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Another Correction

I reference an alleged gaffe by Delaware Senatorial 6 district primary contender, Ernesto Lopez, in this post below and in another post on this Blog, the link to it does not matter in this correction. resolve, this is the second big error I've been caught in on this Blog and in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost I shall more thoroughly check my details in the future.  Oncit upon a time maybe two or three people read this Blog but evidently we are now up to nine or ten readers.

At any rate, I provide a link below to the original post where the big gaffe in question was made but want to be sure it is seen by all.  Ernesto Lopez was NOT the subject of a pleading email by the Vice Chair of the NewCastle county Republican party, hence my rant over the audacity of the NCC Vice Chair to insinuate himself into the politics of Sussex County.

It would turn out that the pleading by that same Vice Chair was made, in fact, on behalf of Lopez' opponent, Glen Urquhart.

My apologies to Ernesto Lopez, whose wife I met last night, and his two adorable daughters and I must admit I am very intrigued by the man's character and style.

But we'll be talking more about it in the future.

Now on to Glen Urquhart, whose campaign manager explained to me the reason for those emails.  Seems that the position of NCC Republican Vice Chair of the sender was nothing but coincidental, that this same fellow is in charge of a faith based group.  The email urging support for Glen Urquhart was based on his position as head of THAT organization rather than any affiliation with NCC Republican party.

In keeping with my policy of never erasing my content, I put this explanation at the top of the post that the reader knows there's addendums to the story they might read below.
A Correction

First, to correct the record. On my post concerning the Sheriff and Vance Phillips, I erroneously stated that Pete Schwartzkopf, elected Representative of Delaware's 14th Representative district, was the son of General Schwartzkopf of desert storm fame. I've been told that this information is incorrect. I will be pasting the correction on the original post but want to set the record straight as often as possible.

Some Delaware Specific Information

Second, came across this information and wanted to post it on my Blog under a Delaware post because, well, these are Delaware's elected federal representatives.

Senator Tom Carper
(202) 224-2441
Web Form:

Senator Chris Coons
(202) 224-5042
Web Form:

Representative John Carney
Washington D.C. Office
1429 Longworth HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone: (202) 225-4165

Lopez versus Urquhart and the REAL Gracious One

Now let's talk about the two candidates currently running in the Republican primary for the position of Representative of the new 6th Representative district. This new district, coming into existence as a result of the 2010 census, encompasses most of Lewes Delaware on up Route 9 to the outskirts of Georgetown. This is all subject to change for the Democrats in control of these things are hemming and hawing and in general making life difficult for us Republicans in the wilds of Sussex county. The more difficult it is for us to get organized the less likely we'll beat the crap of those Democrat lowlifes driving this state straight to bankruptcy.

Glen Urquhart, currently, until 2/13/12, the Chairman of the Sussex county GOP, is one of the candidates for this new 6th representative district. Urquhart is also the fellow who ran alongside of Christine O'Donnell, Glen running to fill the vacancy that would have been left by Mike Castle had he won the nomination to be a U.S. Senator from Delaware. Delaware, being a tiny state, is one of the few with MORE Senators than it has Representatives.

It would turn out that Castle did lose in his primary bid against COD but Glen lost to Chris Coons, a lousy liberal also busy destroying our country. As Glen likes to brag, he won the vast majority of the electoral districts in this new 6th RD in this bid to become Delaware's only Representative in America's House.

I liked Glen then and I like him now. To be sure I've had some issues with Glen, especially over the ouster of my own RDC, Eric Bodenweiser. Still inquiring minds can disagree with the intelligent moving on. But I like Glen as a person and as a leader. I think he did a great job as Chair of the Sussex GOP. His meetings were always polite, civil and led by the calm hand of Glen.

Last Tuesday night, 1/10/12, I attended a meeting where Glen and his opponent for Representative of Delaware's new district, Ernesto Lopez, gave a 15 minute presentation and engaged in a vigorous question and answer session.

First let me say that I don't think I've come across a more gracious and friendly person than Angela Urquhart. Yes, she's not the candidate, but she regularly attended all campaign gathering during Glen's run for the federal job of Delaware's Representative and she repeats that loyalty and patience during his run for Glen's run for the state Representative of Delaware's new district.

Angela can usually be seen knitting during these campaign type functions and let me admit right now that I do love to crochet and am naturally attracted to another crafter of the yarn. So I sat at Angelia's table and to my delight found her funny, intelligent, rueful, interesting and very much knowledgeable about the political world.

