Survivor One World-Now One Tribe and the Nasty One Is Gone

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Colton Leaves Thank God

Colton was about one of the most interesting things with this season's Survivor- though I suspect a lot of his antics were scripted.

For I find this season of Survivor quite boring. I don't know what I'm looking for as I know this reality series is very formulaic: a small challenge for a reward, a big challenge for elimination, some vignettes of the contenders where they express their concern and angst, some interaction of the contenders as they decide who to vote off.

Let's begin with the challenges. Somebody tell the producers you can only throw so many coconuts and compile so many puzzles before the eyes glaze. I know the idea is to have the females shown in their short swim things as body parts jiggle. But beyond this the challenges all seem to meld into one boring run, jump, throw the coconut, find the puzzle piece….yada, yada.

As for the contenders, well we've a Tarzan wannabe and I believe one guy is a midget of some kind. We had Colton, an openly proud homosexual and this kind of stops us cold. "Big Brother" is more of a homosexual contender show than Survivor. Indeed Colton participated seldom on any kind of big scale in the challenges.

Colton played himself as a stereotypical homosexual which didn't do him justice. Survivor could have opened new ground here by having an athletic and vibrant homosexual contender but instead they script Colton to be mean and nasty.

Below, a short clip from the show.

Beyond those few contenders that stand out, and maybe Kat who breaks all records for being stupid, the other contenders have no outstanding personality traits that make these shows kind of fun to watch.

In the most recent episode I watched-3/28/12-Jonas was voted off. I never once paid a whit of attention to Jonas and have no idea why they voted him off.

The two tribes have no merged into one and Jonas will be the first member of the jury. The new combined tribe's name is TIKIANO.

Trying to stay awake, I will continue to watch this show.

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