America's Got Talent 2012, from Tampa to Austin, Weirdness Prevails, Acts To Watch

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So we're heading right into summer here in the USA and "America's Got Talent"is moving right along.

At this point we're knee deep in the pre-competitive lead up to the episodic competitions and eliminations. This sort of format is a staple of these talent shows. The show goes to different cities in America. Eccentric acts are culled for televised display. For now the audience is given a peek into the really bad acts that show up to audition for that which they cannot possibly win. We are not fooled, however. Those really bad acts are seeking a little television time, a yuk, a chance to brag to co-workers that they were on "America's Got Talent" with their talent of curling their tongue.

Still and so it's amusing and that's the intent. There's an element of surprise to it as often the build up is intense, an implication is made that this is a serious contender this tongue-curler, hold your breath with the anticipation. "American Idol" does the same thing.

When the "dud" act begins the crowd roars its disappointment and in the case of "America's Got Talent", cross their arms in imitation of the infamous "X" elimination buzz.

The opposite holds true as well.

A plain-Jane contender will appear on the stage. The judges will look over a pathetic would-be entertainer who certainly doesn't look the part what with those tennis shoes and lackluster hairstyle. With a dismissive wave of a hand the loser is invited to continue.

Of course the unlikely next big star of stage and screen proceeds to belt out the tune, or play the guitar, or give an amazing magical act as the crowds roars its approval and surprise.

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I think it's a bit of fun, designed to get the attention of the country for the reality series coming up that will beguile and entertain us.

AGT's been to Tampa and most recently as of this writing, Austin, Texas. I find it interesting to try and determine those acts which will be real winners and with this particular competitive reality series, it ain't easy.

Those judges consisting of Howie Mandel, Howard Stern, and Sharon Osbourne, do tend to send some of the strangest acts on through. Of course one of the secondary results of AGT is that many of the acts can and do become introductory acts for various clubs in Vegas and that is why, as one muses, so many oddball acts get through.

So far this year I've seen one act that looks to be a winner. Oh there've been many and the testicle guy (see my link to that act at the bottom of this post) isn't one of them.

The act I refer to is called "Inspire the Fire" and they are a group of dancers, singers and acrobats of a sort. They are described as an "Urban Glee" so they claim. They seem to have an amazing bank of talent including singing, dancing, and some good old-fashioned entertainment. Below a video clip of this group.

Yes indeed we have stuttering cowboys, Iraqis standing on each others' heads, ghostly faces, people wearing lights and can we ever forget the act involving dropping bricks on vulnerable testicles, yes indeed, AND THE GUY MADE IT TO VEGAS!

Not to mention the Goth opera singer. Come back next time and we'll have some more info.

We'll be covering this show from now to its end and we will, as always, be entertained.

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