking. A new reality cooking show, Bravo's "Top Chef Vegas" premieres.

Lifetime's "Project Runway" has maternity wear and beach attire and narrowing down to a grand finale, "America's Got Talent" going down to a top 10 although Obamer will pre-empt it this coming week.

All with pics and video you'll find nowhere else on the Internet.


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