Project Runway All Stars-Dressing Miss Piggy; She With Dirty Hair Sent Home

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Miss Piggy Loves Pink

Under the guise of dressing muppet Miss Piggy, the fashion design all stars were charged with making a happening, glitzy dress fit for an evening at the opera. We did, of course, have Miss Piggy as a judge, you gotta laugh at this bit of serendipity.

Miss Piggy liked the color pink and she likes her fashion full of bling. The designers, ever the wiser in terms of fashion design, worked to make a dress that Miss Piggy would love to wear to her then upcoming movie premiere. The night of the Miss Piggy challenge there were still 11 contenders left.

Austin is the flamboyant, cocky, a bit over-confident contender who by me stands a good chance to win this thing. Thus I was disappointed in his design of a dress that looked like underwear with huge bows at the side that did nothing to enhance the dress and everything to enhance the hips. I can't imagine what he was thinking, especially making a design for someone Named Miss Piggy. It would turn out that Miss Piggy did not like the bows on the hips touch either. Austin's submission was one of the bottom three.

Miss Piggy loved contender Rami's entry, which was a pink polka dot affair. I didn't like it at all. The judges had mixed emotions about the design. Miss Piggy summed it up as looking as if a candy store exploded. She had it exactly right but by me that was why I didn't like it. The judges pointed out the problem with polka dots on fabric and sure enough there were a couple of polka dots on the frock that didn't not match at the seams. Rami's design was one of the top three.

Gordana, who still needed her hair washed, submitted some sort of shorty pajama type of thing that looked like something my 8 year old granddaughter would wear to bed. It was a perfectly awful thing. I will never understand how Gordana got to be part of this "all star" show in that she was not a good designer during her season and hadn't gotten any better. It would turn out, not at all to my surprise, that Gordana got sent home the night of the Miss Piggy challenge.

Mondo submitted some kind of ersatz tie-dyed type of look, a purple silvery fabric used to make a top and a short skirt with scalloped edges. Miss Piggy liked this design.

Anthony's dress was a black thing heavily adorned with black feathers around the west and going up the bust line. It was well constructed and very original. It was my favorite dress.

April too entered a black outfit that I thought also resembled a pair of child's shorty pajamas. It wasn't the ugliest entry but it was not a winner.

Jerell's dress was pink with feather shoulder adornment that was clever but not overpowering. His fabric was swingy and festive with a frilly hemline.

 didn't much like Kara's submission. It was a short black dress, tight to the body with some sort of exposed midriff and triangular straps. It would have been a very clever entry for a less festive occasion than a movie premiere.

Kenley came through with a pink giraffe striped type affair that Miss Piggy did, of course, adore. IT had a flared skirt with crinolines underneath, a low cut bodice, and was handsomely topped with a head decoration that matched the crinolines. The judges snarked that it would help hide Miss Piggy's ears, which insulted the muppet just a tad as she evidently thinks she has fine ears. Kenley's concoction was one of the top three.

Michael won that night's design with his entry of a short, tight to the figure glossly patterned fabric that was adorned on the front with a big perpendicular bow from waist to bustline.

Mila came through with some sort of 60's black Twiggy type of dress that was nowhere near the sort of thing one wears to a movie premiere. Mila's silly entry was one of the bottom three.

Project Runway All Stars airs on Lifetime, Thursday nights, at 9 pm.

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