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My Early Favorite Was First Eliminated

Actually, Shannon Magrane was an early favorite of mine because she sang one of my favorite songs, a popular Christian song called "Go Light Your Candle". I figured more than likely if she chose such a song, Shannon was probably Christian.

She wasn't the best singer and America noted too that there are some really big voices in this year's American Idol 2012.

First, Jessica Sanchez gets the judges all excited like little children. And yes, Jessica's very good and even this far out I'd dare suggest you'd get good odds if you choose Jessica as the flat out winner of this thing. She does so fit the profile of an American Idol winner as it has evolved.

American Idol winners have been, of late and will likely be in the future, quite young.

Thus future attempts at prognosticating American Idol would involve looking closely at the fresh talent.

I'm not sure what the lower age is for official entry to AI, but I think it's around 16. AI's been around long enough now that we'll soon be to a point when some of the contenders will have been born the year Kelly Clarkson became America's first Idol.

The country boy from last year and his close runner-up Lauren were both in their mid-teens and I'm thinking there'd been preparation to send them off to AI try-outs since they were around 8 years old or so.

I'm thinking Jessica's parents enacted a plan that would have their daughter entering the arena the first year she could.

Jordin Sparks. And another young lad back in 2008, came in second. The young ones are those that know they have the pipes and have practiced and picked songs and dreamt of the time when it would be THEIR turn to sing on stage.

Hollie C.

Two other girls caught my eye, and ear, with their talent and star power. Young Hollie Cavanagh is a contender who entered before and as time goes on we start to see more of these types. Skylar Laine is just the cutest Reba MacIntyre Redux and if America's still not bored with country, she might have a shot.

The judges seem to lean to Phillip Phillips but I've no idea why. Though the poor chap did have kidney stones, goodness what an awful thing for such a young man to suffer from! The Obamer girls like Deandre Brackensick.

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Joshua Ledet seemed to be like by nobody until he belted out "When a Man Loves a Woman" and brought down the house. On so many levels I can see Joshua winning this thing. I say it softly but I'll say it, but it's been a while since there's been a black American Idol. Joshua seems like just the ticket to fill this slot with music that's NOT rap. Rap music will never make it on American Idol….take it to the X Factor.

 Colton Dixon is a popular dark horse, an Adam Lambert type. Not sure he's good enough to win but easily top five material as I see it.

We're keeping an eye and will posting every week with the opinion America seeks.

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