We didn't talk all that much about politics but it was the night of the New Hampshire primary. It was announced at one point that Romney had won that race, at which point Angela looked at me, smiled, and said…"Who would have guessed?"

Which is not to say that Ernesto Lopez' wife is not a fine person but I did not meet her. Lopez has two quite young daughters and point one, make no mistake right now, Lopez is a whole lot younger than Urquhart. Which, again with the exception, is not to say that being the youngest is necessarily an advantage for this position. For Lopez has never won or served in any elected office, he currently has a full time job with the University of Delaware...some might argue that Glen's status as retiree, his lack of affiliation with any state-held position and his political experience gives him a wide edge over Lopez.

In fact I'd argue that exact thing. Not to mention I'd never seen Lopez at any Sussex county GOP meeting ever while Glen, as stated earlier, was Chair of the county party.

Both of the candidates did a very nice job of presenting their fifteen minutes and answered their questions with a terrific affability. Lopez was hectored at one point by some asshole who kept badgering with questions about just what he'd done for charity in his life and other rather silly questions. Finally I had to stand up and demand to be recognized to shut the creep up.

Glen too did a nice job but this does not surprise me. One thing he did keep doing that surprised me was to keep coming out from behind the podium and addressing us without any alien furniture between us. I could hear Glen's campaign manager telling him to avoid standing behind a big podium in a crowd this size, that he tends to make you look distant and far away.

Not a bad notion but I thought Glen looked a bit uncomfortable with that action and it was a bit too obvious a ploy. Or maybe I pay too much attention to politicians and can spot this sort of affectation more than most.

Ernesto on the other hand never once came out from behind the podium. I thought he gave the heckler entirely too much leeway although I suppose he wanted to come off as being polite. For every stupid and irrelevant question the heckler threw at Lopez he smiled very politely, so much so that it seem incongruent with the rudeness then upon.

Politicians, especially Republicans, have some sort of notion that being polite and civil is the quintessential measure of success. Maybe it's because I'm from the land of the pitchfork, Sussex county, that I wish these guys would grow a pair and fight back. Republicans take great pride that they reach across the aisle with shiny polished nails. I would have admired Lopez more if he'd dismissed that heckler as having asked enough questions and pointedly calling on another questioner instead of giving that rude guy a forum for entirely too long. Instead it was we in the audience who had to put the kabosh on that heckler.

As for the content of their speech, lookit, there's not much difference in the beliefs and ideologies of these two candidates. They are Republicans running in Sussex county, enough said.

By me Lopez is entirely too young and inexperienced for this job. He's from New Castle county and this alone is suspect. And let us not forget that gaffe of having the Vice-chair of the New Castle GOP write emails to Sussex Countians on behalf of Lopez. That was a gaffe, read about it here, that was not received kindly,.

Delaware Electricity Rates About to Rise...The Politicos Hope You Won't Notice

When I first moved to Sussex county in 2003 my electrical rates slowly increased upward over a three year period, much more than warranted by the cost of delivering electricity. This was because the local politicians got involved in the complaints about electrical rates and made some deal with the local utilities that had them lowering rates for the voters, raising them up over the pre-determined time span to get them where the utilities said they needed to be.

At that time it was the electric utilities setting their rates, with approval from the bureaucracies of course. That experiment turned into a bit of a disaster in that the gubmint should get out of the way of private business and not have politicians get involved with setting prices to make happy voters.

At that time it was conservatives in Sussex county doing the silly, their logic being that an elderly populace was rapidly living in Sussex and they needed help with wildly rising electrical rates.

Now we have liberals forcing the electrical utilities to raise their rates so that the utilities can begin the stupid task of converting over to the boondoggle called "green energy".

It's a way of taxing us without putting their political hands in our pockets. Because they can't make the electrical utilities go out of business or operate at a loss. Such as known failures like solar energy and windmills cost money and the utilities don't really want to be in that business.

It takes a kind of foxy cleverness to tax people. They might raise the fees for permits, they might increase tolls on the roads. If the politicians come right out and say to Delawarians…"hey we need to have Delmarva Power put up some windmills that we know won't work so you gotta pay more taxes"...well us stupid voters would likely vote out the politicians.

But if we hide it, like letting the utilities raise their rates for this silly green thing that doesn't work, well we'd blame the electric companies now won't we?

Politicians, especially the lying, cheating Democrat Delaware type, make me want to puke.

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