Bachelor Ben's True Love Begins Rockier Than Any Bachelor Ever; Project Runway All Stars Has a Winner

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Bachelor Ben Picks Courtney But It's Rocky Right From the Start
 First, I believe this bachelor series was almost entirely scripted, that Ben never really took to any of the contenders, that Courtney was more script than substance and I for sure believe that Courtney and Ben will, or already have, broken as soon as the Director yelled "Cut" on the "After the Rose" ceremony. 

Of course ALL of the Bachelor(ette) series are scripted to some extent.  There is also the outside chance that the man or woman offering themselves up for the picking will actually meet the love of their life, get married and parent many children over the years.
It's not likely and statistics indicate this is so.

Sure a bevy of 25 plus contenders all offered up for one person seems like a fine pool of likely mates but not really.  This series, recall, has contenders from all over the country.  So a fellow from California could, for example, meet a beauty love of his life from New York.  After all the episodes he might pick her and from then on the logistics of it all can overwhelm a burgeoning but tender love affair.

You can believe, though you'll never see it aired on  The Bachelor(ette), that some of the contenders, probably a lot of them, don't especially care for the offered person but they play along because they get free trips and such.  The contenders always have to act like they're in a perpetual state of adoration of the then proffered Bachelor(ette) as it would not do to have the contenders get on the televised waves and lambaste the Bachelor(ette) for having an awful temper or bad breath.  Believe if you want that all the contenders adore the subject of the series with no reservations as meanwhile I got a bridge to sell you who so believe.
For the record, I think Ben has another honey back home, that he'll somehow make the disconnect from Courtney very publicly and Ben or Courtney, or even Lindzi, will soon be Dancing With the Stars.
The Courtney drama was a good one.  Well the producers had to have some drama in the show because you can only watch Ben Flajnik kiss so many females before you've had enough already. 

Scripted dramas are the norm for this show and any reality show watcher knows this.  Scripted does not mean, and should not be construed as, fake.  The scripting in these sorts of reality shows usually involves taking some existing fact or condition and playing it up.  Courtney is likely not the nicest female on the planet.  There's usually some really bad dude or dudette hiding with a smile on their face within the ranks.  All the guys or gals in the ranks know who the bad guy is but it's always difficult to get the starry-eyed Bachelor(ette) to see the truth.
It's a love story as hold as the times.  Vienna was a nasty dudette.  Ashley got herself involved with some dude who only wanted to be a country-western singer.  Ben fell for Courtney although she was considered the Cruella Deville of the contenders for Ben's love.
In the "After the Rose" show, host Chris Harrison told Ben that some tabloid pictures had surfaced showing him getting right cozy with some gal who was NOT Courtney.  Ben denied it all, said they were old friends, that he still loved Courtney though they'd broken up right after he gave her the engagement ring but he still loved her.
Turned out those tabloid pictures had Ben kissing this "old friend" quite unlike most of us would kiss and old friend, including a  fond pat on the butt of his old friend.
Ben then gave Courtney BACK the engagement ring, very public, on the show.
Of course this too was scripted or are you still interested in that bridge I got to sell.
Courtney is going to go places and her name and face need to be kept out there.  As for Ben, I don't believe for a second that the lady to whom he gave the friendly butt slap is just an old friend.  I suspect, just a hunch, that she's the lady Ben kept under wraps in case his grand quest to find love everlasting should fail once again.
Give it a few months.  Ben and Courtney shall break up, will officially announce it.
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Project Runway All Stars Soon to Have Winner-an Overview
As of this writing we were down to three contenders.  The finale was last night, is done and MONDO WON!

It's been a grueling group of episodes.

There were three left: Michael, Mondo and Austin.
I thought Michael would win this thing.
Now that NBC has the new, bright and vibrant Fashion Star  I'm not sure I could stand another drawn out Project Runway series, especially with has-been losers.
I think there's a little too much scripting/drama and angst going on in Project Runway.  I understand that showing some of the competition, the jealousy, the interaction is a big part of the story.  But Project Runway plods along, plodding, plodding, plodding.

Some of Michael's collection below.
Mondo's collection below

 Couple of Austin pieces.  His wedding dress was beautiful.

NBC's Fashion Star has happening music, the Runway fashion show gets right on.  There's angst in that show as are in most of these live reality competition shows. 
The most recent episode of Project Runway All Stars 2012, "Leading up to the Final Runway" or some sort, had that hideously childish Mondo suffering some kind of depression.  I almost, after many long minutes of hearing about Mondo's depression, clicked the channel, the hell with it.

I am sure I will enjoy the next fresh series of Project Runway, with all new competitors.

Now that he won give Mondo some happy pills for God's sake!

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