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I continue to assert that I've quite enjoyed NBC's new fashion show offering, Fashion Star  . It does not have the angst and drama emitted from the drama queens of Lifetime's Project Runway. NBC's offering is about fashion mostly, with some pathos but not so much as to glaze eyeballs as does Project Runway.

The reality show features three mentors who guide the would-be fashion stars on their quest. There are also three representatives from three department stores: Saks, Macy's and H and M, who bid on the fashion then being offered. The viewing audience, or so goes the hype, can purchase the bid upon fashion offering the very next day after it is introduced!

Not that I'd ever do such a thing, can't imagine doing such a thing, I can see a happening young woman phoning up to order a frock designed by Nikki that tis same young woman can be cooler than cool on her next date.

The contenders are eliminated per Project Runway. All of the designers on one episode who did not get a bid from one of the buyers is eligible to be eliminated. The buyers chose who is to be eliminated while the mentors are allowed to save one from those who didn't receive bids.

Design by Ronnie

As of this writing, Kara, Ross, Nzmiro, Nikki, Luciano, Orly and Ronnie are left to continue seeking fashion stardom.

Each of these remaining seven bring a certain style and flair to their designs. Right now I would point out that the fashions featured on this show are not the stuff of foreign runways and would never be considered "avant garde" or even "fashion forward". The idea is to sell to mostly average Americans who enjoy a new look once in a while but aren't necessarily into way-out fashion that shocks the eyeballs." id="Player_e16d8033-8b3c-413e-b86e-d9f8db474b31"  WIDTH="600px" HEIGHT="200px">">" id="Player_e16d8033-8b3c-413e-b86e-d9f8db474b31" quality="high" bgcolor="#ffffff" name="Player_e16d8033-8b3c-413e-b86e-d9f8db474b31" allowscriptaccess="always"  type="application/x-shockwave-flash" align="middle" height="200px" width="600px">

The most recent episode had the designers creating fashion on command from their assigned mentors. The mentors, as was the plan, were to push the designers away from their own tried and true to new heights of their talent.

Nzmiro, thus, usually designs menswear but on the mentor-challenge episode he had to create a business suit.

By Kara
Kara is the most interesting of the remaining designers. Kara is a self-admitted lesbian who's designs reflect a sort of unisex, cross-gender boundaries type of look. Kara has a love of tuxedos and has presented tuxedo type pants and tuxedo tops. She does have a nice hand at it and has gotten plenty of offers over the weeks.

A Luciano Design
Luciana's claim to fame is being the first contender to get an offer and sell to all three of the representative buyers. Her designs are young, fresh and pretty.

Nikki likes fashion on the long side, her offerings being long dresses, bathing suit cover-ups or retro glam.

Nzimiro designs men's wear and his designs are most ordinary. He has a lot of episodes where he gets no offers and yet he's still in there, I don't know why.

An Orly Design
Orly has a bit of an exception with designing dual purpose fashion. She might have long dresses that, by a quick zip, become short skirts, or a maxi dress that converts to a mini. Orly has received the highest offer of all the contenders when she hits a home rum and send out a winner to the runway.

Ronnie is a fairly good designer who maybe gets an offer half of the time. He was saved once b y the mentors but he's had a couple of weeks with no offers and was in danger of elimination.

Ross Bennett is about on a par with Ronnie in terms of cool fashion and offers. He's had a few weeks with no offers and was saved once by the judges.

I see this series as a show down between Kara and Luciana with Orly possibly coming up the home stretch.

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Airs on Tuesdays, NBC, 10:00 pm.

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