American Idol 2012-Queen Songs and It's Down to the Top Five

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Goodness it took about forever to get Elise out of there.

Not that, but of course, she wasn't a good singer. All of the singers about this time are good, every one of them are better than any EVER on "The Voice". But Elise had been on the bottom for so long.

Using that standard this should mean that Hollie and Joshua will likely be going home soon. As of this writing, the only remaining contender who hasn't been in the bottom three at least once is the fellow with the two names: Phillip Phillips.

The most recent performance round had the contenders singing a Queen tune as well as a song of their choice.

As for the stellar fashion of Randy Jackson, get a load of those shoes!

Jessica sang "Bohemian Rhapsody", a difficult tune I'd think for a girl to sing. But sing it she did so good on her.

Joshua sang "A Crazy Little Thing Called Love" and by me it was cruise shippy. However Joshua landed in the top two that week so America must have liked it.

Hollie sang "Save Me". Phillip sang "Fat Bottomed Girls" and Elise sang "I Want It All". I didn't recognize Hollie 's song as a Queen song but I did recognize that I liked it. I thought Phillip's performance was ho-hum, which is pretty much what I think of all of his performances. Elise, well it don't matter, she's gone.

Jessica sang a beautiful song "Dance With My Father" and she did it well. Skylar sang a song right up her alley "Tattoos on This Town". Steve Tyler had some nasty to say and sure enough Skylar was in the bottom two the following night. Skylar has been in the bottom tier once before so it wasn't a first. Still I can't help but think those judges are rigging this show for a Jessica win. And while I think Jessica's good enough to win it with her talent, it irks that she's getting such a nudge I don't think she deserves any more than anyone else.

Hollie sang "The Climb", which is a pretty song and she did it well. Alas, Hollie is not resonating with much of anyone else but me.

Joshua, well hey I predicted he could win this thing and I still think so. But he got so mercurial in terms of songs chosen and manner of singing that his singing began to blur in my ears.

As for the kid with two names, I don't think he's an American Idol. BUT he's good at his genre and he's been right in the running during this show's entire run. I see Phillip as belonging in a niche music market, a rock and roll Dave Matthews type of genre.

I would like for Hollie to win though this is doubtful. She's a little unsteady from time to time so far as her singing goes along but she's cute and does have a big voice." id="Player_46cd29da-4f50-4571-8511-cec62ed5e019"  WIDTH="600px" HEIGHT="200px">">" id="Player_46cd29da-4f50-4571-8511-cec62ed5e019" quality="high" bgcolor="#ffffff" name="Player_46cd29da-4f50-4571-8511-cec62ed5e019" allowscriptaccess="always"  type="application/x-shockwave-flash" align="middle" height="200px" width="600px">

As for Skylar, well it certainly wouldn't upset me if she won. She's pure country girl but I must remind once again, last year we had TWO singers of that same genre in the number one and two slot. Of course there's no rule that a country singer can't win American Idol every year but as Americans tend to do, they look beyond the recent for variety and diversity to the human ear. Thus I think Skylar has some strikes against her.

For now, I'm sticking with a Jessica win, a Joshua or Phillip second placer, Skyler somewhere in that top ten and maybe Hollie sneaks into the top five.

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