Rev: Fox's Dating Shows: "Take Me Out", "The Choice". Finding Love Without All the Drama

All I can do is smile at both the real and the concept of Fox's two new romance shows. Both of these shows have their productive tongues firmly in their cheeks and it is all in fun.

"Take Me Out"is hosted by George Lopez, a host who does rather have fun with the concept.

30 females stand behind a podium that is equipped with a light. All lights are on at the first of three rounds when a male descends the ramp and is introduced to the waiting females.

At this point lights might go out because some of the females might be turned off by the fellow's looks first thing and consider not going beyond that sticking point.

Few of the lights go out, not surprisingly as the fellow making the introduction is almost always a handsome specimen of the human species. Some might call it vain and shallow to turn off the light just because you don't like someone's looks but who are we kidding here? The very FIRST decision most of us make upon seeing a member of the opposite sex is based on looks.

On a second round the male provides a video tape of himself, illustrating his likes/dislikes/passions and all that is pertinent to his royal self.

At this point lights start to go dim or as George Lopez puts it "If he doesn't excite, turn out the light".

A recent contender was a rabid roller skater and upon this announcement many lights went out. Either the ladies didn't roller skate all that well or they weren't all that impressed by a big hunk who thinks roller skating is the cat's meow.

On the third and final round, the women can ask the fellow their own questions. Based on his answers, more lights might go out.

At some point there might be four or five lights still on. The bachelor contender then has his choice of the ladies with their lights still on.

There are times when NO lights are on. I got to laugh when the song "All By Myself" is cued and played, again, the tongue In the cheek is such a hoot.

It's a fun show that works okay as a TV show. First, those ladies and the men who go on this show are probably okay with themselves. There aren't a lot of ugly fat females behind those podiums and the fellows coming down the ramp usually have lots of hair and many muscles.

When you've got a bunch of pretty people playing this sort of game it can be fun. A situation like this that has the less attractive, older, geeky or very shy mixed in the midst could be painful as normal people don't like to watch other people get hurt.

I don't know that this show has any kind of major staying power as at some point the charm will go stale. But it's fun for now and could be the key to a summer full of fun.

Immediately following this show, Fox has another gem of a show that too is good for smiles and very revealing of the conditions and standards of human attraction.

The show is "The Choice"and it's got a cool premise.

Four guys sit in chairs designed roughly after the singing competition show "The Voice". Get it….The Choice….The Voice.

Cat Deely is the show's host and she does a good job of keeping the pace brisk, the morale bright and fun.

Also kind of copied from The Voice, the notion is that the fellows will pick their female choice based solely on the sound of her voice.


Nothing could be further from the truth. But again it's a tongue-in-cheek play on some of these ersatz serious competition shows and the Bachelor(ette) type of romance reality show.

The males looking to make a fine Choice change every week. They are always persons of some celebrity. Former American Idol Taylor Hicks was a recent contender along with Jersey Shore's "The Situation".

The females are not celebrities but believe they are all very beautiful . A female comes on the stage to face the backs of the males who will be making their big Choice. At first she gives an introduction, her name….and in 15 seconds she must describe herself enough to entice those fellows to turn their chair around, thereby "choosing" her.

IF more than one fellow turns around during a female's 15 sec presentation then SHE gets to pick the male of her choice.

When all four of the celebrated males on the stage get three ladies as their first choices, the drama goes to a higher level. The three females of his choice then will face the male who chose them and engages in another 15 second round where they ask and received questions and answers from each other.

Some more drama as the first female of three is eliminated, then the second, leaving the final winner of a date with the celebrated male who chose her.

Every week the description of the prior show's dates and how they went is presented. This is an interesting part of the show but if the viewer missed the prior week's show the names and faces might not mean much. Viewers invest their attention more in things they've watched or read about.

So far there've been more dates by those who met on The Choice and sometimes it is readily pointed out that after the first date the male and female in question have agreed not to date again. We must assume the date didn't go all that well.

I suppose somewhere down the road there might be a wedding, maybe a mention in the National Enquirer, for couples who meet on this show.

For now, both of these Fox offerings are clever and do not take themselves all that serious. It's a refreshing change.

Both of these shows air on Fox, Thursday night...Take ME Out at 9 pm, The Choice at 9:30 pm.

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