Love in the Wild 2012-Bring in More Men, Bring in More Women. It Gets Complicated

Goodness I'm having a helluva time keeping up with these folks on "Love in the Wild".

It does seem only fair that NBC have some sort of love type show. ABC has The Bachelor(ette) and also The Bachelor Pad. CBS has "Big Brother", okay, not exactly a love type of show but it's happened.

So NBC comes up with the concept that forget silly one-on-one and group dates as featured on "The Bachelor(ette) and comes up with a way for couples to meet that will have them undergoing huge challenges. If love was to ever bloom, surely it would be under the pressure of a challenge met, conquered and won.

Or will it?

The series began with seven men and seven women. Seems logical enough.

Out of nowhere, seven more male contenders are brought in. Trios, two guys and one girl, would now complete the task at hand.

This trio concept did tend to put the kobosh on any budding romances, as one might imagine.

The show gives better sleeping quarters for the winners of the challenge and it goes downhill from there. The very last contenders in the challenge sleep in some kind of awful lean-to type of thing guaranteed to be uncomfortable and annoy. The winners sleep in something called the oasis, a very luxurious suite if one can imagine.

As to how the couples actually "sleep" in their quarters, well there are quick scenes of the duos in bed together and in this past week's episode there was an outright charge that certain couples had "been intimate". What else could that mean?

On the episode following the introduction of the new male contenders, suddenly comes six new female contenders!

Indeed now there were trios of two girls and one guy and by this time I don't know who had been with who or who was with who now.

For at the couple's ceremony it was mass confusion as the guy had a chance to pick either his "old" partner from the prior week (and remember that SHE picked HIM over another guy the prior week) or he could pick the "new" partner.

And some of these guys did drop their partners from the prior week and hey, if I was the new gal in town I'd be darn leery of a fellow who could drop me so fast which is what "he" did to the girl who'd chosen him just the week prior.

Some would say, correctly, that there's only been three episode by this point, hardly time for any great love affair to blossom.

They do all their socializing on "Love in the Wild" around the swimming pool. At this point the couples can separate and talk with others of the opposite sex. Appraisals are done, I'm sure, hearts are changed. The disenchanted contenders find a replacement and hope that they will have a chance at the couple's ceremony.

The couple's ceremony is where the drama comes to a climax. The challenge's first place winners each get to keep their partners of the moment or either can pick another partner from the gathered couples. Should they choose another partner those so chosen can NOT refuse.

After that the couples do this sort of choosing but only have the "unmatched" group or a member of another team who came in lower than them. The one so chosen this way does NOT have to accept the offer of joining up with those looking to switch their current partners.

It's a scenario replete with lots of hurt feelings and drama and it is one of the more intriguing parts of the show.

For now, Michelle of the big boobs seems to be making it well with Ben.

Jesse and Ali seem to be at odds.

The rest of the teams are at various stages in a relationship but nobody's yet proposed marriage to anybody.

Ali and Jesse came in first so they got to switch partners. To everyone's surprise, Ali chose Ben and Ben, per the rules, could not refuse. Ben was very happy with Michelle.
Ben and Michelle Once Such a Budding Love Now Apart

Jesse chose Michelle as a partner.

Ryan and Jenna chose to stay together. They seem to really like each other.

Yanina chose to stay with Ken and they too seem happy together.

For now the couples are:

Jesse/ Michelle
Ben/ Ali
Ryan/ Jenna
Chase/ Summer
Ken /Yanina

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