Next Food Network Star 2012-Is This Oprah Winfrey or a Cooking Contest?


I really do understand that camera challenges are important, that how a cook speaks to the camera, ie the viewers, matters when considering who to make the Next Food Network Star.

But goodness when a viewer tuned in to that sob fest episode aired on 6/24/12 I wasn't sure whether I was watching Oprah Winfrey or The Next Food Network Star.

Emily, cute Emily, with her white eyeglasses, ribboned red lips and curved eyeliner, Emily, who could pass for Betty Boop, spent the whole program sobbing and telling us viewers that she couldn't talk about her life, she just couldn't.

The idea was for the remaining contenders to prepare "one bite" of some dish that would encapsulate their food style and all that they are.

That's a very tall order for just one bite of food.

There was also a 90 second camera challenge that would have the contenders "delving deeper" into just who they are.

So okay, when a fellow cooks up a batch of steamed crabs we expect him to be from Baltimore or somewhere near the Chesapeake Bay. I get that the background of the cook speaks volumes of their expertise. I would look wary at a batch of crabs steamed up by a cook whose roots are in Texas or some such.

But I really don't need to know whether their parents were divorced or if the kids bullied them or when they lost their virginity.

It never was explained why Emily got all choked up over a command to reveal more of her background. All yon viewer knew is the thought of doing so caused her tears and sobs.

Goodness, why?

One contender did go into some long story about being set up by a group of friends who never showed up for an event as promised. I thought it was a real dumb story for a cooking contest contender to tell and it's not like this sad little snippet of her life created the beginning of a great casserole or anything. The moral of the story was something to the effect that she moved on and stayed brave and remained true to truth, justice and the American way.

Emily did get sent home as her camera time didn't quite do what the judges wanted. She was a cutie but damn her, I want to hear about how Mom used to call her names!

The week before this most recent episode sent cute Linkie packing. Linkie attempted to make some kind of churro for her team's kiosk in a food court challenge but it turned out a mess.

This was an interesting episode but dear Lord, who came up with that idea of forcing the contenders to add chopped liver to their kiosk offerings? That was so dumb and really took the charm out of that episode.

For now, look for Martie to go home soon because she keeps messing up. This pas week she came back big but my experience that comes the time for someone to go they somehow, some way, get a big week before the axe falls.

Justin still seems to be the contender to beat for Food Network Star 2012, lip gloss and all. Although that "bite" of his of stuffed dates, duck and bonito flakes sounded too bizarre to contemplate.

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