The Voice 2012-Battle Rounds an Intriguing Way to Cull Down the Competition

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The Battles Are Over

 Goodness, those battle rounds on The Voice were excruciating. 

 I did not enjoy them at all.  I have few memories of the singers that are left though I did some tracking.  The teams left are as follows:

Ashley DeLaRosa        Christina
Chris Mann                Christina
Jesse Campbell          Christina
Lindsey Pavao            Christina
Moses Stone               Christina
Sera Hill                     Christina

Charlotte Sometimes        Blake
Erin Willett                     Blake
Jermaine Paul                 Blake
Jordis Unga                     Blake
Naia Kete                        Blake
RaeLynn                         Blake

Cheesa                         Cee Lo
Erin Martin                 Cee Lo
Jamar Rogers               Cee Lo
James Massone           Cee Lo
Juliet Simms                Cee Lo
Tony Vincent               Cee Lo

Karla Davis        Adam
Katrina Parker   Adam
Kim Yarbrough   Adam
Mathai                 Adam
Pip                     Adam
Tony Lucca        Adam
So there's now 24 contenders left and I suppose by this point they will compete with members of other teams, No?

 According to the web site, the so-called "live" rounds begin 4/2/12 , Monday night, onNBC.  I don't recall a thing about last year but with 24 contenders left it would seem that the need is upon to eliminate more than one an episode.  I'm pretty sure this series is not going to stretch out for 24 more episodes.

 I've said before (The Voice-AnotherSinging Competitive Reality Series Begins Its Run Against American Idol)   that this show is an attempt to go up against American Idol and by now there's no comparison.

First, let's get honest.  These singers are simply not of the caliber of the American Idol contenders.  There were a few but like I said, I got so busy and involved with the "battle rounds" that I wasn't tuning in to who was a good singer and possible star, but was more paying attention to who was the best of the two then battling. 

Cheesa might be one to watch out for.  She sang a rousing rendition of "Total Eclipse of the Heart".  Tony Vincent sang a beautiful Journey song.  Moses Stone sang "I Can't Get No Satisfaction" and he was terrible.

I don't like this system of choosing finalists.  I understand that the idea is that the contenders are judged strictly on their voice as opposed to their looks.  Which is supposed to make this competitive reality series more noble than, say, American Idol.

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Except if one were to be fair, those who make the finals of American Idol, they can sing.  There might be times when one rises higher than he or she should because of a sex appeal.  Katherine McPhee comes to mind. 

But the American Idol, in the end, is a proven and good singer.  All things being equal, a better look might be a push over the finish line.  Let's face it, all things are seldom equal.

So The Voice, well I like it because it's a competitive reality singing show.  Of them all, it's the most drawn out and boring.

And I really don't much like Cee-Lo.

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