The Bachelorette 2012-Four Left. Winner Obvious, One's a Wild Man

SPOILER ALERT-for The Bachelorette episode aired 6/25/12.

Even though Bachelorette Emily claims that she wants to keep Ricki in the background and away from all this attention, it seems like at least once an episode we see Ricky in some capacity.

Now I don't have a problem with this. I don't think Ricki being around is a problem, either for the audience or for Ricki.

It's just that Emily states so often that she doesn't want Ricki around while all this is going on and yet Ricki always seems to be around.

I'm jus' sayin'.

On the episode aired 6/11/12 the whole kid thing got a little obnoxious.

First, Emily talks a lot about finding a father, both a father for more children Emily would like to have and, of course, a father figure for Ricki. One of the contenders said something to the effect that Ricki was part of Emily's "baggage" and no, that wasn't very nice.

It's a true statement but it's not nice to say it.

Because Ricki, as adorable as she might be, is a sort of "baggage" that Emily brings to a relationship. Hey, that's the way of the world. Man got kids from first marriage, she's got kids from prior's a kind of emotional "baggage".

The problem is baggage is not a nice term to refer to children, who are only little human beings who didn't ask to be here. The term baggage seems to indicate some kind of excess luggage that isn't really needed and of course that's not the case.

But again, it is the way sometimes people talk when getting all down and honest.

It was contender Kalon who referred to Ricki as baggage and goodness the entire episode revolved around this incident, leading to lots of cussing, sudden and angry rejections, distrust, tears, sobs and tantrums.
Jef is third from left.  Note fabulous hair.

Ok Emily, we get it. It was wrong for Kalon to call your child baggage but Kalon was always a bit of a goof. Goodness the man made his arrival on the first episode of Emily's season from a helicopter!

The drama was a nice diversion, however and things got serious again.

On the episode aired 6/18/12, the group went to Croatia. I must assume that the production company gets big discounts for going to some out of the way place like Croatia.

This episode ended oddly, with Emily unable to eliminate one of the two left after giving the rest roses during the Rose ceremony.

Emily had a one on one date with Travis and Ryan. Travis got sent home, Ryan got rose on his date.

Which left seven contenders on an episode which should have culled down the competition to six.

The six left were:

Arie, Chris, Doug, Jef, John,  Sean.

At the end of this episode I was left with the distinct feeling this would wind down to two contenders: Jef and Sean.

Jef's got the best hairstyle of any bachelor contender….ever. I thought this deserved mentioning.

Emily seems to be very fond of Sean and let's never forget that Sean was the choice of her friends on the date when all the guys met and answered questions posed by Emily's friends.

On the episode that aired on 6/25/12 there was a weird incident involving Sean. All of a sudden Sean decided, late in the evening and after Emily returned from a one on one date with another contender, Sean gets it in his head that he has to see Emily.

The show airs a scene that has Sean looking allegedly over the city of Prague until he eventually finds Emily walking down an alleyway.

How likely is that scenario?

I suspect that Emily summoned Sean because, well she wanted to see him. Those contenders can't just go willy-nilly looking up the Bachelor(ette) on a whom.

On the 6/25/12-both Doug and John were sent home and there was much angst. Doug steals an inartful kiss from Emily but alas, it was too late.

Emily kept Chris but I sure don't know why. The guy seems like a nut to me and Emily doesn't seem to much like him.

Jef, of the fabulous hairstyle, is entirely too young and Arie...well Emily likes how he kisses so he might still be in there.

It's down to Arie and Sean as the top two is my prediction and I think Sean will win hands down.

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