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Eve Carson Asked Her Murderers to Pray With Her

Laurence Lovette's mother must be just so proud of him. Demario Atwater's mother must too be beaming with pride.

For these two sub-humans decided early one morn to take a ride to find somebody to rob. They chanced upon Eve Carson, a scholar student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

They forced Carson to go with them to a nearby ATM where she withdrew $700 from her bank account, the daily limit.

One of the fine young men , the joy of their mothers' eyes,

testified that Eve, in her terror, asked the two heathens to pray with her.

They not only did NOT pray with her, they forced her out of the car and shot her in the head four times with a sawed off shotgun.

Atwater was sentenced to two life sentences. Lovette was a minor at the time of the crime thus not eligible to the death penalty. The judge sentenced Lovette to life in prison plus an additional twenty years.

Eve Carson's body was left, dead, in the parking lot.
Mourning: The family of Eve Carson, father Bob Carson, left, mother Teresa Carson, center, and brother Andrew Carson, right, leave her March 9, 2008 funeral

If ever there was a sad disregard for life it's this horrible story.

Survivor Producer Kills Wife and Man In Cancun, Returns to Face Trial

As a Survivor fan I couldn't ignore this tidbit. Seems a former producer is guilty of murdering his wife.

Former "Survivor" producer Bruce Beresford-Redman has decided to return to Mexico voluntarily to face trial for the murder of his wife, according to his attorneys.

I can't imagine going on trial in Mexico of all places. But in 2010 he killed his wife and another man in a resort in Cancun.

His wife of 11 years was beaten to death, how awful. They had been staying in a room with their children. It's not clear why the other man was killed but I suspect a love triangle.

Fast and Furious-What Were They Thinking?

It's been a year since a smuggling Mexican thug shot and killed Border Patrol agent Brian Terry. Smuggling drug thugs from Mexico are nothing unusual and at times those charged with protecting our borders get in the way of the trade they ply.

The big difference in this case is that the gun was provided to the murderer by our own United States Government.

I do not think the Obama administration is going to waltz away with this stupid, stupid action. If nothing else, the most intelligent and honest DA in the history of this country, Eric Holder, should get his ass kicked, unceremoniously, out of office.

The plan was to supply the Mexican drug lords with a bunch of American guns. The many shootings and deaths that would then directly blamable to American guns would then be fodder for an gun control campaign that would have Obamer apologizing profusely to Mexico, of course as this is what he does. But to light some fire under the nearly dead issue of gun control, a situation would have to be crafted. Truth has nothing to do with it. Manipulating the news, with the help of the dishonest news media, would be part of it.

On the anniversary of his death, the family of slain Border Patrol. agent Brian Terry released a strong statement calling for criminal charges to be pursued against those ultimately responsible for Operation Fast and Furious — the gun-walking program that led to Terry’s murder.

Some nitwit dreamed up this "Operation Fast and Furious" where the ATF would deliberately allow American guns go into Mexico and I must suppose that a PR campaign would follow that would have Obamer chastising us gun-loving Americans for killing Mexican citizens to the point where our guilt would have us outlawing them.

America is just way more sophisticated than it was in the day of John Brady, a victim of a crazy man's gun and the namesake of the last big anti-gun campaign launched sucessfully on America. Since then, well there's been 9-11, for one thing. Americans have learned that taking away the guns of the GOOD guys does not remove them from the BAD guys. Americans, a nice people who mostly don't wish harm on others, didn't want to be in a position where the bad guy has a gun and the good guy doesn't.

No mind the silly liberal attempt to name guns that don't require manual re-loading after every round as "automatic", attempts at far-reaching gun control just isn't an issue any more.

Except if a bogus scenario is somehow cooked up that would have senoritas and bambinos dying horrifically by guns given to Mexican drug lords by capitalistic Americans.

So Border Patrol agent Brian Terry was killed under that same scenario but I doubt the very intelligent and honest Eric Holder, the best, the BEST, Attorney General American has ever had, wanted it to turn out quite that way. When Eric, in agreement with Obamer I've no doubt at all, began this silly exercise to begin an anti-gun PR campaign, they thought that only the BAD guys, and maybe some in-the-way innocent civilians, would die at the hand of the American guns they deliberately let go across the border. I'm sure that they didn't want any Americans to die by their diabolical plan, much less a Border Patrol agent.

Now Eric Holder, the most honest DA in American history, has to lie in front of congressional panels investigating the matter, not that lying's all that difficult for Holder, the BEST DA in American history, as the history books, written by the liberal elite, will no doubt note.

The people involved in this debacle need to pay for their folly.

I suppose they asked themselves when they dreamed up this nonsense….WHAT COULD GO WRONG?

 Woman of the year?

Are You Kidding Me?

I have a granddaughter, a precious 8 year old female child. She seems to be fairly well-adjusted. She is growing up in a culture, forged by females like me, that affords women equal protection and rights under the law, equal pay for equal work, the same rights as the males in the culture.

Somehow a woman who stands by a raping husband is NOT a female I'd want my granddaughter to emulate.

I know it's France and France done lost any claim to common sense long ago.

The woman is a millionaire so it's not like she'd be thrown out on the street with children soon to be street urchins.

Where's the pride in standing behind a boor like Dominique Strauss-Kahn?

Millionairess Anne Sinclair, 63, won the annual award for her ‘loyalty and courage’ in the face of her husband’s catalogue of humiliating sex scandals.

As an aside, I believe that man really raped that hotel maid but if it wasn't out and out rape, as the regal Dominique feel he so justly deserves for his affiliation with female boobs like his wife, it still wasn't proper behavior for a married man.

And there's more in the man's past and I got a bridge to sell, cheap, to anybody what thinks this man was in love with that hotel made, their relationship only consummated after a long fight against the love and lust that so consumed that fine man.

Cheap bridge, just been renovated.

Speaking of Nut Ball Females

There's always women, men too though there's not as many females languishing in a jail cell awaiting opposite sex love, who just ain't right on the head.

Joran van der Sloot, goodness here's a man who's killed two women but this fact only makez him all the more lovable to the females amongst us not playing with a full deck.

She's 55 years old, considerably older than Joran, she's a Radiologist, not an occupation for dummies, she's not unattractive.

I'd suggest she could probably get a man if she wanted.

Infamous accused killer Joran van der Sloot has yet to receive a visit from his own mother as he sits awaiting trial in a Peruvian prison, but an American stranger has made the 5,200-mile round trip to van der Sloot’s prison cell — three times.

I'd also suggest that she really doesn't want an ordinary man, that she likes the smell of danger, the murderer's scent.

God Bless and if, somehow, someway, who knows, Joran kills her….I'll shake my head ruefully but I shall not grieve.

So many deserving people in need of the money this woman wastes on that nothing-burger.


Well how could any True Crime Aficionado ignore a body found on the Queen of England's estate?

This is a breaking news story as of this writing; we'll update on future posts.

As I understand it though this are is technically part of the Queen's estate, it is open to the public. In fact it was a guy walking his dog who found the body.

The discovery on New Year's Day of a woman's body on the grounds of the estate used by Queen Elizabeth II and England's royal family is now being treated as a murder investigation, British police said today.

The expanded investigation comes one day after a dog-walker made the discovery, finding human remains in a woodland area at Anmer, a tiny village northeast of London that is also part of the Sandringham estate.

Woman Stabs Co-Attendee in Anger Management Class


Looks like someone's going to fail this class.

An Oregon woman in an anger management class is accused of stabbing her classmate in the neck during an argument about a "Dr. Phil" show.

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