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So Emily's busy assessing the contenders for her hand in The Bachelorette  and there's been some intrigue.

On the episode aired 5/21/12, Emily took Ryan on a one on one date.

For the group date that week, Emily had all the guys working a Muppet show.

Some interesting revelations: Emily thinks Chris is good looking. Charlie has a speech impediment he got from a nasty fall off of a balcony. Jef has a big pompador hairstyle and I don't know why he uses on F in his name. The guys do not seem to like Kalon. Look for Kalon to be this season's evil guy.

Emily gave Jef of the pompadour the group date rose.

Emily took Joe on a one on one date in her home state of West Virginia. What's so intriguing about this date is what the viewers learned about Emily's childhood.

Emily took Joe to the famous spa/resort-Greenbriar. Emily told her date stories about her childhood, how she had many memories of playing with her brother in the very pool in which they were swimming.

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Greenbriar, ladies and gems, is one of the ritziest places in this country. Emily, I must discern, comes from a family with money.

Joe, alas, was not given a rose after the one on one date and was immediately sent home. Also sent home that night via no rose given during ceremony-Aaron and Kyle.

On the episode aired on 5/28/12-, Emily arranged for a one on one date with Chris, the guy she thinks is so good looking. She told him that if she'd met him in any other venue that she'd be too scared to talk to him. Chris acted surprised and asked why. She said he was so good looking he was a bit intimidating.

Come on.

Emily Maynard is one gorgeous female. There should not be a male on this planet she'd be nervous about approaching. They'd ALL welcome her, I got a bridge to sell anyone who believes this tale.

Emily did get a bit concerned by Chris' age. He is only 25 and Emily said she was most often attracted to older guys. Still she gave him a rose for the date.

There were some more interesting events during this episode. Emily pick Arie, the race car driver, for a one on one date.

The race car driver….this is almost too clever by half. Emily's boyfriend who died in the plane crash, and the father of her little girl, was a race car driver.

For the group date Emily took the guys to a playground to meet some kids as well as her friends. Her friends liked Sean and Doug out of the guys.

Contender Ryan warns Emily not to get fat. Heh, way to go Ryan.

Travis finally broke his egg he was carrying around as symbol of how he'd treat his love for Emily and Kalon cut off Emily and told her to stop interrupting.

Emily kissed both Sean and Arie. She gave Arie a rose on their one on one date and Sean got one on the group date.

Two guys were sent home DURING the show. One, Tony, was the guy with a son. This scene was so scripted my 8 year old granddaughter could have written it. Tony spoke to his son on the phone and gave an acting job that would get him thrown off of a school stage.

Emily tried to comfort him but finally she told him that he wasn't going to make the cut, that he ought to just pack up and go home to his son.

Another fellow sent packing was Alessandro. Heh. Alessandro said that marrying a woman with a child was a big compromise. He also admitted to Emily's friends that he'd cheated on a former girlfriend and had a few one night stands.

Stevie was sent home during the Rose ceremony.

On the most recent episode of The Bachelorette, 6/4/12, the gang went to Bermuda.

This show featured a one on one date, a group date and the very tense two on one date. Two guys go on a date with the Bachelor(ette) but only one comes backs. The Bachelor(ette) must decide who to send home DURING the date.

Emily chose Nate and John for this two on one date. Nate, a bit of a blubberer tearing up at the thought of his friends for God's sake, got the book.

Jef got a rose on the group date. John got a rose on the two on one date and Doug, a fellow with a son who got the very first impression rose, was chosen for a one on one date and he was awarded a rose by Emily.

During the rose ceremony, Charlie, a likable guy who suffered a bad accident that gave him a speech impediment, and Michael, did not get a rose and were sent home.

Left are:

Of the above, so far Emily seems to be smitten with Sean and Doug.

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