NBC's Fashion Star-Finally the Big Networks Discover Fashion and Take on Lifetime

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I loved it!

Hands down NBC's Fashion Star  passes Project Runway without stopping to rest.

The best innovation of all….MUSIC ON THE RUNWAY! Darn right. When the models walk down the Project Runway planks the atmosphere is downright lugubrious. The NBC runway presentation is a happening, happy thing. And you don't have to watch the designers bitch for 45 minutes before finally getting to see some designs. Oh there's some angst in Fashion Star but it's limited, just enough to keep viewer interest, not so much as to drive the hapless viewer insane already.

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How it works, there are contenders. We must assume the contenders were or are fashion designers somewhere and applied for a chance to show their styles.

Three buyers from H&M(never heard of this store), Walmart and Macy's review the contender's presentation and makes a bid on same.  Model Elle MacPherson is the show's hostess.  Three Mentors, John Varvatos, Jessica Simpson, and Nicole Richie, serve to advise the contenders.  Jennie Mai, host of How Do I Look? serves as some sort of digital leader.

I've only watched, as of this writing, the very first show. There was not, at least for this show, any specific type of challenge. The fashion designers presented their designs. There was no indication of the limit of designs they could submit but we assume they have one. Some showed two fashion designs, some showed three. One goofball showed only neck ties!

I do have a list of the contender names but for now, Oscar,  Kara, and Nicholas...came in bottom three.

Nicholas was sent home. Nicholas was a snarky little snit, remarking how he didn't know how a buyer had any right to comment on menswear. What a hoot. Every day, all across the fruited plains, our gay brothers design, craft, and outfit women and they think they have what it takes to figure out what makes a female looks good. But a female shouldn't be commenting on menswear?

Heh. Not saying that Nicholas' absurd assertion had anything to do with his elimination but just say the vote was on the line, close, in other words?

The big brag about Fashion Star was that us viewers will be able to order the chosen designers' fashions the NEXT DAY!


I can't imagine doing such a thing.

I was also impressed by many of the designs but know right up front that these fashions are the sort that women like ME might buy. Many Project Runway designs are for the runway only or would be worn by a certain kind of woman.

One contender submitted a couple of long caftan things that...meh. She got a contract though, God Bless.

I was quite pleased at a)there was a presentation of cool menswear at all and b)they were quite classy, snazzy….fit for a man of the 2000's.

Watch contender Oscar. He's such a drama queen you'll want to slap him silly.

This looks like it'll be a great show.

The bigger question, are the prime time big networks too big to succeed with a niche market show?

I'm just sayin'.

Fashion Star airs on Tuesday nights, NBC, 9:30

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