Duets 2012 Goes To America for the Vote

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The five finalists for ABC's new foray into the world of competitive reality musical shows, Duets-

J Rome
John G

They also finished in the order above.

Intriguingly, every one of the Duet partners, which would be John Legend, Robin Thicke, Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Nettles, have at least one contender left,  with Thicke having two in the finals.

I do firmly believe that this was pre-arranged as how boring would it be to be a great singer like one of those four and not have a horse in the race once the pack heads towards the finish line?

At any rate, America can now join in on the voting and I wonder how this contest will shake out. Though, ahem, I've no doubt of the winner. See the clip below.

Indeed it is J Rome, who has consistently finished in first place at the vote of the "superstars", the vote decided based on that night's performance(s).

First, to the parents of J Rome….that is just the dumbest name, just so dumb, it's almost a form of child abuse. I retract my smirk if this name change was an effect by J Rome hisself, I suppose that's possible.

Now that J Rome might be off into a world of music and a career in same (please bear in mind that winners of musical competitive reality shows are a dime a dozen nowadays) I suppose it could be clever. But whoever named him the ridiculous J Rome didn't know that upon his birth.

Which is not to say that J Rome isn't a very personable and talented fellow. No, not at all. J Rome has consistently performed well, he's young, he's got a lusty voice with a large range, he should win this competition.

My favorite is Bridget. Here's a young woman who has a nice voice, a great stage presence, who's attractive, dresses well and has a mega-watt smile.

All along J Rome's been coming in first. It will be interesting to see how the competition shuffles up now that America gets in on the act.

As for the concept of the show Duets itself, considered in conjunction with the total of all music competitive reality shows such as American Idol, The X Factor, The Voice….it's okay.

The proviso here is that Duets is a musical competitive reality show based on the talent and popularity of the dueting partners. Not that there's anything wrong with this and for sure the four used this first season are top notch.

This show serves as a vehicle for those superstars to show their stuff, let's not pretend different. It's also, especially at the beginning, very long and can get a bit tiresome. I quite enjoy all four of these superstars and I still think one hour is plenty. Two hours in a row of anybody constantly singing can get stale.

We'll be following this show closely at this point

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Duets can be seen on ABC on Thursday nights at 8pm.

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