December 2009

Week Ending Sunday 12/27/09

We got news just over the wire this day of the post, 12/27/09. For the Nigerians have suddenly taken ill on our airlines and condoms filled with explosives stuffed in their bodies might well be the problem. Lots of other unexplained airline mischief, all involving Muslims, explored for the strangeness.

He tries to kill 2 year old stepson by shoving needles into his body. A story of evil.

Speeding Coast Guard Boat Kills young boy during holiday boat parade.

Updates on old crimes: Ballon Boy Parents Sentenced; Roman Polanski; Gets Found Guilty for Getting Naked In His Own Home.

Some great news reportage, stupid criminals and lots more.

All with pics and video you’ll find nowhere else on the Internet.


Blog Posts of Note:

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A Brain Infection? A Medical Odyssey of Sheer Terror.

Those Celebrity Chefs-Who Cooks With Her Boobs and Who Is Disliked by All.

The Harmony Document Database Translations

Rush Limbaugh-What He Does Wrong; What He Does Right

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Week Ending Sunday 12/20/09

Guest Writer Michelle gets more blood drawn only this time it’s a tale of calm and cool.

Kaitlyn turns six. Pix from Chuck E. Cheese, Videos.

In this True Crime post, we’ve got a couple of airplane updates. First, that AirTran flight during which a fine Muslim fellow acted like an asshole and nothing less…we’ve got yet another passenger verifying this story. And I continue to pound on that Northwest Flight 188 which over flew its destination by over 150 miles. Folks, it’s a comedy of errors that will first make you laugh but will leave you crying. And scared out of your gourd to fly.

Will Josh Powell join the likes of Scott or Drew Peterson, ie husbands whose wives go missing while they’ve got phony-baloney alibis? He took the kids camping at midnight on a Sunday night in freezing weather?

A school drug counselor is arrested on charges of selling drugs. Why the surprise when we’ve got a Safe School Czar who teaches lewd sex practices and recommends obscene books for our children?

The child fiddled with a braid in school so the teacher cut it off! Yes she did. Teachers think they can do just anything any more.

The Obama administration continues to cover for Kevin Johnson, his perversion with young girls and the payoff with tax dollars. An update on this from Byron York.

Those five fine American fellows had everything this land of the free had to offer: they could worship as they pleased, they were seeking a higher education, they had nice homes, peaceful lives. So why did they, American citizens all, fly off to Pakistan to engage in God knows what acts of terror?

If you’re going to pee on someone, shouldn’t you avoid it being a cop?

Much more, All with pics and video you’ll find nowhere else on the Internet.


Week Ending Sunday 12/13/09

In this True Crime post, theft of money from the U.S. treasury to pay off campaign debts is a crime although Obama likely won't get charged. Same for appointing a pervert for "Safe School Czar".

We close the door on Amanda Knox with some final thoughts, A couple of intriguing incidents involving airplane behavior by Muslims and TSA Internet posts that could be way more sinister than we know.

Of course, there's some Tiger Woods commentary.

Much more...all with pics and video you'll find nowhere else on the Internet.
"The Charismatic, Catholic, Christmas Choir" is a little fiction piece meant for:Catholics; folks with a sense of humor; people who like Christmas; Those of us just needing a big smile for the season.

For the choir really meant well when it embarked on the ferry to entertain its passengers. The dunk into the bay of sopranos, altos and tenors and the resulting confusion was never part of the plan. DESC


Week Ending Sunday 12/6/09

Kaitlyn paid Mom-Mom a visit over the Thanksgiving Holiday. We went to see a special live performance of “Babes in Toyland”. Pics and a video snippet here.

“Planet 51”-a big yawn. Here’s a review of this okay kind of movie, rated on the wiggle meter at about a c+ or b-.

In True Crime this week, a couple of big ones covered.

First, Amanda Knox. She’s the American convicted in Italy for murder of her roommate. If you’re not sick of the “Dateline”’s and “48 Hours” of this trial, check in to this Blog for one really huge reason why the logical would know that Amanda is 99.99% more likely to be guilty than innocent.

I am sick of Mike Huckabee and in this True Crime post we re-visit Huck’s other very questionable pardons that also lead to the death of innocents. Fox News covers for Huck, all explained with better research on this Blog post than you’ll find in the Old Media.

A good guess as to why all the silly attempts to cover that stupid couple who crashed the White House last week. The Blog Post pooh poohs the guess and offers a better reason.

All this and much more with pics you’ll find nowhere else on the Internet.


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